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Gavyn Edlinger, the manager at Family Dollar in Saginaw, Mich., has been fired from his job after confronting some apparent shoplifters last week.

Confronting doesn't do it justice really. He unloaded on them in an EPIC tirade, and even sprayed one of the girls with Febreze they allegedly stole.

All while being recorded in a parking lot no less. Take a look:

Well, that escalated quickly. Especially on YouTube.

Absolutely berating the women (one of whom was pregnant), Gavin said he would "whoop yo' ass" and that he is "not the motherf--kin' one" to eff with.

Girrrrl ... don't even. Don't EVEN.

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It's not easy being a female high school student these days.

You try to be witty with your senior quote and you nearly get suspended from graduation.

You open your yearbook and find some pieces of clothing have suddenly been Photoshopped on to your person.

Or, if you attend Menihek High School in Canada, you get sent home because administrators say your exposed bra straps are distracting everyone with a penis.

Such was the case this week for a number of angry Menihek students, with Danielle Matias saying the school dress code is sexist because it asks women to wear clothing based on the reactions of men.

"We were actually given a presentation at the beginning of every school year, and they were telling us, ‘Well, you can’t wear certain types of shirts because they’re afraid that male students will take it the wrong way," Matias says.

There does seem to be nothing wrong with that line of thinking, huh?

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George Jung - the inspiration for the 2001 Johnny Depp movie Blow - has been released from prison after nearly 20 years behind bars.

George Jung

Now 71 years old, Jung was one of the biggest drug dealers of the 1970s, graduating from smuggling pounds of marijuana across international borders via private plane to trafficking cocaine in cooperation with Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel.

Jung evaded capture on several occasions and skipped bail following his arrest in 1987. After several years of staying "clean," Jung was arrested in Topeka, Kansas with nearly 1800 pounds of cocaine.

He was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison and just yesterday was released to an undisclosed halfway house on the West Coast. 

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A woman in Tennessee named Shona Carter-Brooks recently tied her one-month old child to her wedding dress and then dragged the child down the aisle.

And the only thing more shocking than the act itself may be the bride's response to critics of her decision.

Baby Tied to Wedding Dress

Carter-Brooks ended up at the center of a media storm after posting pictures of daughter Aubrey's unusual involvement in the ceremony on Facebook.

But the mother of two didn't back down once the questions and insults starting flying online.

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Remember when board games were a thing that happened around a table and not over Bluetooth and infrared phone syncing and other technology I don't even sort of comprehend yet?

Yeah, so do we. 

In this digital era in which we live, board games seem to be going the way of the Dodo with fewer and fewer children getting exposure to some of the most classic board games in existence.

And if they do get to know those games, they aren't without fancy-schmancy electronic "upgrades" to make the game more marketable for a tech-savvy generation.

The Game of Life
Take that tiny plastic station wagon out for a spin and add peg people to your family as you struggle to make it from pay day to pay day. Just like real life.

Looking at you, Electronic Battleship and Words With Friends!

Heck, even Monopoly has an electronic bank now!

And don't get us started on actual "board" games marketed to kids. If you're buying one of those, be prepared to plop down $10 for batteries, too.

So get back to game night with these 11 board games you should totally still play. Introduce your neighbors, your friends, your own children, to these awesomely entertaining classics!

Your inner child will thank you.

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A 61-year-old Minnesota man is accused of pulling a gun on a neighbor who was teaching his seven-year-old daughter how to ride a bike ... seriously.

Gary Drake faces alleged second-degree assault and terroristic threat charges after he pointed a shotgun at his neighbor and threatened to kill him.

The charges against Drake indicate that when observing the bike-riding lesson being administered, he began vocally critiquing the father’s tactics.

The father said, “I’ve got it.” That's when Drake allegedly said, “If you don’t like my advice, get off my street.” The dad told Drake he "doesn't own the street."

Drake appeared to get angrier and went inside his home, according to reports, but he wasn't anywhere near done with this bike-riding nuisance.

Reads the insane criminal complaint:

"As the father and daughter were making their way away from Drake’s house, he came back outside with a shotgun and threatened to kill the father."

"Drake’s wife came outside, pulled the gun away and physically dragged Drake inside. Drake went outside again and told the father he was going to kill him."

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One of the judges at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which aired last night on ESPN, is apparently a huge fan of rapper Kelis and/or milkshakes.

He randomly quoted her classic track when asked to use a word in a sentence ... while not using the word in question. It was pretty outstanding:

The judge, Dr. Jacques Bailly (1980 National Spelling Bee champion!) was supposed to be using "feijoada" in a sentence, by request from the finalist.

Instead, he BROKE IT DOWN, saying "While Tabitha discovered that her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard ..." and then cut himself off.

Cue the confused, awkward quasi-laughter.

The contestant went on to spell the word, which apparently is a Brazilian stew, correctly before the big event ran out of words and ended in a tie.

Kelis was reportedly too busy bringing the boys to the yard and determining if she has to charge for her serves to be reached for comment at press time.

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The ongoing Veterans Health Administration scandal currently plaguing the Obama administration claimed two major career casualties today.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney both announced their resignations this afternoon amidst growing public outrage over alleged incompetency and falsified records within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Eric Shineski
  • Jay Carney

It is not known if Carney's resignation is a direct result of the scandal, and the former journalist who has been with the Obama administration since 2008 will not officially step down until mid-June.

Shinseki's resignation, however, definitely stems from growing frustration over deception and the perceived mishandling of healthcare cases by the VA.

A Vietnam veteran and former Army chief of staff, Shinseki offered a public apology to veterans and their families today before tendering his resignation privately at the White House. 

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Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe are your co-National Spelling Bee champions after the first tie in 52 years and only the fourth in event history.

The youngsters correctly spelled so many words Thursday on ESPN that the Scripps National Spelling Bee had to declare them both winners.

The reason it was called a draw is simple, yet a bit head-scratching: There weren't enough words left on the competition's list to keep it going.

Yes, they were LITERALLY at a loss for words.

In the final round, Hathwar, a 14-year-old eighth-grader from Painted Post, N.Y., spelled "stichomythia," a dialogue of altercation delivered by two actors.

We totally knew that word. Without a doubt.

Sujoe, a 13-year-old seventh-grader from Fort Worth, Tex., answered by nailing the word "feuilleton," part of a European newspaper. The end.

"I think we both know that the competition was against the dictionary, not against each other," Hathwar said on ESPN after earning the co-title.

"I am happy to share this trophy with him."

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A handful of female students at Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah would like to amend their yearbook quote.

To something really mean about their district administrators.

Sophomores such as Shelby Baum and Rachel Russel are angry because higher-ups decided to Photoshop pieces of clothing into the their original photos, thereby hiding certain patches of skin and making the images more age-appropriate.

But the girls say there was no consistency in selecting which shots to edit, while Baum tells a local Fox affiliate the school didn’t give her “an option to fix” the picture, resulting in a “funny” looking final product. 

Baum is the first girl pictured below:

Photoshopped Yearbook Photo
Students in Utah aren't happy with their high school, not after yearbook photos such as this one were the victim of Photoshop.

Educators counter, meanwhile, that students were well aware of the school’s dress code - and that they posted a sign warning them about potential changes to their submitted images.

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