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Fred Goldman, the father of the man O.J. Simpson was accused of killing, says Robert Kardashian likely hid evidence that would have convicted him.

In an interview with The Mail (UK), the father of Ron Goldman said Kardashian took a bag of crucial evidence from Simpson's house on June 13, 2014.

That was the day after his son and Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson were slain. Tomorrow, June 12, is the 20th anniversary of the double murder.

Kardashian was indeed seen leaving Simpson's Los Angeles home carrying a suitcase the day after the fatal stabbings, the New York Times reported.

"That evidence would have convicted 'the killer,'" Goldman, who refuses to call Simpson by name and has been convinced of his guilt for two decades, said.

Robert Kardashian, the father of Kim Kardashian, was a confidant of Simpson's and was one of his defense attorneys at his historic 1994 murder trial.

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Jon Stewart isn't even a real news broadcaster, but the Comedy Central figure is more trusted to deliver news than MSNBC, a new study found.

According to a new survey by the Brookings Institution and the Public Religion Research Institute, the public trusts him more than a 24/7 news channel.

The organizations did a study about immigration and the media that contained within it a broader question about which news outlet the public trusts most.

Fox News came in first, as per usual; the network has been consistently named both the most and the least trusted name in news. Let's hear it for polarization!

Unfortunately for MSNBC, it was dead last, with just 5 percent of Americans saying they trusted it most ... 8 percent, by comparison, chose The Daily Show.

Another study showed that Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert did a better job at informing people about campaign finance issues than traditional outlets.

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More details have come in regarding the tragedy today at Reynolds High School in Columbia River, Oregon.

As previously reported, authorities were alerted to an active shooter inside the building around 8 a.m. local time, with over 60 emergency personnel vehicles arriving at the scene.

Students were keeping parents aware of activity inside via Tweets and/or text messages, with the premises on lockdown for over an hour until police deemed the situation safe.

We can now confirm, via The Associated Press, a teen gunman armed with a rifle shot and killed one student in the attack, while also wounding a 50-year old teacher named Todd Rispler.

His injuries were not life-threatening.

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It's hard to be an attractive reporter on live television.

Sometimes, you get asked out on a date by a shirtless dude while a fire rages behind you.

Other times, you're reporting from the Gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood (a place where you should seemingly be safe from advances by the opposite sex) when a drunk dude stumbles by and says "you're so f-ckin hot!"

In the case of KTLA’s Christina Pascucci, that may be true. But still. Come on dude.

Be better than that.

At least Pascucci has plenty of company when it comes to Awkward Moments in Reporting.

Remember the guy in New Jersey who got SLAMMED by a snow plow?

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Police responded shortly after 8 a.m. today to reports of a shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon.

Details are still coming in, but a number of emergency vehicles are parked near the school, while a Multnomah County Sheriff's office spokesman confirms they have responded to calls about an active shooter.

Approximately 60 police and sheriff's units are on scene, according to KOIN, as well as 19 medical personnel.

Reynolds High School Pic

One student has Tweeted that the school is in lockdown, while another says he heard gunfire.

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Karlesha Thurman has unintentionally entered the public breastfeeding debate.

The senior recently graduated from California State University and shared an intimate photo of the big day on the Facebook group page for Black Women Do Breastfeed.

She explained her motivation for doing so thusly, saying of her daughter:

"She was my motivation to keep going, so me receiving my BA was OUR moment, so glad I captured the moment and so glad you shared it with the world so thank you again."

Karlesha Thurman Breastfeeding Photo

As you might expect, however, Thurman's proud moment became a source of contention within the online community.

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Amy Van Dyken Rouen, an Olympic gold medalist in swimming, severed her spin in an ATV accident in Show Low on June 6.

She was airlifted to a nearby hospital and told emergency workers on the way that she could not move her feet or feel anything on her legs.

A letter from the Van Dyken and Rouen families said that Amy's spine was severed along the T11 vertebrae and the fracture came within millimeters of rupturing her aorta. 

Van Dyken Rouen is in good condition according to hospital spokesperson Alice Giedraitis.

A police report obtained after the crash said that Van Dyken Rouen was driving an ATV which hit a curb in a restaurant parking lot sending her over a 5 to 7 foot drop-off.

She was found unresponsive on the ground near the ATV by an onlooker who saw the accident happen. 

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The latest WTF Were They Thinking award goes to maternity clothing retailer A Pea in the Pod.

The "Wake Me When I'm Skinny" t-shirt they were selling in their stores and online was pulled after customers complained the shirt was offensive.

Because yeah, that shirt was/is offensive. Or at the very least the shirt is completely tasteless and unfunny.

Wake Me When I'm Skinny T-Shirt from A Pea in the Pod

Never ever in a woman's life will she have the excuse that she's not fat she's pregnant to fall back on when she's indulging a wicked craving for a milkshake at midnight.

SHE IS NOT FAT SHE IS PREGNANT! Pregnant women everywhere, say it with me: YOU ARE NOT FAT. YOU ARE PREGNANT. Growing a human. CREATING LIFE WITH YOUR LIFE. 

You've freaking EARNED that milkshake at midnight. YOU ARE EARNING IT.

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New information has surfaced about Kevin Roper, the 35-year old truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel early Saturday morning and caused a car accident that sent Tracy Morgan to the hospital.

It also resulted in the death of comedian Jimmy Mack.

According to New Jersey State Police, Roper had not “slept for a period in excess of 24 hours” at the time of the crash.

Kevin Roper Mug Shot

He now faces four charges - including vehicular homicide, auto assault and reckless driving - and is expected in court on Wednesday.

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A Perry Hill, Maryland man hit another man with a baseball bat late last week and most folks only have one question for the attacker:

Why didn't he hit him harder?!?

The unnamed 42-year old assailant is the father of a 15-year old who had been receiving texts from her teacher described by the Baltimore County Police Department as representative of an "emotional, inappropriate relationship."

The girl's mother alerted authorities to the texts around 3 a.m. last Thursday.

Later that day, the teacher showed up at the family’s and refused to leave.

That's when the father struck him with a baseball bat, resulting in minor injuries to the teacher.

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