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For someone who hasn't done anything truly objectionable, Gwyneth Paltrow seems like she's on a quest to become the most loathed star on the web.

Seriously. Justin Bieber is a punk who gets arrested and sued every week, and Chris Brown beat Rihanna into a coma, yet they have more fans than she.

Paltrow, who announced her conscious uncoupling from Chris Martin last week, was swiftly mocked for her seemingly new-agey, elitist take on divorce.

Now, she's raising more eyebrows and inspiring even more ridicule thanks to an interview with E! in which she laments her struggles as a working mom.

"It’s much harder for me. I feel like I set it up in a way that makes it difficult because ... for me, like if I miss a school run, they are like, ‘Where were you?’" she says.

"I think it’s different when you have an office job, because it’s routine and, you know, you can do all the stuff in the morning and then you come home in the evening."

"When you’re shooting a movie, they’re like, ‘We need you to go to Wisconsin for two weeks,’ and then you work 14 hours a day and that part of it is very difficult."

"I think to have a regular job and be a mom is not as, of course there are challenges, but it’s not like being on set," Gwyneth went on, without irony.


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Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince William appear in a new family picture together for the first time since October, and it was worth the wait.

William released the latest family photograph, a charming and stunning snapshot of their 8-month-old baby boy with the family dog Lupo, on Saturday:

Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince William Photo

The Duke, 31, and Duchess Kate Middleton, 32, are seen perched by a windowsill at their home, Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, with their son.

Looking happy and flawless as always, Kate holds onto Prince George as he gazes at Lupo, who the heir to the throne has his arm wrapped around.

The royal baby, needless to say, is beyond adorable with his hair growing out and his blue-colored sweater with "George" written across the front of it.

Royals. They're just like us. Sort of.

They do seem quite approachable and down-to-earth as billionaires and future monarchs go. You get the impression you could be friends with the family.

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Some young men react to news of an impending baby with shock, joy and even a few tears.

Others do not.

In the following family video, a mom and dad tell their two daughters and one son that another baby is on the way. A baby sister, to be exact. Isn't that great news?!?

Yep, says one sister. Sure, replies another. NOOOOO!!!! I DON'T WANT ANYMORE GIRLS! NO MORE GIRLS I HATE GIRLS!!! cries the son.

Whoops! Perhaps funniest of all? The reaction of the father, who is more restrained than his inconsolable child, but who clearly feels the same way...

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Did someone say "coolest dad ever?" While most home videos are made up of blurry vacation highlights and baby's first crawl, Dreamworks effects specialist Daniel Hashimoto has managed to turn his self-shot footage into video evidence that his kid is a freakin' superhero/Jedi hybrid.

Action Movie Kid Videos: Awesome!
Daniel Hashimoto knows how to make home videos cool. Check out the awesome effects on this video of his son.
View As List
Action Movie Kid: Wet Floor!

1. Action Movie Kid: Wet Floor!

Daniel Hashimoto knows how to make home videos cool. Check out the awesome effects on this video of his son.

Action Movie Kid: The Floor Is Lava!

2. Action Movie Kid: The Floor Is Lava!

Daniel Hashimoto might be the world's coolest dad. Check out what the effects guru did to the floor in this video of his son.

Action Move Kid: Lego Blaster!

3. Action Move Kid: Lego Blaster!

Dreamworks effects guru Daniel Hashimoto knows how to make home movies cool. In this one, he gives his son's toy lego blaster some serious firepower.

Action Move Kid: Grapple Gun!

4. Action Move Kid: Grapple Gun!

Dreamworks effects guru Daniel Hashimoto has taken home video to the next level. In this one, his son hits the ceiling with the help of a Batman "grapple gun."

Action Movie Kid: Toy Lightsaber

5. Action Movie Kid: Toy Lightsaber

Dreamworks effects guru Daniel Hashimoto has taken home video to the next level. In this one, his son trashes a toy store with a CGI lightsaber.

Check out the videos above and tell us little James (or Action Movie kid, as he's known online) isn't the luckiest tyke in LA.

Through the magic of CGI, James is able to trash a toy store with his light saber, leap to the ceiling with a Batman grappling gun, and jump to safety as his living room floor turns to fire-spewing lava.

"I made them mostly because he is really funny and imaginative," Hashimoto told the Daily News. "James doesn't watch TV or movies very much. We play tons of games with him throughout the day."

And it looks as though their father-son fun time has translated to Internet gold, with the light saber video alone receiving over half a million views on YouTube.

Dad's response to his newfound web celeb status? "It's humbling and I'm excited that a little hobby I have is enjoyable to other people," Hashimoto said. Like we said, coolest dad ever.

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They don't know the meaning of WTF or LOL.

They accidentally talk about sleeping with their own kin and they can't locate the space bar on their keypads.

