In the following video, a reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles is doing a story on the dangerous blaze raging behind her.

But when she stops to talk with a shirtless dude holding a dog, the man believes only one thing is on fire: the reporter herself!

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Renowned fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were given a reduced, suspended sentence of 18 months in jail on Wednesday.

The duo's conviction on charges of hiding hundreds of millions of euros from Italian tax authorities via Luxembourg holding company Gado was upheld.

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Clayton Lockett - a death row inmate in Oklahoma - died Tuesday of a heart attack after officials halted his execution due a new drug mixture that left him writhing in the gurney.

Sources confirm that Lockett went unconscious after about 10 minutes and then started clenching his teeth and breathing heavily three minutes after that.

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