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As any Homeland Season 2 fan knows, Mandy Patinkin is simply The Man.

But viewers of Fox5's Good Day New York discovered this for themselves last week, as the veteran actor was previewing his Showtime drama's Sunday finale when co-anchor Dave Price had to peace out.

The reason? His wife was in labor with the couple's first child.

Patinkin's reaction? Priceless. Watch him grow exceedingly excited for the reporter now, unable to contain his enthusiasm even as Rosanna Scotto tries to bring the conversation back to Homeland...

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A new video captures the giant asteroid 4179 Toutatis tumbling through space on its flyby of Earth earlier this week, offering insight into how the thing moves.

The asteroid video, which is about 40 seconds long, combines 64 radar images taken Wednesday and Thursday by NASA's Deep Space Network antenna.

On those days, Toutatis was about 4.3 million miles from Earth, or about 18 times farther away than the moon is. Relatively speaking, that's really close!

The new radar images show the 3-mile-wide asteroid in striking detail.

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An Indiana man who allegedly threatened to "kill as many people as he could" at an elementary school near his home has been arrested - and 47 guns were found at his home.


Von Meyer Mug Shot

Von Meyer, 60, of Cedar Lake, Ind., was arrested on criminal charges of felony intimidation, domestic battery and resisting law enforcement on Saturday.

Cedar Lake Police officers were called to Meyer's home early Friday after he allegedly threatened to set his wife on fire once she fell asleep, the statement said.

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The horrific shooting at the Newtown, Conn., elementary school that left 28 dead, including 20 children, has re-ignited a polarizing debate over gun control.

If nothing else, it's time to get very, very serious about discussing the issue.

Obama Cries During CT Speech

Public figures immediately jumped in to offer condolences in the wake of the mass murder committed by Adam Lanza, while some called for new restrictions.

Plenty of others, while clearly sympathetic to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, defended gun rights and the 2nd Amendment.

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A visibly distraught U.S. President Barack Obama fought back tears as he addressed the media following this morning's Connecticut school shooting tragedy.

“The majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old,” Obama said during a national TV address.

After pausing to compose himself for five whole seconds, he added, “They had their entire lives ahead of them: birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own.”

Then the president wiped the corner of his eye.

The massacre allegedly carried out by Adam Lanza (not his brother, Ryan Lanza, as was first reported) is enough to make anyone sick, but especially parents of young kids.

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The crazed gunman dressed in black who went on a rampage at a Connecticut elementary school this morning has been identified as Adam Lanza, according to reports.

The Connecticut school shooting left 27 dead, including Lanza and 18 children.

Conn. Shooting

Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly shot and killed his mother, a teacher, then targeted her kindergarten class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Police in Hoboken, N.J. are questioning his brother Ryan Lanza, 24, who was originally reported as the shooter; the N.Y. Post says he is not a suspect.

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Louisiana meteorologist Rhonda Lee defended her short hair after being insulted on Facebook, only to be fired ... and receive a groundswell of support online.

A viewer took Lee, of Shreveport's KTBS, to task October 1 for having short hair, rather than for any job-related issues. Lee, 37, responded in the comments.

Instead of backing her up or deleting the offensive post, however, the network fired Lee, saying she had violated the company's unofficial social media policy.

Now, her fans are furious.

Rhonda Lee Photo

Nearly 1,000 people have signed a petition asking that KTBS rehire Lee, saying she was victimized twice, once by the viewer "and again by KTBS."

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The alleged shooter in today's tragic Connecticut school shooting was identified by NBC News as Ryan Lanza, 24, who reportedly also killed his father in Hoboken, N.J.

However, reports now conflict as to whether this is truly the case; several sources believe his brother, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, was actually the shooter.

WNBC says Lanza then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., an hour east of N.Y. City, where his mother was the kindergarten teacher.


There, Lanza was said to have been responsible for the Connecticut school shooting that claimed 26 lives - 18 of them children - before he killed himself.

The gunman opened fire after wanting through the front office, then walked to his mother's classroom and opened fire, killing her and other students.

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Connecticut State Police are responding to reports of a shooting at an elementary school in the town of Newton that police sources say left 27 people dead.

CT Shooting

Ryan Lanza was originally believed to have been responsible for the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, one of the worst in U.S. history.

Now, several sources report that his brother, Adam Lanza, was the shooter.

Authorities said the gunman is dead. An official with knowledge of the situation told the Associated Press that the man apparently had two guns.

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In the world's first known Gangnam Style death, Eamonn Kilbride suffered a heart attack and passed away this week at his office Christmas party.

The 46-year-old British father of three was performing the energetic dance patented by Korean pop star Psy when he suddenly and tragically collapsed.

Kilbride did not recover.


Said his wife, Julie:

“We were having a fantastic time at the Christmas party and Eamonn had just finished dancing to Gangnam Style. He was up on stage and entertaining everybody."

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