On Friday morning, Amy Beth Cavaretta gave birth to her second child in Boca Raton. What makes this a newsworthy event?

The delivery took place on the sidewalk OUTSIDE the hospital... and it was caught on camera in every shocking, miraculous detail!

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A Bronx teacher says a major misunderstand led to her firing - and now she's during for damages as a result.

Petrona Smith, an African-American native of the West Indies and a junior high instructor at PS 211 until March 2012, has been unemployed ever since she gave her Spanish class a color lesson in which she used the word "negro."

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On February 14, Timothy "Tim Dog" Blair was reported dead, with sources as reputable as Rolling Stone reporting he passed away from a diabetes-related seizure.

But Esther Pilgrim believes otherwise: she says the ex-rapper faked his death in order to swindle her out of $32,000.

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A man believed to be a British soldier was hacked to death in broad daylight by two men with a cleaver in what officials are calling a terrorist attack.

As the victim, dressed in what looked to be a T-shirt for Help for Heroes, a charity for military veterans, lay dying, one of the attackers found a camera.

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