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Wow. What a series finale!

Following three seasons, The CW agreed to a special arrangement for Maggie Q and the cast of Nikita: they could return for six concluding episodes, finishing off a fun run with a proper, fitting ending.

And that's exactly what went down last night.

Viewers witnessed a terrific hour that depicted just how dark Nikita could be in order to avenge the death of Ryan, stopping to Amanda-like levels in order to bring Amanda down.

Was the finale all you dreamed up? Was it disappointing? Did you miss it? Don't worry if that's the case.

Sit back and watch Nikita online now in order to catch up:

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In Nikita Season 4 Episode 2, our heroine faced a life or death situation.

After nearly dying from a gunshot wound on the fourth season premiere, Nikita was saved by Michael and returned to work to expose Amanda and the Shop.

In "Dead or Alive," Nikita tried to uncover the truth about the President and the FBI Deputy Director, while Alex and Sonya were forced to work with Sam/Owen.

All the events built up to a heart-stopping conclusion, and a major decision.

Nikita's tired of lives being lost around her. But did she pull the trigger?

Watch Nikita Season 4 Episode 2 below and see for yourself ...

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With Friday's Nikita Season 4 Episode 1, the final mission of the CW series is underway. A mere five more installments remain before the series finale.

The fourth season opener, "Wanted," combined emotion, action and intrigue in typically strong fashion, no doubt leaving fans upset that this is the end.

Five more weeks. Better than nothing at least? It will have to be.

As for the episode itself, it packed tons into the limited time the show has left, from the opening sequence onward. Will Nikita be able to clear her name?

Catch up by watching the Nikita Season 4 premiere below:

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