Sometimes, it seems as if mothers simply should not be permitted to use their cell phones at all.

But then we'd be deprived of amazingly awkward examples of them trying to do so, such as the ones posted here, which include classic uses of Auto Correct and even more classic misunderstandings over how Google works.

Scroll around now and, admit it, your mom would totally make these mistakes, wouldn't she?

19 Hilarious Text Message Fails by Mom
Well, this is a fantastic example of generation confusion.
View As List
WTF Fail

1. WTF Fail

Well, this is a fantastic example of generation confusion.

LOL Fail

2. LOL Fail

No, parents everywhere. LOL does not stand for "Lots of Love." Not at all.

Change Google!

3. Change Google!

What? Don't all kids have the power to change the Google logo?

Spacing Out

4. Spacing Out

If only there were a space bar or some obvious way to make a space between words...

Sink Poop?

5. Sink Poop?

This mother is very concerned about her child pooping in the sink. Not exactly. But still.

Do You Do Drugs?!?

6. Do You Do Drugs?!?

This mother thinks her son does drugs... and then figures he might need some money anyway.

Gum in Her Puss

7. Gum in Her Puss

No, thank you. No one wants to chew gum this badly.

A Pornographic Mother?

8. A Pornographic Mother?

PHEW. Thank you for clearing up that confusion.

Mistaken But Supportive

9. Mistaken But Supportive

You're gay? You're coming home? Either way, we love you!

Sex Advice

10. Sex Advice

We mean, this isn't the worst advice in the world...


11. #Fail

Some day, parents may understand the use of hashtags. Maybe. Possible. But likely not.

That's a Penis!

12. That's a Penis!

Penises and aliens are VERY different things, moms around the world.

Going to Space

13. Going to Space

Just stop. Just put down the phone and move away.

Careful with Your Dick

14. Careful with Your Dick

Really, one should not shake one's drink OR one's dick too hard.

Are You There?!?

15. Are You There?!?

We've gotta give this mother props. This is how you get your child to respond to a text!

Twi-Mom Alert!

16. Twi-Mom Alert!

This mother wins the Internet. It's as simple as that.


17. TMI!!!!!

We're pretty sure the phrase "TMI" was invented for this text message alone.

Brother Banging

18. Brother Banging

This darn phone just scarred a child for life.

Stiffy vs. Swiffer

19. Stiffy vs. Swiffer

A stiffy after 30 years of marriage would actually be a great present, right, ladies?

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As these 25 Tweets summarize to perfectly, life as a parent can be challenging at times. Difficult, even.

But at other times it can be totally rewarding and hilarious, even when your toddler is screaming in pain.

Such is the case in the following video, which features a very brave young lady named Francesca trying to distract herself from a splinter removal by singing “Do You Want to Build A Snowman” from Frozen.

The adorable/melodramatic performance made its way over the Internet to Kristen Bell, who reacted on Twitter by writing:

"Francesa- I’ll build a snowman with you!!! You did a great job :)"

We love it! Watch this precious footage now:

Frozen has been responsible for a number of memorable covers.

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Kids. They say the darndest things, whether they're aware of it or not.

Even when they're not asked to say all the bad words they know, the small humans who live with us come up with some true gems, day in and day out.

Equally hilarious? Some of the parents who relay these experiences.

We're grateful for children and the joy they bring to our lives, and equally appreciative of the effort parents put in (as well as the technology that connects us).

If it weren't for Twitter, moms and dads would obviously get by just fine, but it's much easier these days to connect with others to commiserate or spread the love.

Click below to laugh/cry along with them in 140 characters or less.

25 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Parenting
That would be an interesting item on the course curriculum.
View As List
Sex Ed

1. Sex Ed

That would be an interesting item on the course curriculum.

Frozen in Hell

2. Frozen in Hell

"Let It Go" is definitely playing on repeat.


3. PARK!

Great moments in safe words.

Just Pretending?

4. Just Pretending?


82 Percent

5. 82 Percent

That may be conservative.

Fingers Smell Like ...

6. Fingers Smell Like ...

... you can guess, and if you're a parent, relate.

Circle the Block a Few Times?

7. Circle the Block a Few Times?

If only ...

Close Enough

8. Close Enough

Eh, clothes are clothes.

Free Cats and Dogs!

9. Free Cats and Dogs!

Would be so cool.

You Don't Want to Know

10. You Don't Want to Know

You really don't.

I'll Tell on You

11. I'll Tell on You

They start early.


12. Fetch!

You know you do it.

Were You Born With Those?

13. Were You Born With Those?

It's a fair question.


14. RRP5D

Sounds about right.

Cheap Babysitter

15. Cheap Babysitter

Next time you complain about your cable bill, just consider the real potential.

Sticks or ...

