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It was The Obituary Read 'Round the World.

Last August, Katherine Riddick and her brother said goodbye to their mother via a truly scathing article that painted Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick in a horrendous light.

"On behalf of her children whom she so abrasively exposed to her evil and violent life, we celebrate her death from this earth and hope she lives in the after-life reliving each gesture of violence, cruelty, and shame that she delivered on her children," read the obit.

"Her surviving children will now live the rest of their lives with the peace of knowing their nightmare finally has some form of closure."

The obituary made headlines around the nation and Reddick talked to The Huffington Post this week about the responses she has received since.

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Blue Ivy Carter turned two years old on January 7.

It was a big occasion for the toddler, one we marked with a Blue Ivy birthday tribute and one her famous parents celebrated by closing down Jungle Island in Miami, Florida for a giant party.

Queen Bey and Jay-Z were on hand, of course, and so were friends such as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. All three women rocked some butterfly face paint for the occasion, while Blue opened presents and everyone seemed to have a grand time.

But don't take our word for it! Toggle through photos posted online by Beyonce herself and relive the celebratory occasion:

Blue Ivy Birthday Party Photos
AWW! Blue Ivy is two years old. She celebrates here with her mom.
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Celebrating with Blue

1. Celebrating with Blue

AWW! Blue Ivy is two years old. She celebrates here with her mom.

Beyonce at a Birthday Party

2. Beyonce at a Birthday Party

Beyonce is all dressed up here and for good reason. She is attending her daughter's birthday party.

A Blue Party

3. A Blue Party

Happy birthday, Blue Ivy! Mother and daughter celebrate the latter turning two here.

Beyonce Looks Fierce

4. Beyonce Looks Fierce

Beyonce looks all kinds of fierce in this birthday party photo. She's on hand to celebrate her daughter turning two years old.

Blue Ivy Birthday Card

5. Blue Ivy Birthday Card

Blue Ivy Carter is two years old! This is a photo from the toddler's birthday celebration.

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If this story doesn't bring a tear to your eye... well, you may need new eyes.

On January 6, Shanell Mouland sat in the window seat of a flight from Florida to Philadelphia. By her side was her three-year old daughter, Kate, who suffers from Autism, and by her side, in the aisle, was a stranger in a business suit.

In an open letter (titled "Dear 'Daddy' in Seat 16C") soon after the trip, Mouland wrote that she was initially scared her child would "pour water all over" this man's "multi-million dollar contracts," but was then amazed to be proven wrong.

Very, very, very, very wrong.

The man ended up being exceedingly kind and patient with Kate, not even correcting the toddler when she called him "Daddy."

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Doyin Richards really doesn't understand all the fuss.

A blogger for the site Daddy Doin' Work, Richards offered to give his busy wife some help recently: she was running late for work, but the couple's young daughter needed her hair done.

So Richards volunteered and, just to prove to his wife that he could actually pull it off, posted a photo of himself acting as a stylist while also holding the pair's baby against his chest.

He put the picture online and didn't think much of it... until it was Shared and Liked thousands of times across Facebook.

In a post detailed two extreme types of reactions, Richards writes that some folks were positively amazed that a father was taking care of his children...

... while others took a far more negative and racist approach.

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Give Ruth Iorio credit. She certainly isn't boring Facebook followers with updates about her latest meal.

Instead, the Los Angeles resident and writer took to Facebook late last month and shared intimate photos of her home birth. For what reason?

Iorio tells the Huffington Post she wanted to publicize "my unique experience, whether attractive or not and just to be honest about it."

The result was a raw, VERY personal look at the miracle of life, starting with contractions around 8:15 p.m. on Christmas and updates that included how the pain was akin to a "shitty period" and how she had a lot of diarrhea.

Ruth Iorio at Home

Iorio used a midwife to help with the birth and sat with her dog in bed a few hours into the labor:

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Teachers often tell kids in school that there are no dumb questions.

That may or may not be true. But there are definitely dumb questionnaires.

To wit: a father recently received a document from his child's daycare that asked him to list her strengths, her goals, her interests and more. His child, by the way, is 11 months old.

So the parent went ahead and actually answered most categories honestly… he just did so in a totally hilarious manner. See what we mean here:

Dad's Daycare Questionnaire

Wrote the user who posted this on Reddit, of his friend:

"When daycare, completely seriously, asks my friend to answer stupid questions on behalf of his 11 month old daughter, it is inevitable that stupid answers is what they'll receive."

We totally wanna hang out with this dad and the mom who made her cyber bullying daughter sell her iPod.

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Well done, Unnamed Mother.

In a case of seemingly well-deserved public shaming, a parent has forced her daughter to pose for a photo on Facebook while holding a sign that says she's been acting as a cyber bully.

As punishment, the young lady is being forced to sell her iPod and give the money to the charity Beat Bullying. Why must she do so?

Because bullying is wrong, as the message below reads.

Cyber Bully Punishment

What do you think of this punishment? How does it compare to another mother taking away her child's One Direction tickets because the daughter acted like a trollop?

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is out of jail and sober now, but life is still rocky for the ex-convict, despite her best efforts to get things back to normal.

Portwood was hoping to regain joint custody of her daughter Leah, 4, but her ex, Gary Shirley has no plans of granting her joint custody anytime soon.

Shirley was granted full custody of Leah in 2011, when Amber Portwood was in the throes of drug addiction and battling anger management problems.

Portwood was sentenced to five years behind bars after choosing prison over drug court, but was released in November of 2013, after 17 months.

As a condition of her release, Portwood is on parole and will remain subject to random drug testing in order to monitor and maintain her recovery.

Shirley is not 100 percent confident she can do it, though.

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Move over, Bear Winslet. There's a new famous baby name for Twitter users to flip out over.

Summer and Steven Steele - residents of Andalusia, Alabama - have shown their pride for Nick Saban's national title-winning football team by naming their newborn daughter Krimson Tyde.

And the Internet has responded in kind… or not so in kind, to be more accurate.

Krimson Tyde Picture

"I would despise my parents if they named me Krimson Tyde," wrote one Twitter user upon learning of the moniker, while another added: "reevaluate your life if you name your kid "krimson tyde".

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Maria Kang, a.k.a. Hot Facebook Mom, is at it again. This time, she's releasing a 2014 calendar featuring "everyday" mothers and fitness fanatics just like her!

Kang made headlines with her viral "What's Your Excuse?" photo in October, then for criticizing what she believes is undue praise for "regular" women's bodies.

With her new calendar, she's back with reinforcements.

Maria Kang Calendar

Kang, who was briefly banned from Facebook this fall over her alleged fat (or fit) shaming, is doubling down on her oft-criticized "What's Your Excuse?" mantra.

Her new product is the "No Excuse Fit Mom Calendar."

It features 25 "real, everyday moms who transformed themselves through fitness," says Maria Kang, who graces the cover herself on the bottom left hand side.

Proceeds will go to the fitness-education nonprofit Fitness Without Borders and Maria's No Excuse Mom initiative, which offers 300 group-workout locations for U.S. moms.

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