Jeremy Jordan stars on Supergirl.

But the actor isn't turning to any sort of fictional small screen hero for help with an issue very close to his heart at the moment.

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Mike Golic just said what everyone has been thinking when it comes to Brock Turner.

On his podcast yesterday, the former professional football player and current ESPN radio host took a few minutes to address the sexual assault case that has been sweeping the nation.

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Jennifer Mulford of the Atlanta area is thrilled to be in a sweet Adult Breastfeeding Relationship (ABR) with boyfriend Brad Leeson.

We don't know if she made up that acronym or not, but we've all had that secret fetish at some point in our lives, are we right people?!

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The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department has finally released the mug shot of Brock Turner, the ex-Stanford University student who was convicted on three felony counts of sexual assault last week.

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