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Ahhh, we love the taste of passive aggression in the afternoon!

So does this person, apparently, who included this NOT-love note in a lunch she packed for someone who'd made her angry.

Even if the note says love isn't included in this lunch, it's kind of clear that it is. 

Why did she leave this note? Did the recipient deserve it? What's the back story? We're not sure. Maybe she got tired of making lunches and not hearing "Thank you."

Here's hoping the lunch-goer learned their lesson in any case.

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Olivia Wise, a 16 year old teen whose cover of Katy Perry's "Roar" went viral overnight, lost her battle with a terminal brain tumor on November 25.

She died peacefully in her home. Her cousin Jeff Kassel says "she was surrounded by love."

News of Wise's death reached Katy Perry and the songstress sent her condolences in the following tweet:

Katy Perry Tweet

Kassel, who arranged the recording session as a gift to his cousin, helped the teen leave behind a legacy.

Her recording of "Roar" is being sold on iTunes with proceeds going to the Liv Wise Fund which helps kids with cancer and supports cancer research. The fund's original goal was $150,000 and now that they have surpassed that amount, they've raised their target amount to $250,000. 

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If you thought Ian Somerhalder and his cat Moke were adorable, wait until you get a look at Yankee the St. Bernard and his cuddly kitten friends.

Yankee the St. Bernard Curls Up With Kittens

Yankee, a 9 year old St. Bernard, lives on an Iowa farm with his feline friends. Each night he curls up with the kittens to keep them warm.

Keegan Vansoelen, the farmer who owns the animals, says that the animals pal around together like this in the summer, too. 

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In the era of online dating, one Sydney, Australia man is taking quite the analog approach to finding the woman of his dreams. 

The man, identified only as Brendan, posted "Lost Girlfriend" fliers around Sydney with a picture of a chesty Scarlett Johansson as his ideal mate.

Man Posts Wanted Poster for Scarlett Johansson

"If this is you...or similar...please get in touch," he wrote.

He included his phone number on tear-off strips and says he's received a few phone calls from the fliers, mostly from other guys calling him up for a laugh.

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There are still 28 days left in December, but that doesn't mean we can't go ahead and begin looking at the year in review, starting with this video of the 20 most overplayed songs of 2013 performed in a one minute mashup.

From "Get Lucky" to "Royals" to "Roar," Chad Neidt covers this year's top songs in this guitar medley. Also included are "What Does The Fox Say," Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," and Robin Thicke's summer anthem "Blurred Lines."

Check it out now!

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It sort of looks like something out of Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie Birds, but this is totally real life.

Maikel Parets of Richmond, Canada filmed a geese tsunami as a massive group of the migrating fowl took off from a park there.

George Takei's take on the viral video? "What the flock!"

We especially love the woman checking her hair for bird bombs after the amazing flyover.

The geese seen here are snow geese migrating from Russia's Wrangel Island through Canada's Fraser River Delta.

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Remember how your mom used to say "never stick anything in your ear that's smaller than your elbow" and you would try, and fail, to get your elbow up to your ear? Probably fail? Because unless you're a freak of nature how do you get your elbow to your ear?

(I totally just tried it just now. You're welcome.)

There's good reason for your mother's warnings. 

Doctors in China recently performed surgery on a toddler, Ranran, after it was discovered that a dandelion was growing in her ear. 

Ranran's parents took the young girl to the doctor when they noticed she was complaining of her ear itching. The same ear into which they say a dandelion seed fell four months prior.

Four months. A dandelion was growing in her ear for FOUR MONTHS.

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When 4 year old Noah Fisher found out he needed glasses, one of his first thoughts was that people would laugh at him. 

I know. That broke our hearts, too. But wait! It gets better!

Noah's mom, Lindsey Fisher, set up a page on Facebook called "Glasses for Noah" asking friends and family members to submit pictures of themselves wearing spectacles to ease the preschooler's fears

The response was awesomely overwhelming.

Lindsey watched as one after another people liked the page. Then picture after picture of people wearing glasses began to pour in. As long as Lindsey continues to get new photos on the page, she'll share them with her son.

Some Facebook users submitted pictures of superheroes in spectacles to show Noah that even the Man of Steel needs a little help with his X-ray vision!

While Lindsey Fisher's goal  was to help Noah feel comfortable in his glasses, the page remains active on Facebook and can now be used as a tool by other parents who find themselves in a similar position. 

Hooray for good people in the world! 

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Seeing Ian Somerhalder pose with his cat Moke for People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive 2013 spread might be as hot as seeing Channing Tatum wear his baby girl.

Ian Somerhalder alone is swoon-worthy, but Ian plus cute and furry four-legged friends? Super hot. 

Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, rescued his orange-haired kid while filming Lost in Hawaii.

He reveals to the magazine that he used to put Moke on a leash and take him for walks on the beach.

The cat apparently helped him get a lot of dates, but it's Ian Somerhalder so Moke was probably just a lovely bonus for those lucky ladies.

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Norwegian soccer wife and fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen is under fire for sharing a photo of her flat stomach four days after giving birth.

Yes, four days.

Needless to say, the image went viral on Instagram, and many who saw it were not pleased. In a matter of days, Eriksen was the new Maria Kang.

"This is not a selfie. It is an act of war," wrote one Australian blogger in response. "This whole situation has become ludicrous. There is no other word for it."

"The competition for women to give birth and then immediately remove any trace from their their bodies that they ever carried a child is OBSCENE."

Eriksen posted the photo of herself on Instagram, along with the caption, "I feel so empty… 4 days after birth," rapidly igniting the online backlash.

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