Steven Gibson, 39, was allegedly the target of a family murder plot hatched by his wife Michelle and their son Steven Jr., 15, who took part in stabbing him.

Officials concluded this after a month-long investigation into his murder.

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Target has been forced to issue an apology after a rather embarrassing marketing snafu.

As noted by an online shopper named Susan Clemens, who Tweeted her discovery to the company, Target listed the same dress twice on its official website this week:

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Men losing their hair may have bigger concerns than looking like George Costanza. A new study finds that balding men share a greater risk of having a heart attack.

The more hair lost, the more serious the risk.

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The alleged "Gate to Hell" has been discovered in modern-day Turkey.

Who would've guessed, given that you normally have to die to find it.

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Earvin Johnson III - the son of basketball legend and Los Angeles Dodgers owner Magic Johnson - went public with his same-sex relationship yesterday, strolling down the Sunset Strip while holding the hand of his boyfriend.

And the former Lakers star couldn't be more supportive of the 20-year old.

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An Illinois man is suing a cat owner who may or may not be his wife for $100,000 after he was house-sitting for her and and her feline went OFF on him.

William Baxter of Homer Glen, Ill., claims he was "viciously attacked, bit and clawed" by the cat, causing "significant" injuries to his ring finger and left arm.

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