What if they held a baseball game and no one came?

The Baltimore Orioles might be answering that question tomorrow afternoon, as the team faces the Chicago White Sox in a game that's been closed to the public - an unprecedented move in MLB history.

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There is nothing funny about the ongoing riots in Baltimore.

Over 200 people have been arrested; over 140 vehicles have been set on fire; and over 15 buildings have been burned to the ground as residents protest police treatment of Freddie Gray, a young man who died in custody this month.

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According to various reports, the death toll from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday has risen to over 1,300 individuals.

At least 10 of the deceased were attempting to scale Mount Everest, with the first reported American death being that of Dan Fredinburg.

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When is the picture of a four-year old girl standing on the edge of a hillside not just a picture of a four-year old girl standing on the edge of a hillside?

When folks wonder whether the boots of a samurai ghost are standing directly behind her!

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