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Thanksgiving is still a week away, but anxious shoppers in Akron, Ohio, DO NOT want to miss out on the potential sales that big box stores are offering.

So determined are they to be first in line when the door to Best Buy opens that they are camping out with tents, heaters, televisions and air mattresses.

Already. Yes, they're aware Black Friday is next week, not tomorrow.

WOIO-TV talked to Jonas, who wants to buy a nice television as a gift for his family ... and apparently has nothing to do between now and Black Friday.

We're all for saving money and everything, but are securing Best Buy and Walmart Black Friday 2013 sales really worth giving up a week of your life?

Ask these people below and you may be surprised:

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It's the end of an era. The pioneering desktop MP3 player Winamp, which so many of us grew up playing illegally downloaded tunes on, will soon be no more.

Yes, it is actually still in existence. But won't be as of December 20.


In a world dominated by iTunes, "the first reaction to Winamp's closure might be surprise that it still exists in the first place," says the Wall Street Journal.

That it does. AOL acquired it in 1999, just two years after its creation, and when it was as hot as it gets, with its $80 million purchase of Nullsoft.

The AOL subsidiary has even continued tending to the once-venerable MP3 player, releasing updates and versions for Mac OSX and Android.

Winamp made its announcement as it released its latest, and last, update to Windows. This and other versions will still work after December 20, AOL said.

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First Lorde splashed into the music scene and all over the airwaves (and Revenge and The Vampire Diaries) with her single "Royals."

Then there were the AcaBelles who covered the hit.

Now there are these girls and their hilarious parody. They've never seen a rapper in the flesh, but they watch Jay Z videos on TV.

And their zip code is trendy.

Get ready to laugh at the Oh Lordy video for "White Girls." They won the DNA lottery, you guys!

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Paula Deen, the Butter Queen, is making headlines once again as reports that the factories she used to manufacture her lifestyle products were notorious for child labor violations and hazardous and deadly working conditions. reports that it has "uncovered Deen's extensive history of partnering with companies that can make her rich, no matter the cost to their workers."

With Deen netting over $17 million last year and being the 4th highest paid celebrity chef, it seems like perhaps they're not wrong.

In recent months, Paula Deen has weathered allegations of racism, been dropped by all of her sponsors, and fired from the Food Network which helped make her a household name in the first place. 

Is she gearing up for another battle over the factories where her products are made? Maybe.

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GoldieBlox is taking girl power to the next level with their clever and catchy rewrite of the Beastie Boys' song "Girls" in their latest ad campaign.

Designed to encourage girls to pursue engineering and other STEM fields, GoldieBlox aims to "disrupt the pink aisle" with their construction toys created "from a female perspective."

And oh, what a perspective it is. At least according to the song.

Just like the 50s, it's GIRLS!

We would like to use our brains! We're all more than princess manes! 

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He's certainly no Brad Pitt, but this guy on his cell phone definitely crashed a wedding. Or at least the wedding photos of the groom and his half of the party.

Redditor Melissa Biebel submitted this photo from her wedding to the /r/funny forum with the caption "Don't mind us, just busy taking wedding photos."

"Sorry for interrupting whatever it is you're doing..."

Which was taking a leisurely stroll through a public park while on the phone and shirtless, apparently. You know, like every normal human being does.

The pic is classic, as the oblivious photobomber looks as if he's the one being intruded upon by the guys in suits. As for the man himself ... words fail us:

Shirtless Man Photobombs Groomsmen

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The song on everyone's lips right now?

"Royals" by 16-year-old New Zealand phenom Lorde

What happens with this hit of the season gets the Pitch Perfect makeover by all-female a capella performance group the AcaBelles?

Amazing things, that's what. Watch the AcaBelles sing "Royals" now. 

We don't blame you for singing along at the top of your lungs. We certainly are.

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It's now just the recent Macy's racial profiling scandal that has that company under scrutiny. Now it's a SeaWorld float in next week's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The controversy surrounding the new film Blackfish, a documentary about the SeaWorld whale that killed a trainer in 2010, is not helping the company's cause.

Animal activists including PETA are protesting the float's inclusion. Its float, called "Sea of Surprises," commemorates the famous park's 50th anniversary.

A PETA rep says of the planned SeaWorld float, "It shows orcas swimming in a majestic sea alongside their families, and this couldn’t be further from the truth."

"SeaWorld deprives them of [this]. They confine them to concrete tanks and take them from their families. The picture that this float presents is absurdly false."

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Haters get ready. The latest gossip about how Gwyneth Paltrow encourages her children, Apple and Moses, to speak only in Spanish is sure to light a fire under those who deem her the most hated celebrity in Hollywood. 

We all know by now what Gwyneth thinks about haters, right? Right. 

In an effort to help her children become more well-rounded and worldly, Gwyneth sometimes requests that her children use the foreign language instead of their native tongue according to an anonymous source who overheard the mother interacting with her children at Cameron Diaz' Beverly Hills home.

Contemplative Gwyneth Paltrow

The Ironman 3 star has come under fire recently when cheating allegations surfaced and she tried to stop Vanity Fair from running a negative story about her. 

But when it comes to motherhood, Gwyneth seems above the fray.

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The "Knockout" game, in which teens randomly attack helpless strangers with the intention of knocking them out cold in one sucker punch, is a disturbing trend.

Hopefully, this story will help put it to rest.

As the knockout game gains popularity, it's also gaining media coverage, and thus, people in major cities are beginning to grow eyes in the back of their heads.

Case in point? A man in Lansing, Michigan, who was accosted by a teenager attempting to taze him as he waited to pick up his daughter at a bus stop.

Tazing is a new addition to the knockout game, and even more dangerous than using fists. It didn't matter much to "player" Marvell Weaver, however.

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