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A Texas dad carved a pentagram on his son Wednesday because 12-12-12 was a lucky day ... or so this clearly deranged human being claims.

"I shed some innocent blood," Brent Troy Bartel, 39, told a police dispatcher afterward.

"I inscribed a pentagram on my son." Why, he was asked? "Because it’s a holy day.”

Brent Troy Bartel Mug Shot

While he was carving a pentagram on a six-year-old on 12-12-12, Bartel’s wife was at a neighbor’s home, telling police he was attacking their son.

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NASA's so-called "Apocalypse Video" has been released a week in advance of next Friday's end of the world as we know it - December 21, 2012.

The agency wants you do know the famous Mayan apocalypse prediction is not going to happen. In fact, it's not even a real prediction they made!

NASA's video, titled "The World Didn't End Yesterday," was originally supposed to be released December 22, but made its way online this week.

The four-minute clip explains how the idea of the Mayan apocalypse is a hoax, and that 12/21/12 is just the end of their calendar ... before the next one.

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A 2043 census projection estimates that white Americans will be the minority at that time, reflecting the dramatic demographic shifts in the U.S. population.

The Census Bureau's newly released population projections predict that this will occur two years after the total population exceeds 400 million people.

Census Projection

This highly symbolic shift to a "majority-minority" nation is due to the huge growth of the U.S. Hispanic population while the white population will decrease.

Not just as a percentage of the nation, but in total numbers.

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A video depicting the moments before a Midtown execution style murder has gone viral, and the NYPD is furiously searching for the suspect in the slaying of Brandon Woodward.

The video is chilling, especially when you know the tragic result:

A fatal gunshot to the head killed the 31-year-old Woodard, whose killer slipped casually back into a car and drove off after the Monday afternoon murder.

The shocking Midtown execution clip was captured on a security camera, but the victim's family is as stumped about her son’s murder as cops seem to be.

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A three-mile wide asteroid will fly by Earth over the next few days, offering astronomers and even average citizens a rare close-up ... relatively speaking of course.

The near-Earth asteroid 4179 Toutatis will be just 4.3 million miles of Earth during its closest approach early Wednesday, nothing close to Deep Impact style.

That's too far away to pose any impact threat on this pass, but close enough to put on a pretty good show through top-notch telescopes, researchers say.

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December 12, 2012, or 12-12-12, is a once-in-a-lifetime day - and it's whipping math geeks, lovebirds and superstitious individuals everywhere into a frenzy.

While there's no actual Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart wedding going down (despite what the tabloids claim), plenty of others are tying the knot today.


There will never be another date like 12-12-12, after all ... the world is ending only nine days later, according to the Mayans' famous apocalyptic prediction.

Even if those fools are somehow wrong, it's a long ass time until 1-1-2101.

Not only is getting married on 12-12-12 a cool story, but it makes for easy-to-remember anniversary date. There's still 12 hours left in the day, fellas!

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A local California anchor was recently caught on camera doing what really needs to be mandatory during all local news commercial breaks: dancing up a storm!

Fox 40's Tia Ewing was working at 4:15 a.m. when it was time to cut to a commercial. What's a girl to do at that hour but get down to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"?

With a tablet in one hand, and her ring finger on display in the other, natch:

"I gotta get it where I can get it,” Ewing explained on air after realizing what happened. “I just didn’t know the camera was rolling. What else am I going to do at 4:30 in the morning?"

Point conceded. But add it to the list of 2012 local news fails just the same.

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It's been an interesting week for the guys from Pawn Stars.

Not only where they fined for trashing a campground but now Richard B. Harrison, Richard K. Harrison, Richard C. Harrison and Austen Russell have a much bigger problem.

They are subject to a whopping $5 million lawsuit.

Pawn Stars Cast

Venture IAB Inc. talent agency claims they lost that massive amount in commissions based on its 10 percent interest in their income, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Two teenage boys are wanted for the killing of a young Pennsylvania mother who had words with them as they harassed her boyfriend walking down the street Saturday.

Kayla Peterson's boyfriend, Bill Bailey, said it all started over a cigarette comment.

"My friend came in and got cigarettes, and three young kids followed him. They kept following him and asking for a cigarette," convenience store employee Brock Edwards said.

Bailey said the teens followed, harassing him while he walked two blocks home. When he got there, Bailey said the 22-year-old Peterson came out and told the boys to get a job.

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A gunman shot two people dead and seriously injured another in a Portland, Oregon, mall Tuesday, sending holiday shoppers running for cover.

The shooting happened around 3:20 p.m. local time (6:20 p.m. ET) in the food court near the Macy's, triggering panic at the Clackamas Town Center.

Oregon Mall

Fortunately, police agencies were able to "basically hunt down, find this guy" in record time, Sheriff Craig Roberts told NBC station KGW.

Lt. James Rhodes, of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, said the gunman, described as an adult male, died of a self-inflicted gunshot.

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