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Little kids are the best. Today's evidence of this proven fact? A list of 30 "boyfriend rules" written by sisters Blaire and Brooke, ages six and nine respectively:

13 Hilarious Kid Notes
This little kid tried to forge his mom's signature. Pretty amazing.
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Mommy Signature

1. Mommy Signature

This little kid tried to forge his mom's signature. Pretty amazing.

I Hate Chris!

2. I Hate Chris!

Sorry Ben. I was aiming for someone else ...

Elementary School Love Letter

3. Elementary School Love Letter

This elementary school love letter, and the recipient's response, tells you all there is to know about love among the single-digit set.

30 Boyfriend Rules

4. 30 Boyfriend Rules

This little kid has already figured out 30 essential rules any potential boyfriend must abide by. Take heed!

Kid's Insane Christmas Letter

5. Kid's Insane Christmas Letter

Drew Magary's daughter wrote an insane Christmas list. He wrote an insanely hilarious response.

Dear Santa Amazon Letter

6. Dear Santa Amazon Letter

A kid wrote the full Amazon URL on his Dear Santa letter. In crayon. He's dedicated.

Stinky Kid Note

7. Stinky Kid Note

Check out this note written by a Buffalo, N.Y., teacher with regard to the alleged stinky nature of the kids in her class.

Kid Poem About Sister

8. Kid Poem About Sister

This little kid wants his sister out of the house, as this poetry makes abundantly clear.

#1 Dad Note

9. #1 Dad Note

An adorable note written from a 12-year-old to the single man who adopted him. It brings a tear to your eye ...

Note to Dad

10. Note to Dad

An adorable note written from a 12-year-old to the man who adopted him.

Kid Writes Get Well Note

11. Kid Writes Get Well Note

This kid's get well note for his teacher is chock full of helpful advice.

Cute Kid Note

12. Cute Kid Note

Check out this cute note written by a little kid to his dad. He meant "cook."

Hilarious Apology Note

13. Hilarious Apology Note

This note was written by an eight-year old. He used to really hate one of his brothers.

There is no boyfriend in the picture, specifically. But Blaire's mom says she is "absolutely boy crazy" and thinks of Justin Bieber as her future boyfriend.

We'll forgive Blaire that, assuming she hasn't seen those Justin Bieber stripper photos. Her older sister, however, sees the writing on the wall with Justin.

She says Blaire's future beau "should be someone better than Bieber and not always getting in trouble." Hence, they came up with this list. Pretty great.

Gotta give the girls credit for cutting to the case. Who needs cheesy love notes and romantic overtures? Just get right to the dos and don'ts of dating.

They're already looking long-term, too. "Not living with parents," a.k.a. rule #4, would eliminate all of Blaire's current peers, as would #29 on the list.

Liking what you do for a living is important, though. Seven spots below not having a weird last name, but important just the less. No doubt about it.

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Remember this video of a baby crying while hearing his mother's beautiful singing voice?

A four-year old boy named Jackson knows how his fellow tyke feels.

Jackson's father, Mark, has posted a video of the toddler sitting in his car seat and totally losing it while A Great Big World's "Say Something" plays on the radio.

“Is it a sad song?” Mark asks, to which Jackson simply nods with his eyes shut tightly.

Don't worry, though, Jackson gives a thumbs-up when prompted in order to prove that he's doing okay. Watch the adorable footage now:

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Kids. They're the best, but anyone who has them knows how unpredictable and emotional they can become at a moment's notice and for no reason.

No reason from an adult's perspective, that is. To toddlers everywhere, life is one giant meltdown waiting to happen. All we can do sometimes is laugh.

A Tumblr dedicated to one boy's meltdowns, titled "The Reasons My Son Is Crying," seeks to do just that with a photo series of ... well, the title says it all.

Its creator and young Charlie's dad, Greg Pembroke, shares his own experiences and user-submitted pics of those commiserating with the joys of parenting.

Scroll through 25 of the best/worst/most random meltdown scenarios below and see how many of them you can relate to ... or at least get a chuckle at:

25 Random Reasons Your Kid is Crying
When you lose your favorite red balloon, that is cause for grave concern.
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Lost Balloon

1. Lost Balloon

When you lose your favorite red balloon, that is cause for grave concern.

The Last Cheerio

2. The Last Cheerio

When you can't get the last of the Cheerios onto the spoon? Devastation.

Sunscreen Fail

3. Sunscreen Fail

Too much sunscreen? Or too little? Either way, WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Feeding the Goat

4. Feeding the Goat

When you feed the goat and the goat eats all the food? Cue the tears streaming down the face.

I Don't Want to Go

5. I Don't Want to Go

Sometimes, when you don't wanna go somewhere, you gotta throw a fit. Even if there are no plans to actually go somewhere.

