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A pair of West Texas officers were suspended this week after the Midland Police Department learned they had been taking part in a competition to see which could take away the most cardboard signs from homeless people.

It should be noted than panhandlers holding these signs do not violate any city laws in the area.

Homeless person sign

"The fact that they are making sport out of collecting the personal property of homeless individuals could be seen as them targeting these individuals for discriminatory harassment," said Cassandra Champion, an attorney in the Odessa office of the Texas Civil Rights Project, adding:

"Simply holding a sign is absolutely a protected part of our free speech."

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Kelly Burgess, a 26-year-old theater teacher in Newport, South Wales, has been accused of having sexual relations with one of her teenage students.

She is charged with four counts of sexual activity with a boy between the aged of 13-17, according to the Telegraph; the alleged victim's exact age is unknown.

Burgess was suspended from St. Katherine’s School in Bristol, England.

Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess
Shelley Dufresne (right), 32, and Rachel Respess (left), 24, are accused of having sex with an underage high school student ... together. At the same time.

Asked for comment by the Telegraph, Burgess said through tears:

"I don't want to say anything. I'm OK, thank you."

The BBC reports that the quartet of alleged sexual offenses between the teacher and her student took place between January 1-August 28, 2013.

According to the Daily Mail, Burgess may have developed a relationship with the teenager while she was directing a school musical production last year.

It's unclear whether the victim is cooperating with officials or exactly how and when the sexual activity came to the attention of authorities in Wales.

As is often the case, there are more questions to be asked than have been answered, but what's undoubtedly clear is that this seems to happen a lot.

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has vetoed legislation that would've allowed state businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples on religious grounds.

She said the Arizona "religious freedom" bill, which became a national talking point, had "the potential to create more problems than it purports to solve."

"Senate Bill 1062 does not address a specific or present concern related to religious liberty in Arizona," she said of the controversial bill passed this month.

"I have not heard one example of business owners' religious liberty [being] violated."

Brewer said she understands proponents' position, but believes passing such a bill would devastatingly divide Arizona in ways no one would ever want.

The Arizona state legislature passed the bill, known as SB 1062, last week.

Almost as soon as it did, it came under intense criticism from activists, lawmakers and business interests both in Arizona and across the nation.

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) faces a pressing decision about a bill on her desk that has prompted a national debate over religious and gay rights.

Arizona's State Legislature passed a bill last week allowing businesses whose owners cite sincerely held religious beliefs to deny service to gays.

It allows any business, church or person to cite this new law as a defense in any action brought by the government or individual claiming discrimination.

Late Tuesday night, Brewer wasn't tipping her hand. The Governor Tweeted:

"I assure you, as always, I will do the right thing for the State of Arizona."

The legislation has caused a national uproar, debate and controversy.

Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans, have publicly stated their opposition, joining the state's Democratic House members.

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A Florida woman was arrested on Friday night after using 911 to summon an officer to her home with whom she wanted to have sex.

Maria Montenez-Colon, 58, initially dialed up authorities in order to demand back the Corvette she recently signed over to her step-son.

This request was denied - and so was Montenez-Colon's subsequent request after she told an officer she was "so horny" and hasn't "been penetrated in years."

When asked what the cop could do for her at the scene, Montenez-Colon replied: "You can f-ck me."

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Kim Kardashian clearly wants the public to look at North West photos and pay attention to her baby girl. And that's fine. We are happy to ooh and ahh.

When it comes to paparazzi pics that celebs don't content to, however? You have to draw the line. As such, THG is happy to join the #NoKidsPolicy cause.

As of today, The Hollywood Gossip will not publish unauthorized photos or videos of celebrities' children. Ever. If they post them, okay. If not? No go.

Morning, Kim and Nori!
It's Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.

Like other sites across the web, we are enforcing a #NoKidsPolicy after realizing the very real issues this causes for celebrity parents and their offspring.

In 2013, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry championed a California bill that imposes tougher penalties on photographers who harass kids of public figures.

Said stars' children are still being intimidated, harassed, and stalked, however, and that's not something we want to be a part of under any circumstances.

There's a time and place for celebrity gossip. This is not it.

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Two men in Herkimer, New York were arrested this week and charged with sexual misconduct against a cow.

According to state police, a local farmer was confused as to why his animals were not producing their typical amount of milk and subsequently set up video surveillance in his barn to figure out why "his cows appeared anxious."

Turns out, they had a really good reason to be!

A Cow

The footage depicted Reid A. Fontaine of trying to have sex with several cows, while Michael H. Jones filmed the encounters.

Both men were arrested and released on appearance tickets.

Little else is known about the incident... but what what else would you want to know anyhow?!?

Even the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu finds this disgusting.

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When you ask Dear Abby for advice, be sure you're ready to hear it.

Recently a couple wrote to the long-running column (currently penned by Jeanne Phillips, daughter of the original Abby) complaining that their new neighborhood was a little more...diverse than they were used to.

"Two couples in the neighborhood are gay -- one male, one female. While they are nice enough, my husband and I did not include them when it was our turn to host because we do not approve of their lifestyle choices," wrote 'Unhappy in Tampa'.

"Since then, we have been excluded from neighborhood gatherings, and someone even suggested that we are bigots!"

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Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the legendary boss of one of the world's most powerful drug cartels, was arrested early Saturday in Mazatlan, Mexico.

The kingpin, who infamously escaped a high-security prison in a laundry cart in 2001 and had eluded capture since, was taken without a single shot fired.

A U.S. law enforcement official said that Guzman, accompanied by a female, was captured in a joint operation of Mexican marines and U.S. DEA agents.

The pressure on Guzman's Sinaloa cartel had been mounting for months, with Mexican authorities killing or capturing several of its most brutal lieutenants.

That pressure yielded information, including cell phone and other data, that helped Mexican authorities and U.S. drug enforcement agents track Guzman down.

Mexicon Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said authorities came close to capturing Guzman, believed to be in his mid-50s, earlier this month.

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If you've already undergone a dozen surgeries to make yourself look more like a plastic doll, what could possibly be the next step?

Hypnotherapy to make yourself "brainless" of course! Like, totally!

Blondie Bennett, 38, lives in California and has been obsessed with Barbie dolls since she was young. For her, the reason for her fixation is obvious.

"She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty - she doesn't worry about anything," Blondie tells the Daily Mail.

Apparently just looking like the famous toy isn't enough for Blondie anymore. She reports she's undergoing hypnotherapy sessions weekly to make herself feel vacant and stupid.

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