Burger King's Twitter was hacked today. It was hilarious.

In the last half hour, the fast food giant's account on the social network was hijacked, allegedly by "iThug," who instructed people to follow "LiLinternet."

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Happy Presidents Day! True American heroes don't come any truer than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two giants of history honored today.

The very first President of the United States, Washington led the rebellion over Great Britain, then helped oversee the birth of this great nation's constitution.

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A 60-year old man named Joe Rickey Hundley has been charged with simple assault after flipping out this month on a two-year old boy aboard an Atlanta-found flight.

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There's V-Day, and then there's D-Day, when breakups happen with surprising frequency and divorce attorneys' phones start ringing off the hook.

This is because Valentine's Day, along with New Year's Eve, is an "expectation holiday" that often precedes relationship problems, according to experts.

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Bunnies are apparently wreaking havoc at Denver International Airport, attacking cars, chewing on parts and leaving massive amounts of damage in their wake.

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A professor at West Liberty University gave her students a take-home assignment this week, attaching to it research options that ban two supposed news outlets from being used as a source.

The first is The Onion, an openly satirical (and hilarious) website.

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