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A day after he allegedly killed a fellow movie theater goer after the two got into an argument over texting, Curtis Reeves was denoted bond today by a judge in Pasco County, Florida.

The 71-year old retired from the Tampa Police Department in 1993 after serving as Captin and went on to work as the Director of Security at Busch Gardens until 2005.

According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, Reeves and his wife got into an altercation with Chad Oulson and his wife after the Reeves asked Chad to stop texting prior to a showing of Lone Survivor.

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A middle school shooting took place ethos morning in Roswell, New Mexico, leaving at least two people in custody and the suspect in custody.

NM School Photo

The state Department of Public Safety said in a press release that state and local police were dispatched to Berrendo Middle School at 8:11 a.m. and that "there are preliminary reports of injury," though further details (number injured, names, age, etc.) are not available at this time.

However, State Police Public Information Officer Emmanuel Gutierrez says the threat has been "alleviated" and children were being bused from the school not long after the shots were fired.

The building is currently in lockdown and we'll provide more information here as news breaks.

Yesterday, a movie theater shooting in Tampa claimed the life of one film goer who had gotten into an argument with another over texting.

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It's not everyday that someone crashes through the ceiling of a golf shop.

At least we didn't think this was something that took place on a frequent basis, but - based on the following footage - perhaps we made a false assumption.

In the video, a man falls to the floor of a shop... and then just lies there casually. Hey Ron, says a store employee. Hey Billy, responds the prone gentleman. That hurt.

We'd imagine so. Watch the accident and the relaxed response to it now:

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A fatal shooting took place yesterday at a movie theater in northern Tampa Bay, with one man being killed and his wife wounded.

According to various reports, retired police officer Curtis Reeves has been taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder after he got into a fight with Chad Oulson, who was texting prior to the start of Lone Survivor.

Reeves, who was with his wife, allegedly took out a gun during his argument with Chad and fired it at both Chad and his wife, Nicole.

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Doyin Richards really doesn't understand all the fuss.

A blogger for the site Daddy Doin' Work, Richards offered to give his busy wife some help recently: she was running late for work, but the couple's young daughter needed her hair done.

So Richards volunteered and, just to prove to his wife that he could actually pull it off, posted a photo of himself acting as a stylist while also holding the pair's baby against his chest.

He put the picture online and didn't think much of it... until it was Shared and Liked thousands of times across Facebook.

In a post detailed two extreme types of reactions, Richards writes that some folks were positively amazed that a father was taking care of his children...

... while others took a far more negative and racist approach.

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It's really cold out.

Most folks just need to step outside their front door to confirm this fact, or check out these awesome photos of a gigantic snow shark in the front yard of a Minnesota home.

But you could also check out the following images that are making their way around the Internet today, as Reuters photographer Aaron Harris captured some amazing shots of a partially frozen over Niagara Falls.

This is what the Polar Vortex does to a 167-foot tall waterfall:

  • Frozen Niagara Falls Pic
  • Frozen Niagara Falls Photo

Don't be too fooled by talk on social media, however. The Falls are not completely frozen and The Washington Post's Caitlin Dewey says this happens nearly every winter.

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The world is mourning Aitzaz Hasan.

This 15-year old died on Monday after he and his friends in Pakistan spotted a man wearing a suicide vest.

Ignoring the pleas of his fellow students, Hasan approached the man, there was a confrontation… and then the bomber detonated his vest, killing himself and Aitaz in the process.

Aitzaz Hasan Picture

In the days since, Aitzaz has been hailed as a hero and has been received an outpouring of admiration across all social media outlets.

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Death is no laughing matter, let's get that out of the way right now.

But Brad Davis, a 33-year old resident of McLoud, Oklahoma, was arrested yesterday and charged with the killing of his stepfather.

Via atomic wedgie.

OK Man Mug Shot

Police were called around 10 p.m. on December 21 in response to a domestic dispute. According to a probable cause affidavit, Davis said he invited Denver Lee St. Clair (the husband of Tressia St. Clair, Davis' mother) over for drinks and then the two men started arguing.

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So, what have you been doing in the frigid weather this winter?

Alexander Skarsgård has been sitting naked on a toilet in the South Pole.

And three brothers in New Brighton, Minnesota have taken advantage of the Polar Vortex to construct a 20-foot tall share in their snow-filled front yard. Seriously!

Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz say the project took them about three-and-a-half weeks and 95 hours to complete. But, hey, it must have made shoveling the driveway a lot more fun!

Look at the incredible photos now:

  • Giant Snow Shark
  • Minnesota Snow Shark

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