Because Swastikas almost never go well with Hanukah, Walgreens has pulled some controversial wallpaper off its shelves.

A patron named Cheryl Shapiro told The Los Angeles Daily News that she was wandering around the store when she noticed a design hidden in a blue-and-silver wrapping paper pattern that looked suspiciously liked this infamous Nazi symbol.

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Rapper Beanie Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, is in critical condition following a shooting outside a New Jersey residence last week, according to reports.

He had just returned from dropping his kids off at school, but was not the intended target of the attack, authorities told the media following the shooting.

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Dawn Steckmann, a Portland, Oregon, woman, claims she was recently fired for taking too many bathroom breaks on the job while carrying her second child.

The former technician at Maxim Integrated Products is filing a gender and discrimination lawsuit against the Beaverton, Ore., cell phone chip manufacturer.

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