A lion reportedly attacked a man and woman having sex in a bush in Africa, killing the woman. The incident occurred outside a Zimbabwe village.

A source tells My Zimbabwe:

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Paging Dennis Rodman! The Worm may be known for rebounds, but we need a serious diplomatic assist on this one - and he has Kim Jong-Un's ear.

Why? Because North Korea is far from pleased right now. In the face of new U.N. sanctions, the rogue state is threatening to preemptively attack America.

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A son-in-law of Osama bin Laden who served as an Al-Qaeda's spokesman was arrested in Turkey and brought to New York, according to government sources.

After a joint operation by Jordanian authorities and the FBI, Suleiman Abu Ghaith was captured and is expected to be brought to trial in federal court.

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Police are investigating an altercation in which a New Jersey woman outside a nightclub appeared to grab a police officer, who then punched her in the face.

In the video below, a fight outside Envy Night Club escalates from yelling and cursing to a physical scuffle, when a cop emerges and appears to punch a woman:

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Marion Adams - a multimedia teacher and track and field coach at Rio Londa High School in California - died this week in a terrifying bicycle accident, reports The Sacramento Bee.

The 59-year old was riding away from practice on Monday when he looked over his shoulder to bid farewell to a student.

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Eccentric NBA legend Dennis Rodman is already planning his next trip to North Korea, according to reports, with his sights set on much more than basketball.

The star wants to broker a peace deal between the United States and the (erroneously named) Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Seriously.

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Federal prosecutors have rested their case against Gilberto Valle, New York's so-called "cannibal cop" and a man accused of some truly unthinkable behavior.

Images from websites devoted to torturing and eating women were shown as prosecutors alleged Valle was involved in a plot to kidnap, torture and eat women.

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A smiling, playful, OMG-too-cute polar bear cub was born recently at the Buffalo Zoo in western New York, and is ready to make its public debut!

The unnamed fluffy white bear was introduced Friday as the zoo announced the next phase of fundraising for a new $18 million polar bear exhibit for him/her.

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