Last month, we told you about Belle Gibson, an Australian health and wellness blogger who gained millions of followers (and launched a lucrative business empire) by sharing details about her battle with brain cancer through a series heartfelt articles posted on her personal website.

Gibson launched an iPhone app, penned several best-selling cookbooks, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research charities.

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Country music superstar Tim McGraw will headline July concert to benefit Sandy Hook Promise, a group that seeks to protect children from gun violence.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, this announcement resulted in serious backlash from gun advocates calling McGraw a hypocrite and a whole lot worse.

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Cultural appropriation can be a difficult thing to pin down.

Without the African-American community's hundreds of years of contributions, hip hop, rock and pop music wouldn't exist (at least not as we know them now), so in a way, every white artist is guilty of some pretty liberal borrowing.

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