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Bernie Madoff is not surprised. Or impressed.

In a Christmas Eve letter from the medium security federal prison where he is serving a 150-year sentence, Madoff tells CNBC that insider trading has been around "forever."

Bernie Madoff Mug Shot

He also rails against what he calls a lack of transparency in the financial markets, and says the growth of hedge funds is forcing market players to take outsized risks.

You know, in case you wanted his opinion.

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The husband of a police officer who was slain while patrolling a Wisconsin neighborhood Christmas Eve has been arrested in connection with her death.

Wauwatosa police officials confirm that Benjamin Sebena, of Menomonee Falls, was booked into Milwaukee County Jail on first-degree murder charges.

Jennifer Sebena Photo

He has not been formally charged with the death of Jennifer Sebena, 30, however he is being held under the assumption that charges with be forthcoming.

Police officers discovered Sebena's body a couple of hours after she was patrolling in Milwaukee and failed to respond to radio calls early on Christmas Eve.

She had been shot several times for unknown reasons.

Jennifer Sebena's funeral is scheduled for Saturday.

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Call us crazy, but we think a new Philadelphia high school program may create a bit of controversy.

According to ABC News, the city - in response to a new report that cites five percent of its high schoolers have tested positive for STDs - is installing condom dispensers in the 22 schools with the highest rates of these diseases.


"We believe distributing condoms is part of our obligation to keep students healthy and to remain healthy," said school district spokesman Fernando Gallard. "The health department has described this as a continued epidemic of STDs among teenagers in Philadelphia."

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Man, 2012 was a great year for videos.

Long or short, highly produced or randomly amateur, political or sexual, musical or viral, these 12 videos spread like wildfire across the World Wide Internets.

What videos stand out as your favorites over the past 12 months? We've chosen a dozen that defined the year. Let's take a look back at 2012 in moving pictures:

12. Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know." Overplayed as it is dinky as it is catchy, Gotye's song may be one-hit wonder material, but that one hit was HUGE!

Cool video, too. Often imitated, never duplicated.

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Jennifer Johnson, a Florida mom who passed away this month at age 30, is sharing the heartbreaking story of her fatal heart condition even after she's gone.

Johnson recorded the four-minute video in October, using flashcards to tell the story of her condition and to express fear of leaving her young kids alone.

As she fought back the tears, she lamented being taken from her two "heartbeats," and expressed that she was "too young" to die, while appealing for donations.

Johnson was diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease, hypertrophic obstructive cardio myopathy, which hardens the heart and restricts blood flow.

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It will not. A new study confirms that a huge asteroid will pass harmlessly by Earth in 2040, meaning you may very well have more than 28 years to live.


New observations of the asteroid 2011 AG5 now give astronomers confidence that the 460-foot-wide space rock won't hit Earth in the year 2040.

Asteroid in 2040

When it was discovered, scientists said that 2011 AG5 had a 1-in-500 chance of impact with Earth, pretty good odds considering the size of the universe.

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Forget Bowl Championship Series.

In the video below, BCS stands for Beloved Christmas Sobbing.

Click Play and watch as a man receives the gift of a lifetime from his son: tickets to the January 7 national title game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Take note, children everywhere, the bar has been raised...

Of course, this emotional recipient has a long way to go in order to earn the title of Most Adorable Gift Reaction Ever.

Watch this adorable girl react to a trip to Disneyland now. It's amazing.

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In what has become the largest petition in White House history, 259,000 people have joined the online effort to label the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group.

The petition was created on the White House website after WBC members announced plans to picket a vigil for children killed in the Newtown, Conn., shooting.

Backlash came fast and furious.

Westboro Follower

Anonymous hacked Westboro Baptist Church and has been trolling spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper hard. Now the petition seeks to have it designated what it is.

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NBC's Meet the Press and host David Gregory are being investigated by officials after his display of a high capacity gun magazine on television Sunday.

Some reports say Gregory was cleared by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to show the weapon on television (below).

Others aren't so sure.

David Gregory, Meet the Press

Ironically, Gregory's display took place during an interview with the NRA President on Meet the Press, in which gun laws and gun safety were debated.

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For decades, comic books have gone through major shakeups, with varying degrees of fan support and outrage as popular characters' fates are revealed.

The social media age is only enhancing the controversy over Spider-Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker, over whom a firestorm has erupted in recent days.

Why? SPOILER ALERT: Be warned, major details ahead ...

Amazing Spider-Man 700

Marvel revealed that Parker will die, and the role of Spider-Man will be taken over by his archenemy, Doctor Octopus, after “Amazing Spider-Man” #700.

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