Pope Benedict XVI made a shocking announcement during a meeting of Vatican cardinals today:

He will become the first pontiff in 600 years to resign his post later this month, citing health concerns as the basis for a decision that will officially take place on February 28.

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A woman defaced Eugene Delacroix's iconic painting "Liberty Leading the People" with a black marker and a cryptic message in France this week.

Police arrested a 28-year-old woman Thursday for writing "AE911" across the bottom of a work that once graced the 100-franc note and postage stamps.

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Sweet Brown's 15 minutes of fame just got extended by about 30 seconds.

Months after she exploded into a viral sensation for her reaction to an apartment fire - this Sweet Brown interview has been viewed over 17 million times on YouTube - the woman appears in a new local ad for a dentist's office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Winter Storm Nemo, a.k.a. the blizzard going on outside for tens of millions of Americans, is doing its thing. But why does a big snowstorm need a name?

You can thank The Weather Channel alone for the moniker, it turns out.

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A 20-year old mother was tortured and burned alive in front of a large gathering in Papua New Guinea this week, police confirm, as hundreds surrounded the scene and took photos of the grisly incident.

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Three prison inmates were assigned to clean up a park near the Yacolt, Wash., minimum security correctional facility where they're incarcerated last week.

They ended up saving three young lives.

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