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A 10-year old Amish girl named Sarah Hershberger has fled her home, along with her parents, in order to avoid chemotherapy, the family's attorney confirmed to The Associated Press yesterday.

The trio has been engaged in a court battle with a local hospital in Northern Ohio for months after the parents chose to halt medical treatment because they believed it was making their daughter ill.

Amish folks

A state appeals court appointed a guardian to take over medical decisions for Sarah last month, but Maurice Thompson says his clients have left their home because they "don't want Sarah to be taken away."

Physicians at Akron Children's Hospital say Sarah's leukemia is treatable, but that she will pass away if unless she receives professional attention.

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Sharkeisha. One name says it all after you've seen the viral video that has spread so quickly and caused so much controversy in the last 48 hours.

That is the name of the woman whose BRUTAL close-fisted, sneak attack sucker punch of an unsuspecting victim first surfaced on Instagram.

The beating has since been taken down from the social media site, but Sharkeisha's shark-like attack lives on, as all things do in the Internet Age.

You can watch it here, but be forewarned: It is extremely violent ...

Tuesday night, the video of Sharkeisha's personal knockout game amassed 20,000 "favorites" in a matter of minutes, which is when it was taken down.

The original video was only a few seconds long and depicted Sharkeisha walloping the victim, whose name appears to be Shay, but that's about it.

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A dead sperm whale literally exploded after it was pierced by a resident of Denmark's Faroe Islands, in the North Atlantic, and it was all caught on video.

Its innards blasting out sideways as if it were an enormous volcano, the footage is as incredible as it is graphic. Watch it at your own risk below!

The whale had already died of natural causes. This did not kill it.

The fisherman above was reportedly tasked with cutting up the carcass to avoid further health risks, but struck a gas pocket through the whale's blubber.

Combustion of decomposing sea life has been reported before.

Putrefying fish consumed by the marine mammal prior to its death likely created a buildup of gas, Science Channel biologist Adam Ruben explained.

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Comedian and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes is known for being funny and controversial. His "How to Fight a Baby" video will likely generate both reactions.

In the clip, he demonstrates how to take on cute little baby (his cute little 10-month-old, specifically). Tickling is included as one of the ways to win a "fight."

However, he notes, “There are a lot of different moves you can do to kick a baby’s ass.” He demonstrates some of them, too. Does he go too far? Watch:

"You've got to be more careful," wrote one critic of McInnes.

"You can accidentally hurt a baby throwing him like that. My 14 month old son broke his collar bone after climbing onto a kid's chair and jumping onto a pillow."

In response to the critics, McInnes told Today, "I would hate if child services took [mine] away, but outside of that, I’m not concerned if it makes people mad or not.”

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A number of parents at a Buffalo, N.Y., school are far from pleased after a pre-kindergarten teacher sent a note home regarding some of her students.

Specifically, her “unclean and unkept” students.

Sharon D. Perry Dunnigan claims the kids' “soiled, stained, or dirty clothes” makes it "difficult for me to be close to them or even want to touch them.”

The note, which called the issue a “health and safety concern” and asked BUILD Academy parents to sign and return, sparked a number of complaints.

The veteran teacher is now barred from sending letters home without school approval, while parents are calling for further disciplinary action against her.

Parent Kimberly Wells is among those against the note and its author:

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Ian Watkins, the lead singer of a British rock band called The Lostprophets, pleaded guilty in Cardiff Crown Court yesterday to a multitude of heinous sex charges.

According to the BBC, Watkins admitted to "three counts of sexual assault involving children and six involving taking, making or possessing indecent images of children and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal."

The 36-year old had previously denied involvement in these unimaginable crimes.

Peter Doyle of the South Wales Police said the unit's investigation "uncovered the most shocking and harrowing child abuse I have ever seen."

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CBS has ordered 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan and her producer to take a leave of absence after a review of their botched story on Benghazi.

The show's October 2013 story focused on the raid on the U.S. embassy in that Libyan city last year, and Logan relied heavily on a marginal source.

60 Minutes interviewed a security contractor who said he was at the U.S. mission in Libya the night it was attacked and tried to fend off the attackers.

However, questions were raised about whether the source was lying.

A CBS internal report obtained by the AP this week found that the reporter and network did a poor job vetting the story, for which Logan has apologized.

CBS Chairman Jeff Fager, who is also the 60 Minutes executive producer, asked Logan and her producer, Max McClellan, to take a leave of absence.

The length of time of her time off the air has not been determined.

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Leslie Rivera, a terminally ill 18-year-old, recently married her high school sweetheart in a dream wedding put together by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

When she was diagnosed with terminal leukemia back in April, there was only one thing the teen wanted and that was to wed boyfriend Daniel Mendez.

The couple met in October 2012 at an anti-racism club at school, and immediately hit it off. But within a few short months, Rivera was diagnosed.

Mendez has been a constant presence by her side during her fight with the disease, and Rivera was referred to Make-A-Wish shortly thereafter.

The foundation quickly got to work arranging Leslie's nuptials, even getting celebrity wedding planner David Tutera on board to make it unforgettable.

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This is a terribly tragic story.

On Sunday, Virginia resident Sally Ann Okuly left her house for the first time in six months, the mother of two finally feeling strong enough to do so after being hit by a motorcycle and being diagnosed with cancer over the past year.

But soon after getting the newspaper and a cup of coffee, Okuly was struck and killed by a car.

"One of her favorite things to do was to walk over across that street to the Wawa gas station," said her husband, Bill Okuly, who would have celebrated his 41st wedding anniversary with Sally Ann the day after she died.

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Earlier this month, Dayna Morales - a gay former Marine now working as a waitress in New Jersey - posted a receipt to Facebook that appeared to not include a tip.

It did, however, feature a scrawled note that said the customer (a mother of two) did not agree with Morales' "lifestyle & how you live your life."

Once the story went viral, sympathetic individuals sent Morales thousands in tips and the server has said she will be giving most of these donations to the veteran-based charity Wounded Warriors.

There's just one problem: the family who allegedly stiffed Morales tells New York City's NBC affiliate that they did no such thing.

The husband and wife asked to be anonymous, but showed reporters a bill that looked just like the one Morales posted on Facebook… except this one also had an $18 tip.

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