A photograph of an infant left alone in a car in New Zealand is causing quite an uproar around the world. Resting on the sleeping baby is a note reading:

"My mums is doing the shopping, call her if I need anything."

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It may be too late for Kailyn Lowry, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York City's Human Resources Administration is hoping it isn't too late for other teenagers around the country.

The government has placed a series of ads around the subway system, each one depicting an infant and carrying a message to potential young mothers.

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Hearing challenges to state laws that limit marriage to heterosexual couples, the Supreme Court indicated that it may be hesitant to strike down such laws.

NBC News reports that it is “obvious that the U.S. Supreme Court is not prepared to issue any sweeping ruling” declaring a constitutional right to gay marriage.

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Scientists in Europe and the United States are preparing for Cosmic Crash 2022.

But rest easy, folks. This event won't be nearly as catastrophic as it sounds.

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A fellow hotel patron went all Mike Tyson on Game of Thrones actor Clive Mantle this week in Newcastle, the Press Association confirms, biting off his ear in response to a request to keep the noise down.

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Italy’s highest court overturned the 2011 acquittal of Amanda Knox on Tuesday, ordering a new trial in the sensational murder case that began in 2007.

The ruling means that the case against Knox and her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, will be sent back to be reheard at an appeals court in Florence.

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