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No one says no to Heisenberg. Absolutely no one.

That's what Stefan Montana was banking on when he approached Bryan Cranston for help asking a girl to prom. Cranston, ever the good guy he seems to be, obliged, reciting the line the teen gave him and once again donning his Breaking Bad persona, Walter White.

It worked! Stefan later tweeted "@BryanCranston she said yes!!"

Montana approached Cranston for the prom-posal assist outside the theater for Cranston's Broadway show All The Way.

With the KFC chicken corsage prom-posals and now this, asking a date to prom isn't as simple as it used to be, that's for sure.

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Now that she's no longer a part of Real Housewives or Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin is pregnant with her third child! Due in November, the new baby, which Lydia hopes will be a girl, joins big brothers Stirling (5) and Maverick (3) as part of the McLaughlin clan.

McLaughlin, who left RHOC after just one season has said that it was like breaking up with a boyfriend. 

"It's hard, but overall, you know you're doing the right thing," she said of her departure.

Lydia McLaughlin on The Real Housewives of Orange County

No longer being a part of the RHOC cast has given Lydia time to grow her family and work on a few other projects as well. Like adding author to her resume'.

McLaughlin in in talks to publish a book about her life which will also serve as a Bible study.

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Over the past couple years, parents ordering their kids to hold up signs in public has become an entertaining form of punishment.

There was this example last year of a sign that decreed its owner as a "self-entitled teenager" and this one of a kid holding a sign that says he's a bully.

But the following is the first example in recent memory of man being ordered by a judge to publicly shame himself in such a manner.

Edmond Aviv Sign Punishment

Edmond Aviv is a 62-year old resident of South Euclid, Ohio.

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Nothing says "will you go to prom with me" Original Recipe drumstick!!

KFC's chicken corsage is a prom fashion trend your stomach doesn't want you to miss this prom season! After dancing all night, your date is sure to work up an appetite and this corsage might just come in handy when that happens.

This might look and sound like a joke, but it totally isn't. The KFC Chicken Corsage is a real thing.

For only $20 plus shipping, Louisville, KY-based florist Nanz & Kraft will send you a baby's breath corsage and a $5 KFC gift card to purchase your chicken, and a list of suggested flowers to complete the look.

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Remember that Wheel of Fortune contestant a few weeks ago who took a wild guess in the bonus round and won himself $45,000 despite there being nearly no letters actually turned over in the puzzle?

This is the exactly opposite of that.

On Friday, Indiana University honors student Julian Batts had an entire puzzle solved for him and a $1 million card sitting in his pile of potential winnings.

But the poor guy failed to pronounce the name "Achilles" properly, costing himself a shot at bringing home some seriously big bucks. Watch the epic fail now:

Later, Batts also lost a car and a trip to London… yet still ended up making it to the bonus round.

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Luminita Perijoc, a 31-year old Romanian who prides herself on resembling Angelina Jolie, has been sentenced to four years in prison after stabbing a deliveryman six times.

The incident occurred after she made this same man perform oral sex on her at knifepoint.

Luminita Perijoc on Facebook

According to court documents, the victim (Nicolae Stan) was delivering wine to Perijoc’s apartment when she threatened him with a four-inch blade and prompted him to undress.

She demanded vaginal and oral sex from Stan and, when he was unable to get an erection for  a third go-around, she thrust her knife into him six times.

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Talk about your killer heels.

Ana Trujillo was found guilty of murdering Stefan Andersson in what has come to be known as the Stiletto Murder Case. 

The Houston news anchor stabbed her boyfriend with her blue suede stiletto heels at least 25 times following an altercation in his home. She claimed self-defense, but the jury didn't buy it.

In seven hours of testimony, Trujillo stated that Andersson was a heavy and violent drinker, that she had a history of sexual and domestic abuse by various men she'd dated over the years, and that the fight which ended Andersson's life lasted more than an hour.

The couple had been out drinking and returned home where Trujillo broke the news to Andersson that she was leaving him. He became enraged and a fight ensued and she eventually pinned him down and stabbed him with her 5 1/2 inch heels.

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A demonstration in Mexico turned into chaos and tragedy Wednesday when an angry motorist drove through a crowd of protesters, injuring at least 12.

The graphic video shows a man arguing with protesters blocking a street in the city of Morelia. Objects are thrown and one demonstrator kicks the man.

The man then gets in his SUV, which is parked on the sidewalk, and pulls into the street. He drives into the crowd, circles back and drives through it again:

None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening, according to reports.

The students were reportedly protesting for better access to education.

The driver of the SUV was later found and arrested for the incident.

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Very sad news out of West Hollywood yesterday:

John Winkler, a 30-year old production assistant on Tosh.0, was shot and killed by police who believed him to be the culprit at a murder scene inside an apartment complex.

John Winkler Pic

According to the  L.A. County District Attorney's Office, deputies were called to the complex amidst reports of a knife attack.

They arrived to find a man running out of his residence, holding a bloody neck would, with Winkler giving chase. Both individuals were headed toward the officers.

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WWE fans and general Nancy Grace non-fans are far from pleased at the TV personality's apparent belief, implied on air, that wrestling stars are all on steroids.

#CancelColbert is so last week. Twitter is on to #CancelNancyGrace following a segment this week in which she interviewed Diamond Dallas Page

"So many wrestlers dead," Grace said to her guest. "Now accusations of steroids and illegal drugs swirling ... let's take a look at wrestlers who died young."

A scrolling graphic on the screen displayed a list of prominent pro wrestling figures including Rick McGraw, 30; Buzz Sawyer, 32; and Owen Hart, 33.

Ultimate Warrior, born James Brian Hellwig, died just days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and appearing at WrestleMania 30 on Sunday.

He collapsed while he and his wife were walking to their car at an Arizona hotel, and doctors pronounced Ultimate Warrior dead soon after at 54.

"We all used it back in the day," Page said frankly with regard to steroids, but he noted that Ultimate Warrior didn't look nearly as big as he used to be.

Page added that he saw him recently and that he "looked great," although what would be his final video from Monday night RAW tells a different story.

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