Facial recognition has been utilized before in advertising, but in this case, state of the art technology does more than target people with the right products.

A London advertising and marketing agency, WCRS, created a cutting edge billboard of a battered woman that "heals" as more people look at her.

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Yesterday, the nation was shocked by a video that showed members of the University of Oklahoma chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity singing racial slurs and boasting that they would never allow black pledges.

The shocking clip - uploaded to Twitter by an African-American rights group at OU - prompted a swift response from university officials, who promptly ordered the SAE chapter to disband.

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While American viewers agonized last night over who Chris Soules would select as his wife on The Bachelor season finale, the world of French reality television was stunned by a horrific accident. 

A contingent of 10 sports stars filming the program Dropped were killed when two helicopters collided in mid-air while shooting footage in Argentina.

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