Generally, when a drunk Florida resident does something newsworthy, it's bound to be amusing. 

When the shenanigans involve automobiles, it's usually less entertaining because of the very real chance that someone could get injured or killed, but thanks to Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon we now get to enjoy an intoxicated Floridian acting stupid in a car without fear of her destroying anyone's life but her own:

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Rowan Blanchard has become a household name due to her starring role on Girl Meets World.

But the young Disney Channel address made headlines over the weekend for admitting she's a girl... who is open to all the world has to offer.

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As you may have heard, Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was recently apprehended after escaping from a Mexican prison back in July.

Guzman wields a tremendous amount of power in his home country, and after six months on the lam, international authorities reportedly began to question whether Mexicans authorities would be able to re-capture the head of the world's largest criminal empire. Perhaps that's why the US decided to intervene by offering up the services of our red-faced, booze-addled secret weapon - Sean Penn.

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A tragic story this week out of Great Britain:

Local authorities have confirmed that Sian Blake - a soap opera star best known for her role as Frankie Pierre on the BBC One series Eastenders - was killed at her home, along with her two young children.

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As the national obsession with the bizarre murder trials of Steven Avery and his young nephew Brendan Dassey continues to grow, new evidence of corruption on the part of the authorities who helped put him away seems to surface daily.

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