Pet Door Fail

6. Pet Door Fail

Okay, this one is probably an actual good reason for crying.

Wrecking Ball on TV

7. Wrecking Ball on TV

That'll make a kid cry 99 times out of 100. Okay, 100 out of 100.

Styrofoam For Dinner

8. Styrofoam For Dinner

Seems like it would be such a good meal. Then mean old mom and dad had to ruin the fun.

Stuck Under the Sink

9. Stuck Under the Sink

We got nothing.

A Lost Receipt

10. A Lost Receipt

Totally a cause for abject misery if ever there were one.

Poop as a Toy

11. Poop as a Toy

Probably not a good idea for obvious reasons. Well, not obvious if you're a kid.

Meeting Iron Man

12. Meeting Iron Man

A little less cool when he doesn't have the costume on, we suppose.

Meeting Bill Murray

13. Meeting Bill Murray

Not as cool for a little kid as it would be for an adult.

Dog Pillow

14. Dog Pillow

Every dog needs a pillow. Sometimes that pillow is a small human.

Safety NOT First

15. Safety NOT First

Trying to keep your kid from drowning will often make them hysterically sad. Such is life.

MY Trains! MINE!

16. MY Trains! MINE!

Those trains in a public place filled with a bunch of kids are ALL MINE!!!!!

Time For a Time Out

17. Time For a Time Out

Sometimes, your kid has to put himself in time out, then cry about it.

Leg Hole

18. Leg Hole

Some things are okay to share. This shopping cart leg hole is not one of those things.

Lost Rubber Duck

19. Lost Rubber Duck

If there's any cause for tears, it's a lost rubber duck in the tub (or on your head).

Dog Walk Fail

20. Dog Walk Fail

Because when you want to walk the dog, they often like to actually walk. Not cool.

Dog in the Way

21. Dog in the Way

If this dog would only get out of the way, this tragic event could've been avoided.


22. Chucky

Because that's what every little girl needs at the store.

Bridge Fail

23. Bridge Fail

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Nine seconds ago.

Happy Birthday Song

24. Happy Birthday Song

Usually a big hit with the kids. But not always apparently.

Justin Bieber on the Radio

25. Justin Bieber on the Radio

That will make any kid start bawling uncontrollably ...

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NFL Super Bowl XLVIII was a major letdown for two segments of the population:

  1. Seinfeld fans.
  2. Denver Broncos fans.

But while we can't add humor in any way to the disappointing Seinfeld reunion fail, we can at least put the big game in perspective.

Thanks to a text message exchange between Shaun Phillips and his son.

The lineman posted the following back-and-forth on Twitter this morning, apologizing to supporters for letting them down, but saying "messages like this [are the one thing] that make me feel better."

It's easy to see why, isn't it?

Shaun Phillips Text Exchange

Of course, the Super Bowl wasn't a total loss, despite the final spread of 35 points.

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As Facebook increases in popularity with older generations, so do awkwardly amusing exchanges like these that may start driving younger users away.

A lot of "kids these days" prefer Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, SnapChat, etc., and it's easy to see why. This is THE PREMIERE social media hub for mom and dad!

Using it to embarrass their family members, intentionally or otherwise, parents are taking to "The Facebook" in record numbers, and with hilarious results.

Can a girl not comment on Taylor Swift's profound lyrics without her dad creeping? Can a dude not post a selfie without his dad mocking the same pose?!

Sure, they may not know what DTF means, but that won't stop them from commenting on it, or posting old pics of you, or TMI updates about their own lives.

Scroll through 13 epic parenting Facebook fails/wins below ...

13 Parents Who Humiliated Their Kids on Facebook
Okay, the girl walked right into this one. Big time.
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I Really Relate to Taylor Swift Songs!

1. I Really Relate to Taylor Swift Songs!

Okay, the girl walked right into this one. Big time.


2. DTF?

DTF? What does that mean? Mom and dad don't watch Jersey Shore apparently ... and we're sorta jealous of them.

The Thug Life Chose Me

3. The Thug Life Chose Me

You don't choose the thug life, the thug life chooses you. You do, however, choose to befriend your parents on Facebook.

Justin Bieber Poster Child Abuse

4. Justin Bieber Poster Child Abuse

Covering your kid's room in Justin Bieber posters is one thing. Doing it just so you can brag about it on Facebook is quite another.

Selfie Time!

5. Selfie Time!

When your dad spoofs your selfies on Facebook, that may be a new (hilarious) low.


6. Socks

Nothing is really lost until your mom can't find it ... except your pride. That can be lost for good.

How Did We Meet?

7. How Did We Meet?

The one word to describe how a mother and child first met ... literally.

The Day We Met

8. The Day We Met

Another fond memory of how this Facebook user met some of the people in his life.

Good Save, Dad

9. Good Save, Dad

Dad really dug himself into a hole with this one, but recovered with a nice (albeit totally insincere) save.

