Keeping the momentum going in what has been an insane couple of months for viral fast food stories, we present to you ... this insane Wendy's customer!

This video of a dude "losing [his] s--t" over a cheeseburger that was SUPPOSED to be a hamburger is the latest to make the online rounds. Take a look:

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Will the remains of Jimmy Hoffa actually be uncovered this week?

Investigators, a tipster and curious onlookers hoped for just that Monday in Michigan as the FBI led a new search for Hoffa's body in the field.

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So... how have you shown love for your significant other today?

A 68-year old British man named Bob Baker has tattooed a cartoon-like version of his wife on to his bald head, as the image depicts Kelly Baker in a bikini and high heels, pushing a lawn mower.

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Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there from THG!

Whether its your father or another you may know, this is a day to celebrate him. Take the time to show your appreciation and let him do what he wants.

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