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LAPD detectives have apologized to the family of the late Notorious B.I.G. for failing to warn them about the planned release of his autopsy report last Friday.

The rapper (real name Christopher Wallace) was killed 15 years ago in a drive-by, but the Notorious B.I.G. autopsy report had never seen the light of day.

Biggie Smalls

The detectives intended to notify the rapper's family, but the report was released prematurely "due to an administrative error," officials said in a statement.

"Our detectives personally spoke with the Wallace family (Friday) night, and apologized for not notifying them prior to the release" said Capt. Billy Hayes.

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The two DJs whose now-infamous Kate Middleton prank call apparently led a nurse to commit suicide may face a criminal probe, according to reports.

DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian

Mel Greig and Michael Christian of Sydney's 2Day FM pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles inquiring about the health of the pregnant Duchess.

The hoax has caused public outcry after Jacintha Saldanha's suicide.

The 46-year-old nurse, who connected the pair to the Duchess' room, was found dead Friday morning after police were called to an address near the hospital.

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A flashy billboard purchased by a La Jolla, Calif., millionaire looking for a certain kind of love was taken down over the weekend amid criticism and vandalism.

Marc Paskin, 62, bought a billboard on I-5 and 28th Street that featured a photo of himself and stated, bluntly, “All I want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.”

La Jolla Billboard

Presumably, Marc wanted San Diego-area Latinas to contact him directly.

The blunt billboard stirred up some controversy in the area; while some residents found it lighthearted and comical, others thought it was slightly offensive.

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The bill given to three friends at Chilly D's Restaurant really stung, but not because of the price, which is actually pretty affordable for dinner for three in this era.

It was the description of their table at the top.

"I got the bill, I looked [and] I was like, 'Why does this receipt say 'fat girls?'" customer Christine Duran said, recalling her Stockton, Calif., experience.

Fat Girls Receipt

The friends had dined out at Chilly D's, part of the Cameo Casino Restaurant, on Thursday.

The bill lists charges for three tri-tips with fries and three sodas, for $25.50. A bartender named Jeff had apparently typed in "Fat Girls" to keep track of their bill.

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The first photo of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who committed suicide after falling for a prank call involving Kate Middleton, has been released by Scotland Yard.

Saldanha passed away hours after being duped by the Kate Middleton prank call, in which two Australian DJ's pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

Jacintha Saldanha Pic

Scotland Yard sent out the haunting snap-shot of Saldanha, the nurse on-call at King Edward VII Hospital in London, and whose demise is now under investigation.

The 46-year-old's death is currently listed as "unexplained."

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A snafu at a Minnesota hospital this week resulted in a mom breastfeeding the wrong baby, causing awkwardness and emotional distress for all involved.

The mistake occurred after a baby boy at Minneapolis' Abbott Northwestern Hospital was placed in the wrong bassinet in the nursery, ABC News reports.

Newborns at Hospital

As a precaution, the baby breastfed by the wrong mom was tested for HIV and hepatitis, and will receive the tests every three months for the next year.

The baby has so far tested negative for both diseases.

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A member of the nursing staff at King Edward VII Hospital in London reportedly committed suicide after falling for a phone hoax about the pregnant Kate Middleton.

Two Australian DJs apparently phoned the hospital pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, the grandmother and father of Prince William.

The DJs were dispatched to the Duchess of Cambridge's personal nursing staff and were given private details regarding the mother-to-be's condition and care.

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The Notorious B.I.G. (real name Christopher Wallace) sustained four gunshot wounds the night he was murdered in L.A. back in 1997, according to a just-released autopsy report.

Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy
Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy from back in the day. Look at that beeper.

Wallace, who was listed at 6'1" and 395 lbs., was struck a total of four times in a drive-by shooting by a still-unknown assailant on Los Angeles' Wilshire Blvd.

He was only 24.

As he sat in the passenger seat of a Chevy Suburban, Biggie was ambushed by bullets from the car alongside him. The first three, it turns out, were not fatal:

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A Christmas display in Meridian, Idaho, may put all others to shame - even this Gangnam Style Christmas house - with its unorthodox take on festive music and decor.

Synced to dubstep, the pulsating, bass-heavy show rocks the house (literally):

Thousands of lights flash spastically in time to the dubstep beat, making for a transfixing feast for the eyes (or a possible seizure / flashback to that rave in college).

Anybody seen a house that tops this? The gauntlet has been thrown down!

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George Zimmerman has filed a lawsuit against NBC over the way the network edited and played a 911 call following the shooting of Trayvon Martin in February.

Zimmerman claims NBC made him look like a "hostile racist."

NBC launched an internal investigation over the Trayvon Martin 911 call after it aired the recording, which featured Zimmerman quotes outside of their original context.

The tape played on the air made it sound like Zimmerman immediately told police that Martin, who he says he shot in self-defense, was black, without being prompted.

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