A Reuters and NBC investigation revealed an Internet subculture in which parents "re-home" or give away adopted kids they no longer want.

Most of the time, but not all of the time, the adopted children were first adopted from foreign countries, and they typically range in age from 6-14.

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Hey men, wanna get on the really good side of your better half? Follow the lead of Jason Mortensen:

Get surgery. Wake up in a hospital with a heavy dose of medication in your system and ogle the woman behind the camera... who happens to be your wife!

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Anna Elena Ochoa, a 26-year old mother of three in Arizona, has been arrested and charged with child abuse after admitting to police that she held her very young son over an electric stove top.

Authorities were alerted to aggressive behavior by Ochoa via an anonymous call to Child Protective Services on Thursday and arrived to find a badly burned two-year old boy.

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