Any comedian who's around long enough will eventually perform a joke that's similar to another comic's material. As such, joke stealing controversies are common to the world of standup.

Following her recent HBO special, Amy Schumer was accused of stealing a routine from the late comedian Patrice O'Neil. TMZ recently caught up with Amy and asked her about the allegations, but not surprisingly, the Internet has chosen to fixate on the fact that she wasn't wearing any makeup while she defended herself:

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When Ashley VanPevenage had an allergic reaction to benzoyl, and it made her acne flare up, she turned to a makeup artist friend for help.

The efforts of @MakeupByDreigh to help mask her skin where amazing, and Dreigh posted the before-and-after photos to her Instagram.

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It is well known that toys and cartoon characters marketed toward little girls have been criticized for portraying unrealistic expectations of beauty.

For instance, if Barbie were a real human, her proportions would prevent her from being able to walk upright. And Disney princesses are always drawn to have huge eyes, perfect hair, tiny bodies, and flawless makeup.

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