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Code Adorable! I repeat, we have a Code Adorable! Hide the Wii and the juice boxes!

The Secret Service dealt with the world's cutest threat last night when a toddler squeezed through the White House security gates and on to the North Lawn, triggering an automatic lockdown.

As a result of this breach, President Obama’s residence went into high alert and Pennsylvania Avenue was closed (per protocol) until the pint-size interloper was apprehended.

White House Image

Edwin Donovan, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, told the media that the unidentified child would not face any serious charges.

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If you've been on Facebook this week, you've likely seen pictures of people drenching themselves in ice water, accompanied by the hashtag #icebucketchallenge.

It's all part of a campaign to raise awareness and money for ALS and ALS research, as well as a fun time for those who enjoy watching silly videos.

To that end, here's The Bachelorette winner Josh Murray doing just as the #icebucketchallenge would imply, and nominating fiancee Andi Dorman:

The idea behind the challenge is this that one receives challenge from someone else and then have 24 hours to accept, as Josh Murray has done here.

In doing so, the participant shouts out the cause he is supporting and challenging friends to continue the message, and/or donating money to charity.

if you choose not to accept, which would just be lame, because it's harmless and fun, you have to donate $100 to an ALS association of your choice.

Which you could just do anyway. And should, to make a real difference.

Before it made its way to our beloved Bachelorette duo, the meme began with Julie and Pete Frates, who has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

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You have some controversial company, Kendall Jones.

Earlier this summer, we posted photos of Jones (a 19-year old Texas Tech cheerleader) posing with animals she hunted down in South Africa, as the blonde college student faced major online criticism for bragging about the kills on Facebook.

Now, the Canterbury Crusaders (a rugby team based in New Zealand) has done the same thing.

In the following photo gallery, members Tom Taylor, Ben Funnell, Sam and George Whitelock and Tyler Bleyendaal are proudly sitting over bloody big game carcases, much to the chagrin and anger of animal rights activists.

Ruggers and Dead Zebra
This rugby team is facing criticism for posing with a dead zebra during a hunting trip to South Africa.

“When New Zealand rugby players have free time in South Africa, see what they get up to,” says The Landmark Foundation of the images. “Here are the Crusaders rugby players killing wildlife for laughs on a recent visit to South Africa.”

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This is a story you don't read every day:

Boy meets girl in Brazil. Boy and girl bond over having been abandoned by their mothers as children. Boy and girl get married. Boy and girl have a six-year old daughter.

The girl, Adriana, then appears on a radio show titled The Time Is Now, which reunites long-lost relatives. It connects Adriana with her mother, Maria, who tells her daughter that she also left a young son behind a long time ago.

And it turns out that son was Adriana's husband, Leandro.



"We thought it was funny that both our mothers had the same name, but it is a common name so we just thought it was a coincidence," Adriana told The Daily Mail.

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If you're a fan of disgusting behavior from supposed grown-ups, today has been your day!

This morning, we told you about the Oklahoma teacher who showed up to work drunk and pantsless, and now we give you a jaw-dropping display of dickishness from a redditor known only as thr111.

According to self-aggrandizing (and probably BS) story this dude posted online, he was standing in line at Burger King (of course) when a kid behind him started begging his mom to buy him a pie.

Burger King

The mom agreed, but the kid just wouldn't shut up about it, much to our heroic BK enthusiast's chagrin.

To hear him tell it, thr111 (who, in his version of the story, probably looks like Ryan Gosling, but with a dense, Chuck Norris-esque beard), decided then and there to teach this kid and his stressed-out mom a lesson about faux-food line etiquette:

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Remember in April when the Australian cast of The Lion King broke into song amidst a flight from Brisbane to Sydney?

Well… consider this the circle of awesome life: the Broadway cast of this smash musical just did the same thing on board a New York City subway.

On June 28, while on a break between a matinee and evening performance, nearly 30 actors raised their voices and delivered an a capella rendition of “Circle of Life," making it clear why The Lion King is Broadway’s first-ever $1 billion show.

Check out the very cool musical stunt below:

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Judes Exantus did not have himself a good day yesterday.

The 29-year old Florida resident was pulled over by a Collier County Deputy for running a stop sign and tried to deny that he broke this law, despite the official making it clear he witnessed the violation.

Exantus then grew so annoyed at the time it was taking the officer to write him a ticket that he pulled out his phone on the spot and dialed 911.

Judes Exantus Mug Shot

This, of course, resulted in another charge (misuse off 911), which led to an arrest and Exantus needing to post $2,000 in bail to be released from jail.

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A former Utah high school teacher already facing rape charges was hit with more allegations of illegal sexual contact with minors, according to reports.

KSL reports that Brianne Altice, 35, is now accused of raping and performing sodomy with her 17-year-old student between April 1 and June 30 of last year.

She was already charged with raping a 16-year-old student between January and June 2013, in what was a major story last year (see mug shot below).

Brianne Altice
Brianne Altice, an English teacher at a reputable Utah high school, was arrested for having sex with at least one of her students.

Altice, who has a preliminary hearing on the new charges scheduled for Friday, was initially charged with three counts of rape and one count of forcible sodomy.

Those are all first-degree felonies. Now a fourth charge of rape and a second charge of forcible sodomy, also first-degree felonies, have been added.

The former Davis H.S. English teacher's trial was set for next month, but it was canceled amid the new allegations, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

The 17-year-old told police he had intercourse and oral sex once with Altice.

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A new Nine West ad campaign tries to sell women shoes by placing them in situations many are decrying as sexist.

In one photo, for instance, a purse is caring a pair of flip-flops while the faceless woman featured in it does the “Anticipatory Walk of Shame.”

On another, the company writes that its footwear is great for “starter husband hunting.”

  • Walk of Shame Ad
  • Nine West Ad

Senior Vice President of Marketing Erika Szychowki tells the New York Times that the tag lines are simply reflective of current times and vernacular.

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Well, that's one way to make a point to your daughter: A Fargo, N.D., mom recently punished her 18-year-old "spoiled brat" by selling her Katy Perry tickets.

"Daughter is a spoiled brat and doesn't deserve these tickets," Cindy Bjerke wrote in a post on the Fargo / Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page.

Bjerke was so pissed, she offered to take $90 for the pair. They cost $110!

“I was not going to give her the tickets," Bjerke told WDAZ. "I was not going to let her go to this concert with this behavior that she's been doing.”

She did not elaborate on what her daughter was being punished for.

Naturally, reaction was split after this story gained traction, with some parents applauding the tough love and others critical of this very public punishment.

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