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Andrew Frey, a 37-year-old Oregon resident, got so high on methamphetamine that he says he had no recollection of events that took place this weekend.

Those events involved getting wasted out of his mind, going to a bar to masturbate, getting tased multiple times and fighting multiple police officers.

Andrew Frey Mug Shot

Frey told Marion County Sheriff's officers that he took the drug Saturday. On Sunday, he reportedly refused to pay a locksmith he called to his home.

He then headed to a local shopping center where an employee escorted him off the property, and finally to Iggy's Bar & Grill, where took a seat.

After he exposed himself to a bartender, he started to masturbate. Hard.

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The holidays. Always bringing out the tension in relationships.

Who among us hasn't gotten so mad at a significant other for not bringing beer home from the store that they stabbed them with a squirrel at this time of year?

Are we right, people?

Helen Ann Williams, 44, was arrested for doing just that. She was just waiting for her boyfriend to come back from the store on Christmas morning with beer.

You know, because everybody needs to start boozing early on December 25. Their relationship/personal issues clearly run deeper than a single squirrel.

The guy was unsuccessful on his trip to procure the sweet, domestic macro-brewed nectar of the gods, because it was Christmas after all and stores are closed.

That's a valid excuse, but he paid the price for getting her hopes up.

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Melissa Shang, a 10-year-old fan of American Girl dollars, is is petitioning the brand to name a doll with a disability as its 2015 Girl of the Year.

Her simple, profound reasoning? "Disabled girls are American girls too," she says.

Melissa, who uses a wheelchair, recently launched a petition on Change (dot) org titled "American Girl: Release an American Girl with a disability."

The young girl has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which damages peripheral nerves and causes muscle weakness and decreased muscle size.

Melissa's favorite American Girl dolls are the "Girl of the Year" special editions, which highlight broad, overarching themes and issues of the year.

In the past, these dolls have promoted issues like community service and anti-bullying efforts. She'd like a doll with a disability to be added to that list.

Shang's petition says:

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Catarina Migliorini, a 23-year-old Brazilian college student, is auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder, even as she considers a marriage proposal.

Catarina Migliorini Photo

It's been about 15 months since Migliorini was offered $780,000 for her v-card from a Japanese millionaire, who bid for it via an online auction.

That deal was never consummated for unknown reasons, however, so she attempted it again recently via her own website, VirginsWanted2 (dot) com.

The latest auction was supposed to end December 12, but she recently extended the last day for bids to February 12. Why did she push it back, you ask?

Not because she's not getting offers - $440,000 is the high bid at press time - but she's prolonging the auction while she mulls an even bigger offer:

Marriage! Oh yes. Miglorini tells the Huffington Post:

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The rumored death of Sharkeisha, a Houston teen who punched and beat a classmate senseless in a video that went viral last month, was trending last night.

Not unlike allegations that Paul Walker faked his death, which also stemmed from bogus online sources, it appears to be a hoax. Sharkeisha is alive and well.

Or at least alive. She's not well in the head, clearly.

The Twitter account “Queen Sharkeisha,” claiming to be the infamous video attacker, alleged that she had been gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

The account posted a photo of a young woman in the hospital.

The photo used was not Sharkeisha, however, and was actually from an old New York Post article about a 42-year-old named Karen Brim (see below).

A comedy site, Huzlers (dot) com also posted the story about her being shot before the aforementioned Tweet. It's unclear if the two acts were coordinated.

In any case, the Twitter user claiming to be Sharkeisha wrote alongside the unrelated photo: “2 shots, 12 stitches and still breathing. THANK YOU LORD."

There was no actual media coverage of the incident, but the story spread, and the terms “RIP Sharkiesha” and “Prayforsharkeisha” began trending on Twitter.

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Despite much controversy over the past two weeks, Duck Dynasty will return on schedule next year, with Phil Robertson an active participant, A&E announced.

The company suspended Robertson indefinitely December 18 following controversial anti-gay comments the 67-year-old made in an interview with GQ.

Duck Dynasty had been on hiatus when the comments went public; the show is set to return in January and to resume filming new episodes this spring.

