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When he's not busy getting arrested, George Zimmerman is honing his skills at painting, a hobby that's already proven lucrative for the former neighborhood watchman.

Zimmerman, who sold his first painting on eBay for $100,000 (seriously) is at it again, and his latest work zeroes in on a key figure in the Trayvon Martin case.

The woman who charged him with second-degree murder, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, is shown in bright red and yellow, her fingers pinched.

George Zimmerman Painting

The caption of George Zimmerman's new painting, in all caps, says it all:

"I have this much respect for the American judicial system - Angie C."

It's an artistic depiction of a much-reprinted photo of Corey from the news conference when she charged Zimmerman with the murder of Trayvon Martin.

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Officials are investigating a reported shooting at the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, Okla., according to multiple news and social media reports.

At 11:17 a.m., police got a report of shots fired on campus.

Students received a push notification about the reported shooting around 11:30 a.m. Norman Police are assisting with response, helping to set up a perimeter.

This photo comes from an OU Student, Cameron Smith:
University of Oklahoma Shooting

The news comes one day after a shooting at Purdue that left one victim dead and a suspect in custody. In Oklahoma, officials are not sure if there is a victim at this time.

OU's text alert said: "OU Emergency: Shooting on campus.

"Avoid (Gould Hall). Seek immediate shelter in place."

Gould Hall is the architecture building on the south end of the expansive campus near the football stadium and Gaylord College. Story developing ...

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Vanessa Cervantez, despite being just 5'1", recently gave birth to her third child, son Andrew Jacob Cervantez, who entered the world weighing a staggering amount.

His measurements? 15 pounds, 2 ounces and 24 inches in length!

15-Pound Baby!

This has yet to be officially confirmed, but Andrew is reportedly the biggest baby ever born in California. Ever. He arrived two weeks before his due date.

Vanessa visited her doctor at 38 weeks and, after a routine test, was told her baby's movements had decreased and he was having trouble breathing.

She was admitted to the hospital immediately and received an emergency C-section, which resulted in the birth of a child double the size of the average baby.

After his birth, "little" Andrew had to be transported to a different hospital's NCIU because he was still having breathing difficulties after he was born.

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The remains of missing autistic teen Avonte Oquendo were found on a Queens beach and confirmed by a DNA test, the medical examiner’s office said Tuesday.

The family’s lawyer, David Perecman, held a press conference about the DNA results, and Avonte’s mom, the heartbroken Vanessa Oquendo, was absent.

“The news I bring is not good news,” he said. “The police visited her earlier today and DNA revealed that the remains they found were those of Avonte Oquendo.

“She told me, ‘It's Avonte. They came ... it's Avonte,’” he said.

“Venessa was crying when I spoke to her.”

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An online publication called "Buro 24/7" published a story this week about Dasha Zhukova, the Russian editor-in-chief of Garage magazine.

It included a photo of Zhukova sitting on a chair, squashing an African-American woman lying on the floor down below.

And, shockingly, the photograph stirred up quite a lot of outrage across the Internet, with Claire Sulmers ( detailing it as an example of "white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way."

In response, Zhukova has come out with the following statement:

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Hopefully, with the looming end of America's longstanding military involvement in Afghanistan, clips like this become all the more common as 2014 progresses.

CBS This Morning documented a surprise reunion in North Carolina, where Marine Sgt. Kyle Street came home early after his fourth deployment in six years.

When his wife opened the door, her reaction was priceless ... as was her response when asked about the first thing the couple wanted to do upon being reunited.

Questions that probably don't need to be asked in retrospect, CBS. The second clip below, in the same video, shows a different kind of military relationship.

Derrick Jenkins, 13, was shooting free throws at basketball practice just before his unexpected reunion with his mother, who had been on tour in Kuwait.

His reaction to seeing her creep up on him is amazing. Check it out!

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Loraine Allison, who came forward decades after the Titanic sank and claimed to be a young girl reported dead in the disaster, has been proven to be a fraud.

Helen Kramer, who passed away in 1992, mounted a campaign for the surviving members of the affluent, Canadian family to accept her as Loraine Allison.

That baby girl was killed aboard the doomed RMS Titanic in 1912.

However, recent DNA tests by the Loraine Allison Identification Project show no genetic link between the Kramer and Allison family's descendants. At all.

"We have received the results of mtDNA testing," the Loraine Allison Identification Project wrote, referring to a type of DNA passed down through the female line.

"The results confirm that Mrs. Kramer was NOT Loraine Allison."

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One person was killed and another was in custody after a shooting at Purdue University Tuesday, according to the Indiana school's police chief, John Cox.

The gunman reportedly walked into a room at the school's electrical engineering department "with the intention of harming someone," then walked out.

After the shooting, he gave himself up to a West Lafayette, Ind., police officer.

Cox and Purdue Provost Timothy Sands confirmed the fatality at a news conference hours after the incident led to an alert that shut down the campus.

The alert was lifted two hours after the shooting, added Cox, who told reporters that the suspect appeared to have targeted the unidentified victim.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said in a statement:

“Today’s shooting at Purdue University is a tragedy, and our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of the victim and to everyone in the Purdue community."

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Two girls under the age of 13 were reportedly given tattoos by a babysitter who was subsequently arrested - as was the kids' mother, for how she responded.

Three Virginia adults in all - the babysitter, mother, and her boyfriend - were all charged with felony child abuse after the situation went from bad to worse.

Much worse.

According to reports, Alexander Edwards (left), 20, recently decided to give the young girls tattoos while they were under his care. It's not clear why, or of what.

Soon enough, their mother, Melissa Delp (center), and her boyfriend, Daniel Janney (right), returned home and saw what Edwards allegedly did to them.

At that point, Janney tried to remove the tattoos himself ... by burning them off.

"There was an effort to cover these tattoos up," said a sheriffs' department officer of the children. "It didn’t help the situation any. It added more scarring."

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Taylor Smith, a 12-year-old Tennessee girl, recently passed away, at which point a letter she had written to future self (to be opened in 2023) was unearthed.

Smith outlined some life goals in the April 2013 letter, with the instructions "To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 12, 2023 only (unless said otherwise)."

The letter stayed hidden for the rest of her life, which was cut tragically short.

Just a few months after writing the heartfelt message to her 2023 self, young Taylor passed away from complications after a sudden onset of pneumonia.

Her grieving parents found it while sorting through her possessions:

  • Taylor Smith Letter
  • Taylor Smith Photo

Warmed by the memories of their daughter, Tim and Mary Ellen Smith decided to post it online, in the hopes that it would give others some solace.

In the letter, Taylor wrote to her 22-year-old self like an old friend:

"I'm know I'm late to you, but as I'm writing, this is early, so: congratulations on graduating high school! If you didn't go back and keep trying. Get that degree!"

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