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Google said Thursday it has removed "tens of thousands" of leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other stars in the wake of last month's scandal.

The tech giant also hit back at accusations it was slow to react to the deluge of hacked photos, as alleged in a $100 million lawsuit threat by notable stars.

Jennifer Lawrence
We adore Jennifer Lawrence. And we feel bad that this actress has been victimized by the perverted online hacker.

Lawyers representing some of the victims whose photos were stolen from hacked iCloud accounts and published online called out Google yesterday.

Their attorneys accused Google of ignoring take down requests for, among others, the Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence nude photos on Google properties.

The company says has taken "rapid" action and will continue to.

"We've removed tens of thousands of pictures, within hours of the requests being made, and we have closed hundreds of accounts," Google said.

"The internet is used for many good things," the company added, stating in no uncertain terms that "stealing people's private photos is not one of them."

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Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess, the Louisiana English teachers arrested for having a threesome with a student, had prior sexual encounters with the boy.

Among the assertions in brief reports filed by Kenner, La., police, following their arrest on a litany of criminal charges earlier this week, include:

  • Shelley Dufresne had sexual contact with the student more than once before their alleged ménage à trois September 12 with Rachel Respess.
  • The police use of the plural "prior sexual encounters" suggests two or more earlier incidents of sex with Dufresne and the student.
  • Dufresne "approached (Respess) in order to "proposition her into joining the sexual encounter" with herself and the boy, then 16.
  • Dufresne "enticed and transported" the teen to Respass' apartment, with the purpose of engaging in sex acts with both of them.
  • While Respess was having sexual intercourse with him, Dufresne "began intimately kissing (Respess) in an attempt to arouse all parties involved."
  • All parties "were complete(ly) disrobed."

Police arrested the two Louisiana teachers for the threesome and charged them with carnal knowledge of a juvenile and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

They also face charges of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

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Sabrina Allen, a Texas girl reported missing 12 years ago was found in Mexico with her mother after officials received a tip, according to news reports.

The mother was quickly flown to Texas and jailed on kidnapping charges, investigators said, after Allen, now 17, was found in Papalotla, Tlaxcala.

The case was twice profiled on the television show America's Most Wanted after she vanished in 2002, following a weekend visit with her mother.

Sabrina is "in pretty bad shape as far as my understanding," her father, Gregory Allen, said at a news conference with the FBI and Austin, Texas, police.

"She was not living a regular life. She has not been going to school."

Allen, who has held out hope for this moment for over his decade, has not yet seen her, but says his first question will be to "ask her if I can give her a hug."

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Dozens of celebrities victimized by the still-uncaught Hollywood hacker have banded together for a potential lawsuit against Google.

Because photos of Jennifer Lawrence nude, Kate Upton nude and MANY others nude (such as Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna) still exist on the search engine, attorney Marty Singer has fired off a letter to the Internet behemoth.

It demands the company remove these illegally-obtained images ASAP... or pay a hefty price in court.

Jennifer Lawrence
We adore Jennifer Lawrence. And we feel bad that this actress has been victimized by the perverted online hacker.

In his letter, Singer slams Google for its “despicable, reprehensible conduct in not only failing to act expeditiously and responsibly to remove the Images, but in knowingly accommodating, facilitating and perpetuating the unlawful conduct."

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A couple of Louisiana high school English teachers are facing felony charges for having a threesome with a 16-year-old student last year after a football game.

Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess
Shelley Dufresne (right), 32, and Rachel Respess (left), 24, are accused of having sex with an underage high school student ... together. At the same time.

Destrehan High School teachers Shelley Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, reportedly met up with the student on the evening of September 12.

They then had sex at Respess’ apartment until the next morning.

The student, who has since turned 17, told other students that he had sex with the teachers at the same time ... and had bedded them many times before.

He also claimed to have some sessions captured on video, though it's unclear if those trysts involved one teacher at a time or more threesomes.

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We have an update on the condition of Tracy Morgan.

First, there are reports that indicating that the former 30 Rock star suffered a crippling brain injury following the horrific car accident he survived this summer.

Benedict Morelli, Morgan's attorney, told The New York Post that the "jury is out" on whether the comedian will be able to perform again. He's currently in rehab for speech, cognitive, vocational and physical functionalities.

Morelli added that physician don't yet know if the wheelchair-bound Morgan will ever be the same.

Morgan was coming back from a show in New Jersey this summer when a Walmart truck - driven by an employee who had gone over 24 hours without sleep - crashed into the limousine carrying him and his friends, killing comedian James McNair in the process.

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On the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Shelley Smith has come out and revealed her own diagnosis on Twitter.

"I now join the one in eight women who are battling breast cancer. Early detection will save my life. Tell loved ones," wrote the long-time sports journalist, who has been with ESPN since 1997. "My tough cancer treatment will begin in January. Until then, I spread the praise of mammograms and ultrasound. Early detection."

Smith also acknowledged her "cancer warrior sisters" in a subsequent message, along with "so many others who are inspiring me."

Shelley Smith Picture

"And remember, the warning signs are not just lumps," added the Emmy winner, who has also written multiple books. "Check for irregular shape, skin condition and pain. And follow up."

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Police discovered the body of the missing Beverly Carter Tuesday morning, days after the Arkansas realtor disappeared while showing a house.

She was last seen presenting a property to a prospective customer.

Officers from the Pulaski County Sheriff's office arrested 33-year-old Arron Lewis and interviewed him for 12 hours in connection with the case.

Early Tuesday, Carter's body was found about 25 miles away from where she was last seen. Authorities have charged Lewis with capital murder.

He is being held on $1 million bond.

Authorities have not stated whether Lewis was the prospective buyer she showed the hose to, or if he knew Carter before she disappeared last week.

During his walk from the Sheriff's Office to the jail, Lewis made a few comments, including "Sorry to the family," to the media members around him.

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Makenzie Schultz of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and her husband, Steven, have made viral news thanks to a photo of receipt in which they gave a huge tip.

There's a twist, though: The service at the sushi restaurant they went to was actually terrible, making their $100 gratuity (on a $66.65 meal) baffling.

Was it really so crazy, though? Not in their estimation, and here's why ...

Big Tip For Terrible Service
This couple in Iowa gave a huge tip for the terrible service they received, saying they have been in the waiter's shoes. Interesting.

The service "sucked" by their own admission, as it took them "20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and over an hour for our entree."

"People all around us were making fun of the restaurant & how bad the service was," explained Makenzie, admitting, "Yeah, it was pretty terrible."

"But," she believes "the issue was being short staffed, not the server."

The waiter, who "was running around like crazy," had "12 tables plus the bar" at one point, wrote Makenzie, "more than any one person could handle."

She was impressed that he "never acted annoyed with any table."

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Remember Draven Rodriguez?

The senior at at Schenectady High School in New York who posed for an AMAZING photo with his cat, Mr. Bugglesworth, and petitioned for it to count as his official portrait?

Sadly, his request got denied. But, heroically, the school’s principal, Diane Wilkinson, stepped in with an unexpected and truly inspired counter-offer: 

Would Rodriguez and Mrs. ​Bugglesworth want to pose with her and her chihuahua, Vivienne?

They could include their photograph in the yearbook as a way to raise awareness for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and rescue animals such as Mr. Bugglesworth and Vivienne?

So, how did Rodriguez respond to this opportunity? How do you think?!? Check out the finished product here:

Student and Principal Pose with Pets

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