According to various reports, the death toll from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday has risen to over 1,300 individuals.

At least 10 of the deceased were attempting to scale Mount Everest, with the first reported American death being that of Dan Fredinburg.

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When is the picture of a four-year old girl standing on the edge of a hillside not just a picture of a four-year old girl standing on the edge of a hillside?

When folks wonder whether the boots of a samurai ghost are standing directly behind her!

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A defiant Dr. Mehmet Oz addressed a group of Columbia University doctors who are calling for him to resign while taping his namesake show on Tuesday.

A preview for The Dr. Oz Show slated to air on Thursday was released by show producers on Tuesday night, and the TV doctor makes zero apologies.

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Last month, we told you about Belle Gibson, an Australian health and wellness blogger who gained millions of followers (and launched a lucrative business empire) by sharing details about her battle with brain cancer through a series heartfelt articles posted on her personal website.

Gibson launched an iPhone app, penned several best-selling cookbooks, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research charities.

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