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The girl known only as "Baby Hope," whose abused, decomposed body was found in an ice chest by the side of a New York roadway in 1991, has been revealed.

She is 4-year-old Anjelica Castillo, and her alleged killer has finally been arrested as well, 22 years later: Conrado Juarez, 52, is the girl's cousin.

He has been charged with murder.

Remarkably, detectives from the New York Police Department's Cold Case Apprehension Squad never stopped searching for answers in the case.

Even more remarkably, they eventually got them.

Each year, on the anniversary of the July 23, 1991, discovery of her body, they canvassed neighborhoods, handing out fliers and asking for information.

It was an anonymous tip called in after the latest canvass in July 2013 that helped crack the case at last, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

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Just a few months after a violent run-in with University of Chicago police, Josh Marks has been found dead. Officials believe he committed suicide.

The MasterChef finalist was just 26 years old.

Police say they received a call from a woman screaming for help Friday evening. They found a 26-year old male with a gunshot wound to the head.

Josh Marks Photo

Multiple sources involved with the investigation state that the victim in the Chicago alley is Josh Marks. Officers have also recovered a nearby weapon.

It's a sad and tragic end for this bright talent.

Marks was arrested for assault by University of Chicago cops this summer after an incident in which he allegedly punched an officer and tried to grab his gun.

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Move over, Anti-Semitic Elmo. You've got bigoted company.

Earlier this month, Stan and Claudia Gocman sat down to finally watch the unedited video of their wedding day, following a series of snafus in which photographer Anthony Aurelius first sent the wrong video and then sent one with many important moments missing.

So the newlyweds actually shelled out extra money for this special footage, only to recoil when they heard a series of anti-Semitic comments made by someone off camera.

“Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at," said a man, believed to be Aurelius. “But I can tell you, they’d be right f-cking cows... they’d be a pain in the arse."

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An Illinois dad who discovered something repulsive - a Facebook spam page exploiting his sick daughter for Likes - responded in amazing fashion.

Sean Murphy took to the page, which is described as a "social content farm," and managed to raise money for the hospital that saved her life.

A picture he posted online that shows his little girl, Serafina, recovering from heart surgery, was used to bolster the advertising revenue of a page called Starteens.

Pretty awful. But the University of Illinois law student simply went on the page and asked readers to donate money to the hospital instead of "Liking" anything.

As a result, he raised thousands of dollars for the medical facility.

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His political career destroyed long ago, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced Thursday to a stunning 28 years in prison for corruption.

The apparent last step in a series of scandals that destroyed his career and helped steer a crisis-laden city even deeper into trouble was an emphatic one.

Kilpatrick, who served as mayor from 2002-2008, fattened his bank account by tens of thousands of dollars using tactics better suited for a TV drama.

He traveled the country in private planes and even strong-armed his campaign fundraiser for stacks of cash hidden in her bra, according to evidence at trial.

"I'm ready to go so the city can move on," Kilpatrick said. "The people here are suffering, they're hurting. A great deal of that hurt I accept responsibility for."

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The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, not Malala Yousafzai, won the Nobel Peace Prize for working to rid Syria of such lethal devices.

The OPCW had not figured prominently in this year's Nobel speculation.

Many thought Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban last October for advocating education for girls, was a lock.

"She is an outstanding woman and I think she has a bright future and she will probably be a nominee next year or the year after that," the committee told the AP.

He declined to comment on whether Malala had even been considered.

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Nice try, Jeffrey Laub.

This 39-year old Utah resident was pulled over for speeding a few days ago - after leading police on a 111-miles-per-hour chase! - and tried to explain to a judge on Wednesday that he just REALLY needed a bathroom at the time.

Laud said he was going all Justin Bieber through Logan Canyon because he desperately required a toilet… but 1st District Judge Thomas Willmore pointed out that he passed numerous outhouses along his dangerous journey.

Laub was charged with impaired driving, reckless driving, speeding and open container. He will spend seven days in jail.

Summed up Willmore after listening to the criminal's case: “That is one of the worst stories I have ever heard."

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An indigenous woman gave birth on a Mexican hospital lawn earlier this month after being denied help inside the clinic in a story making global headlines.

Her newborn still bound by the umbilical cord and lying on the ground, the shocking image has horrified millions because of where and how it took place.

The woman had been refused help inside the medical clinic right before this occurred, which struck a nerve in a country where inequity is still pervasive.

The mother, Irma Lopez, 29, said she was turned away by a nurse who said that she was only eight months pregnant and "still not ready" to deliver.

The nurse told her to go outside and walk, and said a doctor could check her in the morning, Lopez said. But an hour and a half later, her water broke.

Lopez gave birth to a son while grabbing the wall of a house next to the clinic.

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The Red Lobster waitress who said a customer left her a receipt with a racist slur has now received an equally unexpected shock - a five-figure "tip" check.

Toni Christina Jenkins of Franklin, Tenn., was stunned to find a receipt on the table with "none" on the "Tip" line and the N-word on the "Total" line.

"I was just stunned that it happened," Jenkins, 19, said of the Red Lobster racist receipt slur. "It's not something that you think would actually take place."

After posting a photo of the infamous receipt to Facebook September 10, her story sparked outrage online, prompting a California man to take action.

Matthew Hanson, founder of AddictingInfo (dot) org, heard Jenkins' story and started an online fundraiser called "Tips for Toni" that collected $10,749.

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Even with a Joliet, Ill., drug treatment physician, publicly stating that he's seen as many as four users of Krokodil, the DEA is not sounding the alarm.

The drug, which is made by cooking codeine with various chemicals, such as lighter fluid, gasoline and industrial cleaners, was first reported in 2011.

It's been on the radar, with Krokodil reports in the U.S. making news lately.

Still, federal officials say they are skeptical that the nightmare drug, a cheap heroin knockoff, that originated in Russia has reached American soil.

“We, the DEA, are not seeing cases of it,” agency spokeswoman Dawn Dearden told Fox News Thursday. “Nothing’s been turned into any of our labs."

"As far as the DEA is concerned, we have not seen any cases.”

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