None of that will change. The network, “after discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups,” says the show will go on.

The Robertson Family

The Robertson family admitted that the anti-gay comments were coarse, but criticized the suspension and implied they would not film without Phil.

Since the national controversy erupted, Phil Robertson has been defiant, reiterating his stance on gays, sin and homosexuality at a Bible study group.

He has been roundly criticized by gay rights groups, but supporters began demanding his reinstatement and even planning a Chick-Phil-A Day.

The network thus found itself in the midst of a PR nightmare, and ultimately decided to distance itself from Phil's views while still bringing back the show.

A&E's statement on the decision, released Friday, reads:

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Red Lobster is closing down across the country, according to rampant Internet rumors about its demise, although its parent company says otherwise.

Owner Darden Restaurants has been trying to quash false reports since Christmas that Red Lobster is shuttering its locations across the nation.

Darden hopes to sell or spin off the Red Lobster chain into another company, but is not "closing any restaurants," spokesman Rich Jeffers clarified.

Still, this afternoon, "Red Lobster closing" was the No. 1 item trending on Yahoo, and the rumor was the subject of Tweets and Facebook posts.

"To clarify, reports that @RedLobster is closing are false," the company tweeted out Friday afternoon. "We're looking forward to your next visit!"

Jeffers said the rumors stemmed from a piece in LA Weekly that "was clearly being facetious" about the shutdown, and blamed today's media culture.

"You had a couple outlets where clearly folks weren't practicing good journalism, and no one called to verify if what they read in LA Weekly was accurate."

The LA Weekly piece had been updated as of Friday to say no restaurants were closing, but the rumors can't be chalked up entirely to a miscommunication.

At the end of the day, these two facts remain undeniably true:

  1. The company is trying to unload or spin off Red Lobster, which is widely believed to be in financial decline, to focus on its growing brands.
  2. Red Lobster is overpriced and not that good.

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His may have been the most famous newscast snafu of the year, but AJ Clemente was far from the only journalist who made headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2013.

There was the young woman who got hit in the face by a baseball. And the reporter who smacked by a golf club. As well as the one run into by a football player.

There was the anchor who dropped an F Bomb on the air in Detroit, and the one whose tongue was a twat.

So sit back, watch and take solace. Wherever you are, whatever occupation you hold down, everyone messes up sometimes. And some folks do it a lot more publicly than others...

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Conrad Barrett was arrested Thursday and charged under federal hate crimes law, which defines a hate crime as “motivated by enmity or animus against a protected class.”

The FBI also lists anti-white crimes as hate crimes, but the fact that he was charged for playing the "knockout game" and assaulting a black man has sparked controversy.

The knockout game, in which an assailant tries to knock out a random bystander with a single punch, has garnered national attention in recent months.

It is unclear whether the "game" has become more popular or whether the Internet has simply allowed for isolated incidents to be broadcast more widely.

The majority of the reported knockout game incidents, however, have involved black men targeting white victims and none triggered federal involvement.

The fact that the Justice Department elected to step in now, when a black man was the victim, has critics saying the government is using the hate-crime statute unevenly.

Donald Green, a political scientist at Columbia University in New York, says:

“The reason why you have black perpetrators and white victims being prosecuted asymmetrically hinges on what evidence there is about why they’re doing what they’re doing."

“If suspects call the victim racial names, and one of the other witnesses testifies to that effect, it would be prosecutable as a hate crime."

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A teenage girl from Colorado Springs, Colo., was shot and killed by her stepfather after trying to sneak back into her house and being mistaken for an intruder.

The unidentified 14-year-old was apparently attempting to slip back into her house undetected after a night out when she was killed by her stepdad.

Local police say the man called 911 around 6 a.m. to report a burglary in progress. Officers responding to the scene found the teen in the basement.

She had sustained a gunshot wound to the chest.

Scanner traffic suggests she may have also been shot in the stomach. First responders rushed the victim to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

No arrests have been made at this time.

The Colorado Springs police department's Violent Crimes Unit and the local D.A.'s office are continuing their investigations of this tragedy.

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