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Amanda Longacre recently was crowned Miss Delaware, but her tenure under the tiara was short-lived, as she was stripped of her title. Due to her age.

Longacre was crowned June 14, but she since been disqualified. The Miss America Organization says that contestants must be 17 to 24 years old.

She will turn 25 in October. Brittany Lewis, also 24, was crowned in her place a brief ceremony at the Dover Downs Hotel Casino on Thursday.

Amanda Longacre isn't going down with a fight, however, claiming she signed a contract with her age and birthday clearly stated, before winning.

She says a member of the board signed off on that contract on a local, state and national level. Only Tuesday was she notified that her age was an issue.

Longacre will not able to compete in the Miss America Pageant in September. In addition to being stripped of her title, she loses all prizes associated with it.

The organization said in a press release Thursday:

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A boy who had been missing for 11 days was found alive and well in his father's basement, Detroit police say, and the drama played out last night on TV.

Charlie Bothuell, 12, went missing on June 14. His father, Charles Bothuell IV, had appeared on Nancy Grace to appeal for help finding the boy.

While he was on the air, the boy was found in his basement. When Grace informed him of this, he stunned to silence and nearly began hyperventilating:

Bothuell said the basement where the boy was found had been repeatedly searched by local police, the FBI and his family. Nancy was not buying it.

It's hard to say if Bothuell was being defensive or just in a state of utter shock with his reactions, but the whole thing was definitely a little strange.

Authorities say they have no idea how the boy ended up in the basement, whether he was there the whole time or whether he was recently put there.

A rep for the Detroit PD confirmed that police dogs previously combed the house at least four times prior to June 25 and did not turn up the boy.

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Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson's son was killed in 2013, allegedly by Joseph Robert Patterson - a boyfriend of the boy's mother.

Astonishingly, Patterson was freed on $750,000 bond while he awaited trial. That waiting period came to an end today, as Patterson was arrested for allegedly kidnapping the child's mother.

Adrian Peterson Pic

Patterson had been under strict instructions not to contact Peterson or any family members of his son, Tyrese.

Patterson was apprehended in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Tuesday morning and is now being held without bail.

There is still no trial date set for Patterson's murder trial.

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Nicholas Wig is officially a Dumbest Criminals Hall of Fame candidate after breaking into a house and deciding to check Facebook during the robbery.

Not on his phone, mind you, but on the computer of James Wood, whose stole cash, credit cards, a watch and phone Wig was in the process of stealing.

Then he didn't even log out! Nick is not you'd call stealthy at robbing people.

When Wood returned to find his home ransacked, "I started to panic," the Minnesota homeowner said. "Then I noticed he had pulled up his Facebook profile."

Wig's session was still in progress, so Wood posted using Wig's profile.

Saying Wig had burglarized his home, he even shared his phone number to see if someone would call with information. Wig texted him later that day.

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Katie Cleary, who became famous as one of the models on Deal Or No Deal, was recently spotted in Cannes with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier.

The one person absent in the pictures of her party hopping in the South of France was her husband, who according to reports, committed suicide last weekend.

In the wake of the questionable snapshots surfacing in the press, Andrew Stern, 40, shot himself on Sunday at a shooting range in the San Fernando Valley.

Reports indicate the businessman and his wife, who has appeared in bit roles on Entourage and Chuck, were having marital issues and headed toward divorce.

That may have contributed to his stress, although sources report that he was reportedly also struggling financially and suffered from a history of depression.

The 32-year-old model issued a statement in the aftermath of the tragedy.

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U.S. women's soccer star Hope Solo entered a not guilty plea in court Monday after her weekend domestic violence arrest in Washington State.

She is accused of assaulting two relatives in a drunken outburst.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist was released on the conditions she avoid contact with her half-sister and a 17-year-old nephew, and that she not drink alcohol.

A pretrial hearing was set for the morning of August 11.

Dressed in a white shirt and black pants, Solo said little, telling the judge "I do" when asked if she understood the domestic violence assault charges against her.

Solo was arrested for domestic violence assault after a 911 call in which a male reported that a woman would not stop "hitting people" or leave the house.

Meanwhile, Solo's 17-year-old nephew is speaking out, telling TMZ that he pulled a gun on the athlete to try to get her to stop attacking him ... to no avail.

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USA! USA! US... hey, wait a second. What?!?

According to NBC News, an American exchange student sparked an "extraordinary rescue mission" last week when his leg got stuck inside a giant vagina sculpture in Tuebingen, Germany.

Student Gets Stuck in Vagina

"It was a dare," fire department squad leader Markus Mozer explained to NBC. "The young man had tried to pose for an unusual photo and climbed into the artwork."

And, come on, fellas. We all know how complicated it can be once you're inside there.

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Over the past few days, Jeremy Meeks - aka Hot Mug Shot Guy - has taken the Internet by storm. 

But while most web celebs are unable to translate their online notoriety into real world fame - Meeks is already getting attention from Hollywood. Well, kinda....

While the 30-year-old Stockton, CA resident may have hoped that his jail house headshot might lead to some acting or modeling, it's instead resulted in something much more unexpected:

  • Kendrick Sampson Photo
  • Jeremy Meeks Mugshot

Vampire Diaries star Kendrick Sampson posted side-by-side photos of himself and Meeks with the caption, "My next role #JeremyMeeks."

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This isn't a sitcom, but Chuck Speare has rules for dating his daughter.

They're very clear. They get right to an important point. And they're available on Zazzle for $48.90 if you wish to advertise them for yourself.

Indeed, Speare's unusual article has clothing has gone viral, with the following Tumblr photo having been shared over 200,000 times within 24 hours of it going online. 

Feminist Father Shirt

"He's very supportive of me and the decisions I make for myself; he cares so much about me and my passion for feminism," Kristine Speare, 20, says.

She tells Yahoo Shine via Twitter message regarding her father, a restaurant owner in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, "completely agrees with the shirt's message."

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Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon whose hot mug shot went viral this week, is speaking out from jail about his bizarre 15 minutes of fame - and his incarceration.

Speaking to ABC's local affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., Jeremy Meeks said that he learned of his sudden Internet popularity after chatting with his wife.

Yes, he's married. Sorry ladies.

"Well I appreciate [the attention]," Meeks, 30, said from behind a glass wall. "But I just want them to know that this is really not me, I'm not some kingpin."

Meeks' mugshot set the Internet ablaze after the Stockton, Calif., Police Department posted his picture to its official Facebook page on Wednesday.

Meeks and four others were arrested in a gang-related bust, dubbed Operation Ceasefire, a combined effort between federal and local police authorities.

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