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There's Photoshop gone wrong. And then there's Photoshop gone very, very right.

The latter includes James Franco and a pair of skimpy Santa briefs.

It's Christmas come early!

James Franco As Santa

So what's the deal with this awesome image of a shirtless James Franco?

Ahead of his upcoming appearance on Ellen, DeGeneres photoshopped Franco's head onto the body of a racy Santa which Franco then shared with his followers on Instagram.

"MERRY XMAS!!!! -- ELLEN MADE ME tHIS CAlENDaR!" Franco wrote.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

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No one wants to be the last kid in the class on Facebook. How embarrassing, right?

An estimated 7 million children are on Facebook these days, with over 5 million of those children being under the age of 13. To sign up, they use a fake birthday, create a profile, and they're off and running in the world's largest cyber-playground.

Parents who know about their kids' online activity need to know how to keep their children safe as they navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of social media. Faye Rogaski de Muyshondt has a solution: socialsklz:-)

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Mmmmm. Nothing like a nice, refreshing mouthful of dirt to quench your thirst, right? Tastes so good when it hits your lips!

Except no, it doesn't. And that's exactly why the imagery used in this shocking Oxfam video spurred 225,000 signatures on an anti-land grab petition against Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 

See for yourself now.

Both soft drink giants have been accused of land grabs.

That is the practice of forcing responsible farmers off their lands so the corporations can irresponsibly grow the sugar used to manufacture their products. 

After seeing the signatures on the Oxfam petition, Coca-Cola has committed to taking action, and responsibility for controlling their vast supply chain.

Here's hoping Pepsi will follow suit and do the same.

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New evidence in the Montana murder trial of Jordan Linn Graham suggests the newlywed may have blindfolded her husband before pushing him off a cliff in Glacier National Park just 8 days after the two were married.

Michael Donahoe, a federal defender says "the government is awaiting DNA test results being run on a piece of cloth found on a shoal in the river in the same general vicinity as where Cody [Johnson's] body was recovered."

It's unclear whether the prosecution plans to use this information in Graham's murder trial, scheduled to begin December 9, or just use it to trump up the charges against the defendant in order to gain leverage for a plea bargain.

The complaint against Graham, Donahoe believes, does not contain all of her statements made to the police while also misrepresenting what she did say. According to her attorney, the information about a supposed blindfold and Graham taking the time to use it just doesn't add up.

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Loni Janie Anthony is bananas, y'all. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

No, really. Bananas. As in the mother-to-be eats 10 bananas a day as part of her regular diet. And that's just for breakfast.

Anthony follows the "80:10:10" diet founded by raw foodist Dr. Douglas Graham.

The plan consists of 80% of a person's diet coming from plant-based carbs, 10% coming from fat, and 10% from protein. Anthony says she's never felt better.

Because Anthony is 26 weeks pregnant, her diet, which many feel is quite extreme, is creating quite an online hullabaloo. Critics of the lifestyle say she's harming her unborn baby by starving her body and her baby's of necessary nutrients. 

Anthony, however, says that this dietary change saved her life.

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It's every parent's worst nightmare. You turn your back for one second and catastrophe happens. That's the case for 26-year-old father Christopher Calhoun. 

While he wasn't looking, Calhoun's four-year-old daughter poured gasoline down their slide to make it more slippery for herself and her sister.

A charge of static electricity caused the gasoline to ignite and now his 2 year old is in a medically induced coma with burns over 30 percent of her body. 

Calhoun told police he had been playing outside with his girls when stepped inside the house for just a moment. He heard screams and saw his daughters, one of whom was on fire. 

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Jessica Moser, a Northampton Co. mom, has been breastfeeding her daughter for the past 10 months.

Now, she's embroiled in a custody battle with her daughter's father and a judge has ordered her to stop so that little Jasmine can spend the entire weekend with her dad.

Moser says the judge doesn't care that Jasmine still breastfeeds. "Why isn't she on formula?" he asked. "She should be able to have formula at 10 months."

Oh, dear.

Jessica Moser

The World Health Organization recommends mothers breastfeed their children for at least 2 years.

Moser can't pump enough milk for her daughter for two full days and Jasmine doesn't take a bottle, instead preferring her milk straight from the tap.

If Jessica doesn't comply with the judge's ruling, she will lose her daughter.

"I'm feeling frustrated, hurt" Moser says. "I'm trying to keep myself from crying, it's very emotional."

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Chad Palmer, a Camden County, Ga., deputy sheriff, is under scrutiny for painting his face black and dressing up as a prisoner for a Halloween party.

A picture shows him in a black-and-white prison uniform. He can be seen with black paint covering his face and arms, wearing a jail uniform.

At the party, he said he was a Camden County inmate, and was picking cotton.

A spokesman for Sheriff Jim Proctor says the costume was "unacceptable." Proctor is scheduled to discuss the incident during a news conference.

There have been strong reactions from the community, as you would expect.

"Look at it. A white man with a black face, this just isn't right. It can't get more racist than that. It can't," said Shelia Blake. "I think this is disgusting."

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What's not to love about local news reporters swearing on air?

It's one of the Internet's great pastimes, along with bullying, the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy, and cats ... in general.

Anyway, on Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV, a reporter was live at the scene of a big fire. Fitting, as her bosses may be soon making one, if you catch our drift:

Yes. Lauren Podell, who can at least take solace in having been voted Best Hair in Detroit TV by Metro Times in 2011 (apparently), just f-bombed SO hard.

Having trouble getting her earpiece (IFB) to work, she attempted to fix the problem by angrily shouting "I can't get this f--king in there" with cameras rolling.

No clue if it worked, because in turn, that might have been the fastest apology ever recorded on video by the anchor in the studio. So well played there.

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Andy Kaufman's brother claims the late comedian is still alive and even fathered a daughter after he is said to have passed away from lung cancer.

The star passed away at the age of 35 in 1984, or so the popular narrative goes. Kaufman fans have long speculated that his death was a hoax.

Rumors regarding his fate resurfaced Monday after his brother Michael gave a bizarre speech during the annual Andy Kaufman Awards in N.Y. City.

Michael told the audience that he believes Andy faked his death, having found an essay written by Andy detailing on how he planned to pull it off.

Andy's alleged daughter (above) also appeared to corroborate the story.

Michael claimed Andy's letter instructed him to go to a specific restaurant on Christmas Eve, 1999, upon which an anonymous man handed him another missive.

He then read that note aloud to the stunned New York City crowd.

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