Twerkin' Out at the Gym!

10. Twerkin' Out at the Gym!

Not uncomfortable at all when your pop posts this to his timeline.

Photo Album Fun

11. Photo Album Fun

This is a common sight on Facebook. The easiest and most frequent way to humiliate your kids.

50 Shades of Awkward

12. 50 Shades of Awkward

Mom reads 50 Shades of Grey. And will tell you all about it in front of everyone you know.

Does Your Wife Have to Look at That?

13. Does Your Wife Have to Look at That?

Questions you don't need to be putting on Facebook in general ... especially if you are "friends" with your folks on there.

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A mandatory breastfeeding law is part of a new, comprehensive Child's Rights Law being debated in the United Arab Emirates, according to reports.

Lawmakers could pass a bill that would require new moms to breastfeed babies for two years, the amount recommended by the World Health Organization.

Gisele Bundchen, who controversially stated that there ought to be a law forcing all moms to breastfeed, might get her wish in the Middle East nation.

Is that really a good idea, though? Even if you're pro-breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Rocks

Supporters point out the same health and developmental benefits that American breastfeeding advocates do. It's not about that as much as this fact:

Can you really legislate something so personal and complicated?

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If you're a 911 dispatcher, you've likely heard everything. Still, this unusual call from a few years ago, which has gone viral again this week, may top them all.

When a four-year-old boy named Johnny ran into problems with his math questions, he naturally turned to help from the first responders of his community.

The kid was up front about what he needed assistance with - no, not his mouth, his math - and insistent that he needed help ... and the dispatcher obliged:

Once he realized what was going on, he didn't hang up on the kid or ask to speak to his mom (who made an appearance later), but rather asked:

"What kind of math do you have that you need help with anyway?"

After the kid said "takeaways," the following exchange occurred:

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Remember when that mother surprised her daughter with Taylor Swift concert tickets?

We may have come across an even better ticket-related reaction.

Mike Harris' mother has been a Seattle Seahawks fan since 1976. She had planned to attend the AFC Championship game in 1983, only she was six months pregnant with her son at the time and had to cancel the trip.

Fast forward three decades later and Mike was finally able to make it up to the woman who brought him into this world.

In the following video, we see Mike's mom open this thoughtful gift and react in a way that is sure to make every viewer shed more tears that they will while viewing The Fault in Our Stars trailer. Watch now:

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Famous people all have a certain glow, or mystique about them, but when it comes to the mothers of the celebrity universe, these ladies take it to a new level.

These are moms we would seriously like to ... have serious crushes on.

From seasoned veterans like Reese Witherspoon to new moms like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, these women haven't lost a step in terms of beauty.

In fact, seeing them balance their careers with parenthood just elevates our attraction to these - pardon the expression, it's meant as a compliment - MILFs.

Behold, 23 of the hottest celebrity moms we are crushing on hardcore:

23 Hottest Celebrity MILFs
A 42-year-old mother of four, Brooke Burke still looks like this. Jealous?!
View As List
Brooke Burke

1. Brooke Burke

A 42-year-old mother of four, Brooke Burke still looks like this. Jealous?!

Sofia Vergara

2. Sofia Vergara

This bombshell calls herself mom to a 20-year-old son.


3. Beyonce

Is it possible that Blue Ivy's mom gets sexier by the day?

Kate Beckinsale

4. Kate Beckinsale

This stunning Brit doesn't look a day over 25, but has a teenage daughter.

Jessica Alba

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica always looks flawless, whether she's on a red carpet or a playground.

Gwen Stefani

6. Gwen Stefani

The chic rocker mom is expecting baby number three and looking fabulous.

Halle Berry

7. Halle Berry

Mom of two Halle recently turned 47. Can you believe it?


8. Shakira

New mom Shakira's hips still don't lie. (But don't forget about those abs, people.)

Kristin Cavallari

9. Kristin Cavallari

The Hills star is expecting baby number two and showing off sexy selfies while she's at it!

Adriana Lima

10. Adriana Lima

This Angel walked the Victoria's Secret runway 8 weeks after giving birth...

Heidi Klum

11. Heidi Klum

Once nicknamed "The Body," Heidi's still working that title to the fullest today!

Kim Kardashian

12. Kim Kardashian

North's mama has got some of the hottest curves in the biz

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

13. Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The gorgeous Mrs. Channing Tatum showed off her baby bump while pregnant with daughter Everly.

Miranda Kerr

14. Miranda Kerr

This awesome Aussie is one of today's most in-demand faces.

Penelope Cruz

15. Penelope Cruz

This sultry Spanish star is a mommy of two.

Kourtney Kardashian

16. Kourtney Kardashian

Now that's an attractive family! Kim's big sis Kourtney often flaunts her figure in teeny weeny bikinis.

