It's not exactly unusual to see celebrities pose for selfies these days.

Heck, it's almost more unusual to see celebrities NOT pose for selfies these days, as most seek to capture every conceivable moment and then share it on social media.

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It may be #ThrowbackThursday, but Demi Lovato would like to get a different-themed weekday trending.

The young singer, who has dedicated herself to serving as a role model to girls struggling with self-esteem issues, has once again gone makeup-free online.

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Kaley Cuoco loves her some Instagram, and she makes the site a more interesting place with her constant stream of selfies.

Unlike most stars who use social media to remind the world of their 24/7 flawlessness, Kaley goes out of her way to prove she's human, posting unflattering pics that most actresses would pay to have buried.

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