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On the list of things that will land you in a world of trouble with your would-be wife, forgetting to book the venue for your wedding is pretty high up there.

So you can imagine how Neil McArdle felt when he realized he'd forgotten to reserve St. George’s Hall for his nuptials to Amy Williams until the day of.

What you probably can't imagine is that McArdle staged a bomb threat instead of coming clean, later admitting he was just too embarrassed to confess.

He saw her in her wedding gown that morning, the UK resident recalls, and could not bring himself to admit that he screwed up. So he phoned in a hoax:

An investigation led to his arrest, so he's apparently about as bad at crime as he is at wedding planning. Neil was given a prison sentence of a YEAR.

The Guardian says the couple is still together, miraculously, so hopefully he finds some time behind bars to properly plan their wedding, when and if it occurs.

On second thought, just hire a wedding planner dude.

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A beloved Danvers, Massachusetts high school math teacher was stabbed to death by a student who dumped her body in the woods, media reports state.

The teenager, whose name was not disclosed because he is a juvenile, faces arraignment today. He is charged with killing math teacher Colleen Ritzer.

Law enforcement sources confirm that Ritzer, 24, was stabbed to death.


"She was a very respected, loved teacher," said Essex County D.A. Jonathan Blodgett. "At 24 years of age it's a terrible tragedy for the entire Danvers community."

Police discovered Ritzer's blood in a second floor bathroom late Tuesday night before her body was later found behind the school, Blodgett said.

Blodgett declined to say what the motive may have been in the case.

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On September 29, Alexian Lien was driving along the highway in Manhattan when he struck a biker who darted in front of his SUV.

After briefly stopping, the 33-year old sped away when a contingent of the victim's friends gathered around on their motorcycles and made Lien fear for the safety of himself, his wife and their two-year old daughter.

The large group of bikers followed, a four-mile chase ensued and Lien was eventually forced to stop at a red light in Washington Heights.

Once there, many of the bikers dragged him from the driver's seat and brutally beat Lien in front of his family members and numerous witnesses.

Now, courtesy of WABC-TV, new footage of the actual beating has surfaced online. It was taken by an onlooker and - consider yourself warned - it's graphic in nature:

Thus far, nine bikers - including a police officer who had been undercover, yet did nothing to prevent this incident - have been arrested for their alleged roles in the assault.

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A straight man's perspective on what it's like to be gay is shared in this video, a response to recently being de-friended on Facebook by a former friend.

This individual's brother is gay, and the Facebook de-friending took place after he posted photos of his beloved brother and his partner getting married.

Condemned for his "anti-God" post, the man was shamed by someone he considered a friend, which got him thinking: What if it had been his own wedding?

What if hadn't been a distant friend who confronted him in such a way, but a close family member? And how do gay people cope with such an event?

This brings him to tears in the video confession below. Take a look:

It's clear that his empathy is both profound and genuine as he encourages other straight people to look at the issue of sexual orientation from this perspective.

Think it would help change yours, or others that you know?

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Royal Baby Prince George made his first appearance in three months today as he arrived with parents Prince William and Kate Middleton for his christening.

The royal baby's godparents - seven in all - were revealed ahead of todays ceremony. Who made the cut as the spiritual advisors to the future king?

Prince William's cousin Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne, is perhaps the best known. Prince William and Kate Middleton broke with tradition by opting for friends.

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The mystery girl named "Maria" who was found in a Roma gypsy camp in Greece last week has sparked an international search for the child's real parents.

Two parents hoping for a miracle are Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, whose daughter, Lisa Irwin, disappeared from her bedroom in Kansas City in 2011.

Lisa was abducted she was 11 months old. Like Maria, she was fair-skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes. Officials are taking her parents' claim seriously.

Maria's beautiful, haunted face has sparked hope in more than just Deborah and Jeremy, however. Police say there are at least eight leads being pursued.

The age gap is also an issue for the Irwins. She would be turning three next month, while the mystery girl in Greece is believed to be at least four.

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One woman in Boston is very grateful for the kindness of strangers today.

In surveillance footage released by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority from Monday, we see an unnamed 31-year old get up at the Davis Square train station and simply wander off the platform.

The incident took place at 8:41 a.m.

The woman - who only suffered an arm injury - told EMTs that she fell asleep on the nearby bench and sleepwalked away, fortunately only falling a couple feet and not coming into contact with the third rail.

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Baltimore resident Farryn Johnson has filed a racial discrimination complaint with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights after she was fired from her job as a waitress at Hooters.

The 25-year old says she lost her job due to the color her hair.

Johnson told a CBS News affiliate that management ordered her to remove her blonde highlights because they were giving off an "improper image." She refused and was subsequently shown the door.

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Report card time can be stressful for students and parents alike, but for one proud father and son in the U.K., it was nothing but joyful this time around.

In a video posted Monday, the dad is shocked and elated after learning that his son finally passed his math course, which he had long struggled with.

"Is that real? IS THAT REAL?!" the proud pop exclaims. Watch:

After Aria Shahrokhshahi got a much improved grade, he knew his dad, who helped Aria study and improve, would respond in memorable fashion.

He set up a secret camera to capture that reaction.

Aria admits his dad and teachers did not think he could bring last year's failing grade up to passing, but he did, and it led to a great moment he shared with us all.

Well done, the both of you!

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Florida teen Malik Whiter is being criticized for posting a selfie with his pregnant teacher in the background. She was going into labor at the time:

Best/Worst Selfie Ever?

Malik, clearly, is sporting a big smile as his business lecturer is suffering through what look to be serious labor pains. He Tweeted along with the caption:

"Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions."

Of the seven-months pregnant Susana Halleck, he added, "I told her to smile and she said no." He took the photo anyway to "commemorate the moment."

The timing of the "moment" makes some Rihanna selfies look appropriate ... maybe he was just really excited to meet her baby? Or for class to be over?

The teacher was rushed to the hospital, but it turned out to be a false alarm and both she and the baby are fine. As for the reactions to Malik's move?

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