Britney Spears

17. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is still a smokin' hot mother of two. We'll just try to forget that this dude is the father.

Jessica Simpson

18. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson had two kids in like a year!

Reese Witherspoon

19. Reese Witherspoon

The 37-year-old Oscar winner has three kids: Ava Elizabeth and Deacon Reese (with Ryan Phillippe) and Tennessee James (with current hubby Jim Toth).

Kate Middleton

20. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has made motherhood look easy - and royally, naturally beautiful - from the day she gave birth to the future King.

Jennifer Lopez

21. Jennifer Lopez

The ageless Jennifer Lopez is the proud parent of twins.

Christie Brinkley

22. Christie Brinkley

The supermodel and mother of four is 60 ... going on about 30? Talk about ageless!

Jennifer Garner

23. Jennifer Garner

About as normal-seeming, and committed to being a mom, as any A-list star ever was. Who doesn't love Jen?!

Which of these celeb moms are the hottest? Vote below ...

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Garth Callaghan, a father diagnosed with cancer three times, is planning for the future when it comes to offering advice he may not always be able to deliver in person.

Ever since his daughter Emma was a little girl, her father would leave notes for her in her lunchbox. What started as a sweet memento became their tradition.

Now, with a slim chance of surviving the next five years, Callaghan, 44, wants to make sure that if tragedy strikes, she has one for every day of high school.

On a mission to "Pack. Write. Connect," Garth is writing 826 notes on napkins, quoting the Bible, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and even Yoda.

They're great. See some of his best selections in the gallery below ...

Napkin Notes
This note Garth Callaghan left for his daughter as part of his Napkin Notes series is one of the most special.
View As List
The Miracle

1. The Miracle

This note Garth Callaghan left for his daughter as part of his Napkin Notes series is one of the most special.

Something Worth Reading

2. Something Worth Reading

Garth Callaghan channels Ben Franklin for the latest installment in his Napkin Notes series.

Do or Do Not

3. Do or Do Not

Even Yoda gets in on the Napkin Note action. The Jedi master's words live on through generations.

Feel the Rain

4. Feel the Rain

Some people feel the rain. Other people just get wet.

Outwork Them

5. Outwork Them

Ben Hogan teaches us a lesson in work ethic, and a father passes it down to his daughter.

Do the Right Thing

6. Do the Right Thing

Words of wisdom from a loving, devoted father to his daughter.

Dear Emma

7. Dear Emma

Garth Callaghan left this for his daughter Emma as part of his Napkin Notes series that's going viral online.

When I Stand Before ...

8. When I Stand Before ...

This note Garth Callaghan left for his daughter as part of his Napkin Notes series is profound and powerful.

God Had a Dream

9. God Had a Dream

Now that's a nice father. Look at this note Garth Callaghan left for his daughter as part of his Napkin Notes series.

Awesome Day

10. Awesome Day

It's going to be an awesome day every day for this kid, whose father writes her these great notes.

A Personal Note

11. A Personal Note

Garth Callaghan and his Napkin Notes to his daughter have become such a wonderful story.

Be Brave

12. Be Brave

Be brave and take risks, if you want to get where you want to get in life.

Never Too Busy

13. Never Too Busy

Garth Callaghan and his Napkin Notes are going viral. He writes them for his daughter every day.

Your Life ...

14. Your Life ...

Another great phrase about life used by a Garth Callaghan and his viral Napkin Notes.

If We Ever Forget ...

15. If We Ever Forget ...

Garth Callaghan and his Napkin Notes contain so many pearls of wisdom we should never forget.

May the Good Saints ...

16. May the Good Saints ...

Another inspirational quote used by a Garth Callaghan and his Napkin Notes.

Tomorrow Is ...

17. Tomorrow Is ...

An inspirational quote by Audrey Hepburn used by a father's Napkin Notes.

Risk Something

18. Risk Something

Taking risks is the only way to achieve the ultimate reward, according to former USA Hockey Coach Herb Brooks.

John 11:35

19. John 11:35

A Biblical verse makes this version of a father's viral napkin notes.

Napkin Notes Pile

20. Napkin Notes Pile

Those are a lot of napkin notes! Garth Callaghan is leaving one for his daughter each day.

Emma Callahan and Garth Callahan

21. Emma Callahan and Garth Callahan

Emma Callahan and Garth Callahan's story is going viral. The cancer-fighting dad is writing her napkin notes for as long as he has.

Callaghan catalogs the notes on the blog Because I Said I Would, as well as on a Facebook page, Twitter handle and his website, NapkinNotesDad (dot) com.

Some of the most touching notes come from him personally.

"Dear Emma," he wrote on one of the most moving Napkin Notes, "Sometimes when I need a miracle I look into your eyes and realize I've already created one."

My goodness, did it just get dusty in here.

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