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Some parents may fail miserably at text messaging.

But others succeed at apologizing to their son's girlfriend after their security cameras caught her dry humping their child behind the sofa in the living room.

Yes, this really happened to a Reddit user named “One Skinny Mexican,” who shared his story online, along with the dessert item baked by his mom and dad.

Look what they wrote to his embarrassed girlfriend:

Parents Apologize to Dry-Humped Girlfriend of Son

The young man says that he thought he and his girlfriend were “at an angle” in which the camera would miss them, but obviously he was mistaken.

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It might seem counterintuitive, but even criminals can have a heart of gold.

Megan Bratten proves as much this week when she had her car stolen from a parking lot in Independence Missouri, only to realize she left her cell phone inside the vehicle.

So the single mother (of five!) figured she had nothing to lose by texting the culprit and explaining her situation. And he sympathized with her!

"He texted me back and gave me step-by-step directions where to find the van, and I went there with my mom and my dog, and the van was there," Bratten told KCTV5.

The thief, sadly, could relate to Bratten, as he also sent the single mother a message that read:

"I do feel bad... my kids needed a meal on the table so that's what their dad did got them food. I know its wrong but it's been so hard since I lost my job."

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It's only been a few days, but we may already have a video to rival this Frozen duet as the cutest mother-daughter exchange of the summer.

In the following footage, we meet a 17-month old named Cora who, as her parents adorably tell her, is now too "big" for a pacifier.

So she gets "one last suck" and then lets go off a bunch of balloons, on to which the pacifier is tied, adorably running after the item as it floats into the sky.

This rite of passage would be precious enough even if Cora's parents didn't include a Sarah McLachlan song in the background. Very well played, Mom and Dad.*

(*Sort of. Studies have shown that people really shouldn't release balloons into the sky because birds eventually mistake them for food, eat the balloon, get a clogged stomach and be unable to digest real food going forward, eventually starving to death.

But let's not tell that to Cora, okay?)

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We've already documented 37 text message fails by mom.

But what about 29 baby shower cake fails presented to mom? We're so glad you asked!

For reasons that will forever defy comprehension, some folks think it's funny to feature a baby shower dessert that prepares the parent-to-be for childbirth, whether this means using strawberries to represent blood or sprinkles to represent...

... you don't even want to know.

Are these creative? Yes. Are they humorous? Some. Are they appetizing? For the love of all that is pure and holy.... NO.

A Bloody Baby Cake
If this doesn't make you look forward to having a baby... pretty much anything else will.

For dessert recipes that don't include a fake baby's head sticking out of a gooey pretend vagina, visit our friends at Food Fanatic.

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Moms. We owe them everything, and not just because they literally gave us life.

They are the nurturing, driving force behind all of us and a source of unconditional love and support that we can never possibly repay or show enough gratitude for.

All that said with utmost sincerity, they really should not be allowed to text.

They do not know what LOL means. Ditto WTF. Nor can they locate their own space bar or notice the miscues caused by auto-correct, seemingly ever.

Combine these technical snafus with oversharing brought on by instant communication and the sometimes TMI nature of mothers being mothers, and ...

Yeah. The gallery below speaks for itself. Scroll through 37 classic mom text fails below and send her Lots of Love ... in a phone call or maybe over email:

LOL Fail
No, parents everywhere. LOL does not stand for "Lots of Love." Not at all.

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Can we say something crazy?

We're still not sick of Frozen, not when RIDICULOUSLY adorable parents and their children are covering hits from the movie soundtrack in their own creative ways.

Like when this girl sang through her spinter pain.

And especially when Aubrey Marceaux and her daughter Teigan team up in the car to lip-sync to "Love is an Open Door," making the perfect silly faces and giving some attention to the very best song in Frozen.

(That's right, "Let It Go." We said it!)


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Look, we're not saying Disney has a vendetta against parents, but we ARE saying that if you're a parent in a Disney movie, you better skip ahead to the end of the script.

There's a super good chance you won't make it that far, and the audience who comes to see you will be crying into popcorn buckets and wiping away tears with buttery fingers.

Heartbreak, bullying, losing your pets, facing your own mortal peril. Ugh. It's enough to make us sad for weeks sometimes! These ARE movies for kids, right? RIGHT?!?!

From Bambi's mom to "Baby Mine," we present to you the 19 most depressing Disney moments EVER. Get your tissues out and steel yourselves ...

Bambi's Mom Dies
Look, I don't care who you are. Bambi's mom's death is probably THE SADDEST MOMENT EVER in Disney history. Ever. Followed SUPER closely by...

Yeah. Gonna be rough for the kiddos and parents alike.

See, if Disney movie posters and taglines just TOLD THE TRUTH about some of these cinema classics, we could save ourselves a bunch of heartache.

To wit, follow the jump for 19 honest Disney posters:

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Moms. We love them, but they don't understand the Google, fail at texting in more ways than we can count and clearly shouldn't be allowed access to the Facebook.

At the very least, their social media behaviors should be closely monitored.

Why? Because as Facebook grows in popularity among Americans young and old, amusing exchanges like these are beyond awkward for their grown kids:

I'm 31 Years Old!

James may be 31, but he'll always be his mom's baby boy. This is a sweet sentiment, but he likely has other words for it after she blasted this photo publicly.

No wonder more and more "kids these days" prefer Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, SnapChat, etc. Facebook is officially your mom's social network hot spot!

Using the service to embarrass family members, intentionally or otherwise, has become as ubiquitous as Facebook itself for users of middle to advanced age.

Whether they're posting baby pics, offering up TMI updates about their own lives or otherwise misusing it, it's basically a ticking time bomb for you nowadays.

We're not sure if it's good or bad, but James is far from alone. Check out 13 more classic cases of parents humiliating kids on Facebook after the jump ...

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Tragically, this was bound to happen at some point, wasn't it?

Over the past several weeks, we've documented stories of a guy getting kicked in the face by a conductor when trying to take a selfie on train tracks; along with another dude getting attacked by a swan when going for a self-portrait.

Now, The Independent reports that an unnamed Polish couple was visiting the cliffs of Cabo da Roca on the west coast of Portugal on Saturday when they tried to snap a selfie.

But they slipped and plunged hundreds of feet below to their death.

The parents left behind two kids, ages five and six, who are being cared for by Polish diplomats and undergoing counseling.

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The Google. Confusing parents everywhere since 1998.

Despite the ubiquity and apparent simplicity of the search engine behemoth, a company so big it sells for $570 a share and has become a verb, it still baffles some.

As Will Smith once said, parents just don't understand.

Tales of Google confounding Americans of intermediate to advanced age are as old as time. Or at least the late 1990s. Take this classic text message exchange:

Mom Does Not Understand Google

Google probably thought everyone loved their doodles, too.

Not this mom! What is this confusing stuff?! She just wants the white screen with the brightly-colored GOOGLE and blank search field back, thankyouverymuch.

So we learned from her son, who took the blame for this.

Erroneously under attack, he helpfully explained that Google's clever changes were not the result of her offspring changing up the settings of her computer.

And no, mom, there is not a number you can call.

Add this to the list of vintage mom texting fails, as well as the mountain of evidence that parents should not use Facebook, Google or any technology for that matter:

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