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A British man died after opening a container marked "Pandora's Box." 

Curiosity, man. It kills.  

Pandora's Box, the one from Greek mythology, is said to have belonged to the first woman on Earth. All of the evils of the world were kept inside and Pandora, out of curiosity, opened the box, unleashing evil into the world. And hope. But mostly evil.

This box, however, contained synthetic cannabis. 

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It's the latest in a terrible pattern of victim-blaming and and excusing rape and this time it's coming from New Zealand

Keith Jeffries, a defense lawyer, said that his client's rape victim should have "closed her legs" if she didn't want to be attacked. 

Our mouths are hanging open at his repugnant and idiotic statements, too.

Jeffries said the victim did not cry out or struggle and points to the fact that she didn't as proof that the sex was consensual.

"All she would have had to do was to close her legs. It's as simple as that."

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The fast food phenomenon known as the McRib is back in certain McDonald's stores and pork-loving sandwich monsters are clamoring once again for a taste of this exclusive treat. 

Some people, however, might clamor a little less after seeing just what the meat brick looks like before it becomes the McRib.

(But probably not, because the McRib is tasty and delicious, amiright?)

The image, sent to a Redditor by a friend who works at one of the Golden Arches chains, shows McRib lovers just how far McDonald's goes to transform their food into something that looks even remotely appetizing.

The processed, boneless rib sandwich is formed into its iconic shape and then flash-frozen "just like [we] freeze meat in [our] own freezer." 

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Flowers in the Attic​, the V. C. Andrews novel you read under the covers with a flashlight and against your own best interests, is getting a fresh start in January. 

The Dollanganger family is returning to the small screen in a Lifetime reboot of the 1987 film.

And where the original film glossed over the relationship between Cathy and her brother, THAT scene is included in this version. Watch the trailer now and see for yourself.

Flowers in the Attic is the story of four children who are locked away in their grandmother's attic while their mother schmoozes her way back into her father's good graces in the hopes of inheriting his money when he dies. While trapped, the two oldest children develop romantic feelings for one another--and act on them--while trying to keep the youngest two alive.

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Move over, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

You may no longer have the most viral engagement video of the fall.

On Wednesday, CNBC reporter Courtney Reagan was doing a segment on engagement rings when she was startled to see Jared Baker, her boyfriend of seven years, appear in the studio.

You can tell where this story is going, can't you?

Watch the following footage now to see Baker get down on one knee and to see Reagan react to the surprise maneuver:

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As many couples rushed to get married on Tuesday of this week - 11/12/13 - one Missouri couple found themselves in the hospital expanding their family. 

Little Carson Lee was born on Tuesday, but that's not all. The baby bundle weighed exactly eight pounds ... and was born at 9:10 a.m. on 11/12/13.

How cool is that?

What makes this even cooler is that Dad, Jared Lovel, is a math teacher! 

The new mom is described as "a planner" by her husband. "I don't know if she's that good of a planner, but we knew it was going to be 11-12-13. Everything else just kind of fell in line."

Congrats, Lovel family, on your baby boy, from all of us at THG.

Now go buy a lottery ticket so you can pay for college one day!

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Mark Berndt, a former L.A. elementary school teacher charged with blindfolding students and feeding them his semen, is going to prison for 25 years.

Accused of spoon-feeding kids cookies laced with his own semen, he agreed to plead no contest to all charges, an attorney for some of the victims said.

Berndt plans to enter the legal equivalent of guilty pleas to 23 charges.

The plea agreement, first reported by the Daily News of Los Angeles, calls for Berndt to be sentenced to 25 years in state prison for the offenses.

John Manly, an attorney who represents 30 Miramonte Elementary School students and their parents, said he was notified of the plea by prosecutors.

Manly called the agreement a victory for his young clients and said that the families appreciate being treated “with decency and dignity” by prosecutors.

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Infamous former Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger was given a life sentence on Thursday for his murderous reign in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Nevertheless, questions remained for the families of some of his victims.

Why did prosecutors give generous plea deals to Bulger’s cohorts? Did Bulger offer to plead guilty, a step that would have avoided the two-month trial?

Relatives of people who were killed by Bulger or his henchmen vented their anger Wednesday during the first part of Bulger’s sentencing hearing.

He was called a “terrorist,” a “punk” and “Satan,” among other things.

After Bulger was sentenced, some also felt that prosecutors should have been able to convict him without giving lenient deals to his partners.

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Two Chicago neighbors recently had an argument over the loud sex sounds emanating from one of their apartments, and the beef has gone viral.

Because, naturally, they traded passive-aggressive notes on the door, which a third neighbor happened to amusingly notice and post to Reddit:

Frustrated by the noisy sexual sessions next door, a pissed-off neighbor decided to tell off the source of the orgasms with a snarky note on her door.

"I'd appreciate not having to hear every trust (sic) and moan," he writes, in squiggly font, ending with a jab that "Luckily for me, it never lasts very long."

Burrrrrrrrrn. "The girl in 517" then shot back with a note of her own.

Chiding her neighbor for attempted slut-shaming, she confessed that it doesn't last long because she's a pro at solo sex, and advised her to get a vibrator.

The full text of both notes appears after the jump ...

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Sadly, it has happened again.

A couple weeks after patrons at a Kansas restaurant stiffed a waiter on a tip because his "homosexual lifestyle is an affront to God," according the message they left on their check, a server in New Jersey has been faced with the same unfortunate fate.

Dayna Morales, a former Marine, shared her experience with the LGBT-friendly blog "Have a Gay Day," recounting how the mother of two children was shocked by Dayna's short hair.

When Morales then went to collect payment on a $93.55 tab, she found the following note in lieu of a tip:

"I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I don't agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life."

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