It's not something you and I have to worry about, but for celebrities, the mundane tasks of going to the grocery store and pumping gas often turn into spectacles with swarming paparazzi.

Thankfully, that is soon to be somewhat quelled thanks in part to Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner's testimony in front of the California Legislature as to just how detrimental this is to their lives.

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Pfc. Bradley Manning told a military judge during a sentencing hearing Wednesday that he is sorry he hurt the United States, and vowed to be a better person.

Manning, who leaked hundreds of thousands of sensitive military and diplomatic documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, asked for leniency.

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A Duke University study suggests that autism might be linked with inducing and/or speeding up labor for pregnant women, especially if the baby is male.

The preliminary findings need investigating, since labor is induced in increasing numbers of U.S. women, researchers and other autism experts say.

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Sometimes, you just really want some quiche.

A couple of knife-wielding thieves broke into a cafe in Northumberland this week, causing police cars to swarm the premises and cops to engage in a five-hour standoff with the young men… all because they apparently had a specific craving.

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