Rachael Clark is a straight-A student graduating from the University of Maryland this year, getting married this summer, and making plans beyond that.

She is preparing to write book about adoption; to pursue a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy; to become a mom to at least four kids.

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Charles Darwin (1809-1882) was generations ahead of his time, courting controversy, bequeathing to us the theory of evolution and shifting the zeitgeist of modern science.

His "survival of the fittest" and "law of the jungle" are phrases so commonplace today that even young children would have some idea of their meaning.

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A young woman and her service dog melted hearts across the web when they showed up to her college graduation in matching caps and gowns.

The cute graduate, who received her diploma in a wheelchair accompanied by her pooch, became the talk of the University of Illinois - and Reddit:

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China is taking its penchant for piracy to new levels.

A ring of underground workshops producing millions of counterfeit, brand-name condoms was busted by police in the Asian nation this week.

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