A thousand students recently checked into a Kentucky hotel and what did they do? They sang their little patriotic hearts out in unison, of course!

Michelle Johnson, who was on a work trip staying in the same location, caught the youngsters belting their number on video for all the Internet to see. 

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Google's home page is not only celebrating the start of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, they're taking a stand for equality. 

Their latest Doodle represents sports from the Winter Olympics in its letters. The images are set in front of a series of rainbow colors from the gay pride flag, a probable nod to Russia's stance on gay rights.

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A new statue on the campus of Wellesley College has taken modern art to another echelon. It's a lifelike, middle-aged guy sleepwalking pretty much naked. The statue, called Sleepwalker, is meant to provoke dialogue, according to the museum director at the prestigious, all-female school in Massachusetts.

Mission accomplished there! Check this dude out:

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