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Just in time for the holidays, a non-profit group is planning on erecting dozens of atheist billboards to let fellow non-believers know they're "not alone."

The Greater Sacramento Chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has paid for 55 different billboards this year to go up in Sacramento, Calif.

"It's because atheists are starting to speak up and they're beginning to identify each other," chapter president Judy Saint told a local TV station.

"There are a lot of non-believers and this time of year, they feel like they're alone. This isn't directed to people who enjoy their church, who enjoy their religion."

"That's fine. But we're talking to people who don't know that atheism is okay."

The billboards, all featuring area residents, share non-religious messages such as, "I worship nothing and question everything," or "Science. It works."

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While Harrison Okene was pulled from his ship's wreckage earlier this summer, footage of the dramatic rescue has recently been released.

South African divers probing the tugboat's capsized wreckage only expected to pull bodies out of the water.

When one of them saw Okene's hand emerge from the murky water inside the ship, the diver cried out "He's alive! He's alive!" and they realized this was no ordinary expedition.

Harrison Okene, the ship's cook, had been trapped inside a 4-foot pocket of air for over 60 hours in the freezing water wearing only his underwear. He survived on Coca-Cola.

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File this under random acts of kindness ... to restaurant servers.

A person has been leaving very generous tips at restaurants across the country and documenting them all on an Instagram account called TipsForJesus.

Jesus has not been skimping on portions or tips. That's obvious.

So far, the "sightings" have occurred everywhere from Ann Arbor to Chicago to L.A., and the amounts left on tables range from $500 to $10,000.

To date, @tipsforjesus has doled out more than $54,000 in total!

Big Tip #1

As far as his/her/their identity is concerned, @tipsforjesus seems to be a college football fan, as some of the gratuities have lined up with big games.

He/she/they also favor high-end restaurants apparently. The Fig and Olive in West Hollywood? Not exactly your mom-and-pop greasy spoon establishment.

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Sometimes you're the photobomber.

Sometimes you're the photobombed.

Sometimes you're both, in the case of Reddit user apoartar, who was just taking a stroll on the beach when he noticed two very, very different photo shoots taking place.

At the same time, on the same stretch of beach:

When Porn and Wedding Photography Collide

One couple was happily frolicking through the waves for what appears to be an engagement shoot while another pair took racy bikini photos nearby. 

He snapped this photo which makes this a photo of two photos.

It's photography Inception, people. Deep.

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Hell hath no fury, you guys, and a woman in Uplands, a suburb in Wales, is living proof.

When the unidentified woman found out her husband was cheating, she decided to "name and shame" him in on the sign above his favorite bar.

Woman Tells Cheating Husband She's Divorcing Him

She feels better, but Paul, her cheating husband, is "furious."

Noah Redfern, the bar's owner, says the woman walked into the bar and asked him to do the honors of breaking the news to her husband. He was happy to oblige.

"Maybe this will become the way of asking for a divorce," Redfern said.

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Looks like The Bachelor producer Elan Gale's epic airline feud with a fellow airline passenger was about as real as the show he works on for ABC.

The 30-year-old L.A. native confessed to staging the Thanksgiving Day saga in which he took on "Diane," Tweeting that he was just being funny.

Elan Gale Photo

With growing speculation that Gale's Turkey Day feud was all in jest, Gale took to Twitter to explain. "So many questions unanswered about Diane."

"In 15 minutes I will post the photo and hopefully we can resolve this." He then captioned a pic of an empty chair: Here is Diane sitting in a chair."

With due credit for execution, that's pretty weak, we gotta say.

A commenter the asked: "Did you make it up, yes or no?"

Elan Gale replied, "Yes." Soon after he added, "I conclude by saying hopefully a few people got a few laughs over a slow Thanksgiving weekend."

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Ahhh, we love the taste of passive aggression in the afternoon!

So does this person, apparently, who included this NOT-love note in a lunch she packed for someone who'd made her angry.

Even if the note says love isn't included in this lunch, it's kind of clear that it is. 

Why did she leave this note? Did the recipient deserve it? What's the back story? We're not sure. Maybe she got tired of making lunches and not hearing "Thank you."

Here's hoping the lunch-goer learned their lesson in any case.

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Olivia Wise, a 16 year old teen whose cover of Katy Perry's "Roar" went viral overnight, lost her battle with a terminal brain tumor on November 25.

She died peacefully in her home. Her cousin Jeff Kassel says "she was surrounded by love."

News of Wise's death reached Katy Perry and the songstress sent her condolences in the following tweet:

Katy Perry Tweet

Kassel, who arranged the recording session as a gift to his cousin, helped the teen leave behind a legacy.

Her recording of "Roar" is being sold on iTunes with proceeds going to the Liv Wise Fund which helps kids with cancer and supports cancer research. The fund's original goal was $150,000 and now that they have surpassed that amount, they've raised their target amount to $250,000. 

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If you thought Ian Somerhalder and his cat Moke were adorable, wait until you get a look at Yankee the St. Bernard and his cuddly kitten friends.

Yankee the St. Bernard Curls Up With Kittens

Yankee, a 9 year old St. Bernard, lives on an Iowa farm with his feline friends. Each night he curls up with the kittens to keep them warm.

Keegan Vansoelen, the farmer who owns the animals, says that the animals pal around together like this in the summer, too. 

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In the era of online dating, one Sydney, Australia man is taking quite the analog approach to finding the woman of his dreams. 

The man, identified only as Brendan, posted "Lost Girlfriend" fliers around Sydney with a picture of a chesty Scarlett Johansson as his ideal mate.

Man Posts Wanted Poster for Scarlett Johansson

"If this is you...or similar...please get in touch," he wrote.

He included his phone number on tear-off strips and says he's received a few phone calls from the fliers, mostly from other guys calling him up for a laugh.

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