Taylor Chapman's Dunkin' Donuts rant was as sickening as it gets, but at least she ruined her own life, while ironically helping those who endured it.

The employees who withstood the foul-mouthed tirade from the hostile customer have been hailed for their grace under pressure and recognized by the corporation.

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Malia Brooks - a 32-year old teacher at Garden Grove Elementary School in Simi Valley, California - was arrested this week on charges that she conducted multiple sex act with a minor.

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So, imagine you show up for an already-difficult family court hearing, get into an argument with an official and get arrested in front of your crying two-year-old.

Then imagine the arrest happened because you complained that a court marshal brought you into a side room, felt you up and asked you to lift up your shirt.

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Stuart Edge, a YouTube do-gooder and part-time prankster, sought out people in need for his latest round of web trickery, and the results are heartwarming.

With $1,000 out of his own savings, he made the days of 10 different homeless people, transforming $1 bills into $100s before their very eyes, and hands.

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