Heather Holmes was reporting on a local Oakland woman who was robbed and attacked Monday night when irony struck the KTVU employee:

The journalist’s purse was stolen from an unlocked news van just steps away from the crew (and across the street from police headquarters) during the live feed.

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Nuns are not typically in the habit of filing lawsuits.

But they aren't typically forced to pray while surrounded by the remnants of a strip club either.

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New advances have contributed mightily to the impressive evolution of prosthetics, which as of this spring includes vaginas, according to news reports.

A New York Magazine piece documents advancements in regenerative medicine over the years, including some in areas you would never see coming.

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Emergency room physicians often see patients who have stuck unusual things in unusual places. There's even a show called Sex Sent Me to the ER.

This one was a doozy even for that classy program, though, and threw Dr. Roger Goldenberg and his wife, Nurse Wendy Goldenberg, for a loop.

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