A gunman opened fire inside The Grand Theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday night, killing two victims and leaving seven injured during a screening of the Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck.

Police have confirmed that the third fatality was the shooter himself, who committed suicide shortly after the incident.

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Blut Katzchen is a self-proclaimed "black swan," a person who allows others to drink her blood. There aren't many vampires left in 2015, but luckily she found her self a blood loving man.
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New Jersey police officers found a man under the bed of a Spotswood, New Jersey, home.  The problem is it wasn’t his bed or home.

Jason Hubbard had been hiding under the victim's guest bed for three days before the owner found him.

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Recreational marijuana use is now legal in several states, but Florida is not one of them. (Floridians prefer their drugs a bit more bath salty, thank you very much.) 

So when a South Beach woman with the punny Twitter handle of Rosa_Sparkz turned to Twitter in her search for weed, she got the wrong kind of attention from local authorities ...

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