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Famed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has died at the age of 54, according to multiple reports. He was found unresponsive at his North Side home this morning.

Trotter was taken in critical condition to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. The renowned chef was reportedly found by his son, Dylan.

The Trotter's family friend, Carrie Nahabedian, confirmed his death today.

"My baby's gone," Trotter's wife, Rochelle said, according to Nahabedian.

Charlie Trotter's, long considered one of the best restaurants in the world, saw several renowned chefs (Graham Elliott, Homaro Cantu and Grant Achatz) work under him.

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This is nothing short of an incredible video and story.

On Saturday, two airplanes were flying approximately 12,000 feet over Wisconsin, carrying a total of 11 skydivers between them before things went haywire.

With a handful of these individuals preparing to jump, one Cessna collided into another, causing a fiery mess of debris and prompting all 11 skydivers to leap into the air.

Thankfully, all survived and, perhaps more astonishingly, a pilot somehow managed to navigate one of the airplanes safely back onto the ground.

NBC has the exclusive footage, taken by the skydivers themselves, below.

See the raw video after the jump and prepare to be amazed ...

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Yadina Indira Morales, a Maryland mom who was breastfeeding her baby while highly intoxicated, has been charged with manslaughter after the infant died.

Officials say Morales was both breastfeeding and "highly intoxicated," which led to her two-month-old being found unresponsive, unable to be revived.

The alcohol in her system was only part of the story here. Cops say Morales passed out while breastfeeding and that the baby was found underneath her.

She's since been charged with manslaughter, second-degree child abuse, reckless endangerment, and other lesser charges as a result of her actions.

This was not her first involvement with the law, either.

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Today is the 5th of November ... which some say you should always remember, remember. That's because it's Guy Fawkes Night! Also known as Guy Fawkes Day!

The annual commemoration observed on the fifth of November, primarily in Great Britain, has also become Bonfire Night and Firework Night over the years.

Its history begins with the crazy events of November 5, 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the famed Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives.

The plotters had placed the materials beneath the House of Lords in an attempt to kill King James I, but the monarch survived the attempt on his life.

We know ... thank goodness.

As a result, people lit bonfires around London, and the introduction of the Observance of 5th November Act enforced an annual public day of celebration.

The more you know.

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Wow. We don't condone cheating, which this girl is apparently guilty of, but wow. Uncool as she is for doing that, the way she was exposed may be worse.

Apparently, she was seeing two guys at once and one found out. Upset, he decided to call the other guy, to inform him what was up with "their" girlfriend.

Understandable ... but then it got a little weird.

The two of them surprised her, confronted her on video in humiliating fashion, then shamed her for it. Repeatedly. Specifically, they called her a slut. A lot.

The repeated, harsh name-calling combined with the fact that this was a premeditated confrontation that they shared on the web? Questionable move, guys.

This was no heat of the moment thing.

The desire for payback after being humiliated themselves, not to mention possibly heartbroken, can be understood. But does that condone their actions?

You tell us: Did they go too far?


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Facebook bullying is common practice these days, but usually it's by teens ... not mothers, targeting other parents' little toddlers and babies, as is the case here.

Yes, a Facebook group of grown women is taking part in what some are calling "toddler bashing," posting pics of kids and making fun of them online.

The offending Facebook group takes photos from others' accounts without the owners' knowledge. It was meant to be private, but the word got out.

Photos were sent to a local Fox station of the page, where people - including some moms, no less - post and ridicule pictures of other people's kids.

Under one photo of a baby, a woman posted, "It's hideous."

Another woman added, "You can absolutely not fix ugly."

Another Facebook commenter wrote, "An ugly baby thread. I have died and gone to heaven. Why can't you guys live near me so we can do this over cocktails?"

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Richard Shoop, the 20-year old Teaneck resident who entered a northern New Jersey mall last night and opened fire, shot and killed himself early this morning.

Shoop entered the Garden State Plaza in Paramus around 9 p.m. and sent thousands of people running when he fired at least six shots, according to authorities.

No customers or employees were injured in the chaos.

Details are still coming in, but Bergen County prosecutor John Molinelli says Shoop used a "lawful weapon owned by his brother" that was meant to look like an AK-47.

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The girl who wore a Boston Marathon bombing costume for Halloween this year has apologized for her "distasteful" actions.

But the mother who dressed her seven-year old son as a member of the Ku Klux Klan last week? Not so much.

Kid Dressed as KKK Member

Virginia resident Jessica Black tells WHSV that it's a "family tradition" for her loved ones to don this attire for Halloween, explaining that her brother did so when he was in kindergarten… and what's the big deal, anyway?

Is the KKK really so bad?

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Alicia Ann Lynch is very sorry.

The 22-year old Michigan native dressed as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing for Halloween this year and has been feeling the wrath of the Internet community ever since a photo of the outfit went viral.

She tells BuzzFeed that folks also found a picture of her driver's license online and have sent vile packages to her address, while issuing death threats to both her and her parents.

Lynch adds that she has since deleted all her social media accounts and got fired as a result of the costume.

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When a Georgia 18-year-old's parents recently learned he was bisexual, they threw him out of the house, leaving his belongings on the front yard.

Worse yet, they took his car and even the money he had saved from bagging groceries part-time, leaving him essentially homeless and penniless.

Although Nick's parents did not support him, hundreds of strangers did.

Steve Bevers, whose mother-in-law works with Nick, took him in and set up a crowd funding page to help raise money for Kennesaw State freshman.

Others then rallied around the broke teen to offer their support, and managed to raise thousands of dollars via crowd-funding to send him to college.

"When I heard about what happened, I was flabbergasted," Bevers said later. "I couldn't understand how a parent could do that. I just was amazed."

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