It's been almost two months since Robert Durst was arrested in connection with the murder of Susan Berman, and the wealthy real estate heir has been held without bail ever since.

But even though Durst is currently incarcerated in a prison mental-health facility outside of New Orleans and has had no contact with the press (with the possible exception of one bizarre letter about opera and the NFL sent to an LA Times reporter), strange stories about the 72-year-old accused serial killer seem to surface on an almost daily basis.

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If you're a football fan, you likely remember the scandal known as "DeflateGate," in which the New England Patriots were accused of using intentionally deflated footballs in their AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Pats-haters groused, Tom Brady talked about balls in a way that made us all giggle, but ultimately, nothing came of it, and the Patriots went on to defeat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

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We all remember when we lost at least one of our teeth.  

I remember wiggling, pulling, and ripping one of mine out in front a horrified woman in a McDonald’s bathroom. I ran out of the restaurant with a mouth full of blood and proudly showed my mom my detached baby tooth.

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Back in 1959, Frank Freshwaters was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for violating his probation stemming from a vehicular manslaughter case.

Just seven months into his sentence, however, Freshwaters would make creative use of a rock hammer and a poster of Rita Hayworth to escape from his cell and bask in some slow-motion rainfall as a free man (after crawling through a mile of sh-t, of course).

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