16. Sticks or ...

They do sound similar.

Suave 2 in 1

17. Suave 2 in 1

Hey, whatever works.

Can You Skip That?

18. Can You Skip That?

If only.

Used Food

19. Used Food

Ick. Who wants that.


20. Tolerance

Must be taught early.


21. Rabies

Shares similar symptoms with fatigue.

Whine and Wine

22. Whine and Wine

Oh, how those words are intertwined.

Dad of the Year

23. Dad of the Year

It's a go-to.

Consensual Massage

24. Consensual Massage

Lessons all kids must understand.

Chapstick 2, Vegetables 0

25. Chapstick 2, Vegetables 0

For those keeping score.

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A video made by an expecting husband and wife has been shared over two million times over various forms of social media.

And it's easy to see why.

Titled "From Bump to Buzz," the three-minute long footage features a man named Tom Fletcher serenading his wife with an original track titled "Something New."

Filmed time-lapse style, we see the wife's baby bump growing ever larger in every frame... until the video concludes with something very new and exciting: a newborn son!

It's beautifully edited, sang and crafted all around. Watch now and prepare to melt...

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Thor star Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, his Fast and Furious 6 actress wife, have welcomed TWO MORE BABIES to their family.

Elsa Pataky gave birth to twin boys on Friday in Los Angeles. The baby boys join big sister India Rose, 22 months, in the family.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth Oscars Photo

The above photo of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth was taken at the 2014 Academy Awards. Doesn't it make you want, just, help petite Elsa carry that baby belly around?

I mean, totally not in a weird way. 

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And we thought Kristin Cavallari's anti-vaccine stance was the worst parenting decision we would ever see...

Admittedly, that's pretty bad, like super bad, but many of the 21 questionable parenting moments below are worse. WAY worse.

Dangling your kid into a pit of raccoons? Smoking with your toddler and taking pictures?

And then there's that mom in the car burned into our brains...

These 21 questionable parenting moments make even Kate Gosselin look like Mother Theresa.

21 Questionable Parenting Moments
Geez, dad! Don't you know the kid is supposed to be REAR facing! Gosh!
View As List
Tractor Ride

1. Tractor Ride

Geez, dad! Don't you know the kid is supposed to be REAR facing! Gosh!

Third Wheel

2. Third Wheel

Something tells us this isn't what people had in mind when they created "Take Your Child to Work Day."

Say Cheese! If You Can!

3. Say Cheese! If You Can!

Here's hoping this photo session was quick, right?

Smoke Buddy

4. Smoke Buddy

Doesn't even matter if this picture is just posed and not real. Putting cigarettes in kids' hands and taking pictures is the opposite of cool.

Smart Dad

5. Smart Dad

Just what your kid always wanted! A rabies souvenir from his trip to the zoo!

Safety First!

6. Safety First!

Maybe DON'T put your kid's carrier in the street next time?


7. Penthouse

Penthouse? Really? With the Internet around, who has printed porn anymore?

Napkin Holder

8. Napkin Holder

This might actually be a GENIUS parenting moment. Dollars to donuts the kid under that napkin is sleeping and Dad's eating his hoagie with two hands. WIN!

Baby In a Basket

9. Baby In a Basket

If the baby's in the basket, where are the groceries? And this kid can't even scream because FOLDED IN HALF.

Stroller: You're Doing It Wrong

10. Stroller: You're Doing It Wrong

This mom might want to read the manual to find out just how her stroller works. Pretty sure this isn't it.

Good Reads

11. Good Reads

This kid is way too excited to be seeing Maxim. Way.


12. Baby-sicle

Pretty sure Baby-sicles don't taste like grape.

Picture Perfect

13. Picture Perfect

What happens when parents and photographers try to recreate Pinterest.

What a Tool

14. What a Tool

While not TECHNICALLY a questionable parenting moment, this is definitely a questionable FASHION moment and a VERY unfortunate photo.

Child Support

15. Child Support

This one kind of says everything, right?

Child Safety

16. Child Safety

Dude, this isn't The Walking Dead. Those kids are becoming Mika and Lizzie in the background and this dad is oblivious.

Bedtime Stories

17. Bedtime Stories

Who needs "Goodnight, Moon" when dad has Playboy?

Naming No-No

18. Naming No-No

These parents wanted to name their kid Anal. Yes. Anal. No.

Baby Backpack

19. Baby Backpack

Dear Dad, when wearing your baby ON YOUR BACK, maybe you stand on the train. Maybe?

Baby on Board

20. Baby on Board

Pretty sure there are no LATCH connecters inthe bed of this pickup, but hey, at least the kid is in a car seat?

Baby Balcony

21. Baby Balcony

You know, in case your kids needs fresh air and you're just too lazy to take them to the park.

And speaking of Kate Gosselin...

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