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Embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised Thursday to release more than a million files in 2013 which would affect "every country in the world."

"Despite an unprecedented criminal investigation and campaign to destroy WikiLeaks, 2012 has been a huge year," said Assange in a rare video message.

"Next year will be equally busy. WikiLeaks has well over a million documents to release."

Assange, the Australian native founder of WikiLeaks, gave his speech from the balcony of Ecuador's London embassy, where he has been given asylum.

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A 16-year-old South Dakota boy killed his friend with a shotgun after the pair argued over a paintball game and playfully wrestled at the boy's home.

The victim, Dalton Williams was found lying in the entryway of the shooter's house around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Paramedics rushed the high school sophomore to a nearby hospital, to no avail.

Paintball Pic

The accused shooter was arrested for first-degree murder at the scene and was being held in Hughes County, Pierre Police Chief Bob Grandpre said.

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Facebook is testing a service that will charge users $1 to guarantee that messages they send to people they are not friends with arrive in users' inboxes.

Facebook Crew

Launched in 2011, the oft-ignored "other" folder is where FB routes messages it deems less relevant. The $1 fee would re-route them to the inbox.

Not quite spam, these include messages from people you most likely don't know, based on FB's reading of your connections. Many users ignore this folder.

Now, users will be able to pay $1 to sent messages to non-friends.

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Is the end of the world today?

The ancient Mayan calendar supposedly predicted a 12/21/12 apocalypse a long, long time ago, but is this Friday (also the winter solstice), really doomsday?

World Ending

Apparently not. Their calendar supposedly runs out at 5 a.m., over two HOURS ago.

Unless they were somehow issuing predictions on West Coast, Alaska or Hawaii time, THG officially calls shenanigans on your apocalypse, Mayans.

Weaksauce ancient civilization.

The December 21 apocalypse frenzy is working overdrive in any case, as doomsday speculation and gossip has permeated across the globe.

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Pawn Stars cast member Olivia Black was reportedly fired from the show's famed Gold and Silver Pawn Shop after nude photos of her surfaced online.

“Well $h!t ... I was just fired,” the 27-year-old posted on Facebook.

  • Olivia Black Picture
  • Olivia Black Photo

Black then posted a link to an article on celebrity gossip site Radar Online about her dismissal that states it came after photos revealed her racy past.

She apparently worked for the soft-core porn site SuicideGirls (dot) com back in 2008 before she started working at the pawn shop about a year ago.

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In the kind of study teenage males across the country can support, new research shows that the squeezing of breasts can help prevent terminal illness.

According to Gautham Venugopalan, the lead researcher at the University of California, pressure on this body part can suppress the growth of cancerous cells.

Breast Squeeze

“For centuries people have known that physical stress can affect the body," Venugopalan said, adding that the study "also showed that physical stress can affect cell growth."

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What have you done for your fellow man today?

That's what Ann Curry and many others who are following the lead of the former Today Show anchor want to know.

In response to the tragic Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary last week, Curry penned an article for NBC News that talked of her struggles reporting from Darfur in 2007.

Ann Curry in NYC

To cope, she tried to make a small, positive gesture in the region whenever she could. This past weekend, with a similar goal in mind, Curry Tweeted:

“Imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for every one of those children killed in Newtown.”

And the idea caught on, with followers suggesting they up the number to 26 in honor of the adults also killed by Adam Lanza.

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Authorities have arrested America's "Most Wanted" deadbeat dad, according to reports.

Robert Sand, 50, of New York, was arrested upon his arrival at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday after being deported from the Philippines.

He is believed to owe more than $1.2 million in child support.

Robert Sand Mug Shot

Over the last 10 years, Sand has underreported his income and moved from New York to Florida to Thailand to evade child support payments.

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Three Swedish tourists experienced quite a surprise while swimming in a national park in Australia - a crocodile leaping from rocks and landing on one of them.

Felix Andersson, Jakob Hellberg and Ulrik Bergsland were testing a new underwater camera when they spotted the creature and moved in for a closer look.

The well-disguised, calm crocodile suddenly launched itself from rocks in the Litchfield National Park, landing on Andersson, who was fortunately unhurt.

Unlike yesterday's hilarious video of the eagle snatching a kid, this does not appear to be a hoax ... although you never know on the Internet these days.

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A man was arrested by Pennsylvania police after he allegedly threw a tantrum at a local McDonald’s because someone put cheese on his hamburger.

Cheese Burger

Sean Varone, 35, allegedly flipped out on the burger flippers and assaulted an employee in the parking lot of the Springettsbury Township McDonald’s.

A criminal complaint was filed against Varone on Tuesday.

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