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We hope you have a box of Kleenex handy, THGers.

In the following video, 50 friends and family members from five states gather for a flash mob, surprising a woman named Amy the day before her 56th birthday.

Tragically, Amy has been diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer, but her loved ones wanted to “reminder her how surrounded she is by support,” according to the opening video text, which adds:

"We don't know exactly how much time we have left together. But what we do know is that being in present in the moment is of the utmost importance."

Watch the moving tribute below and then click through a series of other memorable flash mobs:

Terminally Ill Woman Treated to Friendly Flash Mob
This is an amazing video. Watch as friends of a terminally ill woman perform a flash mob.

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There are some things that just aren't sexy. 

That's what a group of models learned after they showed up to shoot a sexy commercial and things got awkward. Super awkward.

The video was produced by Save the Children in conjunction with their 15th annual State of the World's Mothers report.

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In a world where bikini bodies and side-boob shots reign, it's refreshing to see women who embrace their bodies in any shape or form. 

Enter Taryn Brumfitt and the Embrace documentary.

After spending time hating her body following the birth of her daughter, Taryn Brumfitt became a bodybuilder. Despite her svelte physique, she still hated her body.

Deciding that she didn't want her daughter to grow up and continue the cycle of self-loathing, Brumfitt set out to change the world, one woman at a time.

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Devon Walker believed he was headed to a post-graduation celebration dinner with his family on on Saturday night. Instead, the former Tulane football stand-out received the surprise of a lifetime.

Devon Walker

Instead of his favorite restaurant, Walker's family took him to the New Orleans Saints rookie minicamp where Saints coach Sean Payton offered him a contract with the team.

Of course, hundreds of former college stars will sign with NFL teams in the coming months. What makes Walker's situation unique is that he was paralyzed from the neck down in a devastating injury he suffered during a 2012 game.

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A 34-year-old Texas woman, Charity Anne Johnson, pretended to be a high school sophomore for nearly an entire year, fooling everyone in the process.

Duping her Longview, Texas, teachers, classmates and even the woman who took her in, school officials said nothing of the sort indicated a ruse.

“Everyone we talked to assumed she was a teenager like she said, because she looked like one,” said Stuart Newlin, principal of New Life Christian School.

“She had friends," he said, as puzzled as anyone. "Everybody liked her.”

It's anything but clear why Charity Anne Johnson, who was arrested this week, allegedly enrolled at the school in October as 15-year-old Charity Stevens.

“That’s a mystery. We have no clue,” Newlin said of Johnson's stint at school. “She came in with a guardian; there was no reason to be suspicious."

“Usually, parents come in, they fill out the paperwork and we take their word for it. If they come from another school, then you transfer the records."

"If they come from home school, they don’t have those records.”

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Kalyn Thompson, 25, an English teacher at an Oklahoma high school, is charged with second degree rape following an alleged relationship with a student.

She resigned from her position at Kellyville High School in April.

Investigators say that Thompson had worked at the school for less than a year when she began texting with a 17-year-old male student in December.

The text messages soon took on a sexual nature, administrators told police, and the relationship allegedly began to escalate into full blown sexual activity.

In a police interview, the victim, who is a junior, told investigators that he had sex with Thompson twice ... once at a local lake and once at a Tulsa motel.

"It will follow her for the rest of her career," Creek County Detective Chrissie Underwood said. "She probably will not have a career in teaching after this."

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South Dakota news anchor Nancy Naeve became one of the stars of the web this week when she dressed down viewers for complaining about storm coverage.

Her co-worker at ABC affiliate KSFY in Sioux Falls, meteorologist Shawn Cable, had to break in to regular programming to report a confirmed tornado Sunday.

The tornado, one of many seen in the upper midwest over the past week, touched down in Hospers, Iowa, which is about 70 miles from Sioux Falls.

Viewers, however, were outraged and took to the phone and Facebook to complain about Cable interrupting the Once Upon A Time Season 3 finale.

The next morning on the air, Cable showed footage of the tornado and then apologized for interrupting a TV show the night before. Naeve was not having it.

"No show is as important as someone's life," Naeve states. "But I tell you what. If it was your home and your neighbors, you would feel differently."

"So please don't do that. That's not nice."

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A shocking video of Ohio kindergarten teacher Barb Williams picking a student up by his shirt and slamming him against a wall has gone viral this week.

Not surprisingly, it has enraged many parents - particularly Autumn and Anthony Nelson, whose 6-year-old son Ian is seen in the clip with Williams ...

This video is almost hard to stomach as it begins with Ian walking to the bathroom alone. When he leaves the bathroom, Williams is waiting for him in the hall.

There is no sound, but she is PISSED, picking him up by his shirt and slamming him against the wall not once, but twice with no hero cat - or other adult - in sight.

All kidding aside, it gets even worse. One moment also shows her grabbing the boy by the face and tilting his head back in a borderline scary scene.

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The New York Times published an article yesterday reporting an abrupt, unexpected change at the top of the paper of record's editorial staff.

The Times announced that Jill Abramson has been "dismissed" as executive editor and replaced by Pulitzer-winning journalist Dean Baquet.

Abramson was the first female to lead the newsroom of the iconic paper and she held her position for a brief three years.

Typically, dismissals from such high-profile jobs are treated in the press as mutual decisions by both parties, so The Times public acknowledgement that Abramson was fired has raised eyebrows as well as questions of just what caused the esteemed journalist to be so unceremoniously ousted.

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We're in the thick of Disney's Frozen taking over every corner of pop culture, so it seems like a fitting time to take a look at what makes Disney's princess movies so unique.

The answer: Not a whole lot. 

That hasn't sat well with many members of the Disney-viewing public, so Tumblr artist TT took matters into her own hands and released a series of racebent Disney princesses. 

What would our favorite Disney princesses look like if they weren't white? Take a look:

Ariel gets a makeover as artist TT's reimagined Little Mermaid.

Disney has long been accused of whitewashing its characters and failing to show women of color represented among the line of its princess stories.

It wasn't until 2009's The Princess and the Frog debuted Tiana that Disney had a Black princess. Prior to that, the only princesses of color were Jasmine, Mulan, and Pocahontas.

All the remaining princesses were white. 

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