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Sometimes the Internet is full of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things. And then sometimes it isn't. 

Such is the case with the viral social media campaign called "Mr. Awesome" which remembers Calder Sloan. At 7 years old, Sloan was a vibrant, kind, and gentle soul, and his life was cut short by an accident at his family's North Miami home. 

But his memory, and his nickname, Mr. Awesome, live on in the hearts and minds of those around the world.

Family friend Jim Cahill suggested on Facebook that to honor Calder Sloan's memory, people should post pictures of themselves with the a self-portrait Sloan drew shortly before he passed away.

"We really believed Calder was going to change the world,'' Chris Sloan said.

"These people we don't even know have just decided to share his love, so to me and my wife, he is changing the world."

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For the record, it's cruel to refer to Chrissy Teigen as overweight.

But the same doesn't exactly hold true for Carisa Ruscak, a baby born on Tuesday at Massachusetts General Hospital... who weighed in at 14.5 pounds!!!

She's the second heaviest child to ever come into the world inside that building.

"Everyone in the operating room was like, ‘Oh my God, look at the size of this baby! Let’s get her on the scale, what does she weigh?’” mother Caroline told WHDH, adding:

"It validated me because I was in a lot of pain when I was pregnant, so to hear the size, it made sense."

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Swimsuit model Mayka Kukocova is the prime suspect in this month's murder of U.K. millionaire Andrew Bush, according to multiple news reports.

Bush was found dead in his mansion in Spain, after which authorities launched a worldwide hunt for his ex-girlfriend, the stunning blonde Kukocova.

Days later, Kukocova turned up thousands of miles away in Slovakia, where she turned herself in April 8 to police in her hometown of Nova Bosaca.

In a story lighting up British celebrity gossip tabloids, Kukocova, 23, is awaiting extradition to Spain to face a charge of "consumed intentional homicide."

Kukocova was quoted in the Slovakian media as denying the allegations and suggesting she'll resist extradition because she is not guilty of the crime.

"I let myself into the hands of police believing my country will provide me protection and without sufficient evidence will not extradite me to Spain."

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Dan Bilzerian is a mega millionaire.

And a major moron.

Billed as “Instagram's Biggest Playboy,” Bilzerian - a professional poker player known for throwing ridiculous parties - was doing a Hustler photo shoot yesterday when he tossed a completely naked porn star off his roof and into a pool.

The adult film actress, 19-year-old Janice Griffith, ended up in the hospital as a result of this incident, breaking her foot in the fall.

Watch the absurd footage now:

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Cliven Bundy is a rancher in Nebraska who has refused to pay grazing fees since 1993.

As a result, he now owes the federal government over $1 million and he has been engaged in a tense standoff with officials for weeks, with an armed militia actually coming to his defense against The Bureau of Land Management.

In an interview with The New York Times yesterday, though, Bundy moved attention away from this ongoing scandal and on to something else: his unabashed racism.

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” Bundy told the newspaper, sharing a tale about driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas.

"In front of that government house, the door was usually open and the older people and the kids... they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do."

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No one mention this to Lindsay Lohan, but someone has come out with a more efficient way to get wasted.

It's called Palcohol and it's exactly what it sounds like: powdered alcohol.

The federal government approved the item this week, although there remains a discrepancy over just how much Palcohol can be sold at once. 

Therefore, it's not available to consumers... yet.

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A 16-year-old boy stowed away in the wheel well of a five-hour Hawaiian Airlines flight from California to Hawaii and lived to tell about it this weekend.

Airline staff noticed the boy after the plane landed on Sunday morning. He was questioned by the FBI and given a medical screening afterward.

Astonishingly, he is in stable condition.

Officials are reviewing whether to file criminal charges against the boy, who ran away from home, jumped a fence at San Jose airport and got in/on the plane.

"Our primary concern now is for the well-being of the boy, who is exceptionally lucky to have survived,'' a spokeswoman for Hawaiian Airlines said.

"Kid's lucky to be alive,'' FBI spokesman Tom Simon added, noting that when the flight landed in Maui, the teenager hopped down from the wheel well.

Having reportedly been unconscious for most of the ride, he started wandering around the airport grounds with only a comb for his hair in his possession.

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A Polk County, Fla., teacher is behind bars after she was accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy in her pickup truck, according to local police.

Jennifer Fichter, 29, is an English teacher at Central Florida Aerospace Academy. The alleged victim is one of her students, an arrest report said.

A Lakeland, Fla., police statement confirmed that "according to the victim's [mom], admitted to the sexual encounters and professed her love for him."

"The victim's mother discovered this relationship after reviewing text messages from her son and she asked that Fichter respond to her residence to talk."

That conversation was made in a phone call Monday that was recorded by police. Fichter told the alleged victim's mother she had sex 20-30 times with him.

The teacher also said she had an abortion after getting pregnant with his child.

Fichter told the alleged victim's mother she wanted a relationship with her son and doesn't regret anything; she was arrested at her apartment 90 minutes later.

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Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Andre Johnson will no longer have a penis after he cut it off Wednesday morning and doctors were unable to reattach the member.

Andre Johnson the Rapper

Officials confirm that Johnson, also known by his stage name Christ Bearer cut his penis off yesterday morning and then jumped off of a balcony.

He survived the fall from his second floor apartment.

After the incident, which developed "within seconds," Christ Bearer was rushed from North Hollywood to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills and saved.

His penis was unable to be salvaged, however.

One of many Wu-Tang affiliated rappers, Andre Johnson is a member of the group Northstar, which was founded by Wu-Tang member and producer RZA.

Despite what he just endured, Johnson/Christ Bearer is remarkably in stable condition, though it's unclear whether he will be released and in what state.

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Good news, celebrities! You aren't the only who have regrettable tattoos!

Following our rundown of 17 Celebrity Tattoos That May Not Have Been a Great Idea, we've now compiled a list of 12 epic tattoo failures by regular Joes and Janes.

Some of these are misspelled. Others are premature celebrations for Presidential candidates and college basketball teams.

But all are cringe-worthy and hilarious... because we aren't the ones who got them. Click around and laugh now:

I'm Awsome
Awesome font, dude. Less awesome spelling ability, however.

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