A 13-year-old New Orleans-area boy is charged with second-degree murder in his five-year-old sister's death - using moves he learned from WWE wrestling.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office confirmed the death in a news release.

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You have to see this amazing video in which doctors describe the radical treatment they gave a six-year-old dying of leukemia - and how it worked.

Emma Whitehead, 6, was near death from leukemia after relapsing twice following chemotherapy, leaving doctors fresh out of options. Except one.

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The American Medical Association formally voted earlier this week to classify obesity as a disease, one that 35 percent of U.S. adults reportedly have.

The classification is aimed in part to get doctors to tackle obesity as if they were treating a disease, rather than a mere lifestyle in need of modification.

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Mama bears are known for being vicious protectors of their children. Father and founder of Boing Boing Mark Fauenfelder just found himself a new nickname: Papa Bear.

Frauenfelder took to Twitter and his Boing Boing blog after receiving texts from his daughter about the TSA agent's "glaring" at her and then barking "COVER YOURSELF." 

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