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BBC America has released the first clip from Orphan Black Season 2 and it features a literal throwdown between Sarah and Rachel.

In the brief sneak peek, we see the show's heroine approach the Neolutionist and take her by surprise by climing on top of her... with a gun!

“Nobody lays hands on me!” insists Rachel, but Sarah is not exactly swayed.

"You don’t own us," she growls, as fans of this incredible series stand up and cheer.

The drama returns on April 19 and you can watch Orphan Black online at TV Fanatic to catch up before then. Nay, you should watch Orphan Black online at TV Fanatic to catch up before then.

It's totally and completely awesome.

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Ready to re-enter The Clone Club?

On Wednesday night, during the Doctor Who Christmas special, BBC will air a new teaser for Orphan Black Season 2. But we've got your early look the preview below!

It doesn't include any new footage from the most thrilling drama on television, but it does feature star Tatiana Maslany lamenting that she's part of a "sisterhood like no other" and a "piece of a puzzle" she can scarcely comprehend.

New episodes of Orphan Black kick off on April 19. Watch now:

Curious what all the fuss and anticipation is about?

Watch Orphan Black online and catch up before fresh installments air.

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Simply put, Orphan Black is totally and completely awesome.

The BBC thrilled launched this spring and launched Tatiana Maslany into the consciousness of television fans everywhere as a result.

The actress takes on multiple roles on the drama, each vastly different from the other, as the main character of Sarah Manning tries to get to the bottom of a conspiracy that involves clones, murders and human monitors.

The opening season is comprised of 10 episodes and you can easily watch Orphan Black online over at TV Fanatic to enjoy each one. But be warned: These installments are like Pringles.

Once you pop, you won't be able to stop.

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