The world of professional wrestling may be fake, but former WWE superstar Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters made a very real and incredibly impressive save this week:

He saved his mother from a burning house.

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A sinkhole swallowed a pond on Sunday in Newcastle, California, stunning local homeowner Mark Korb, who woke up to see it completely drained away.

In its place, "This looks like the moon," he told NBC News.

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Residents in Wisconsin will need to keep their cloths on a bit more than usual after authorities announced yesterday the occasional closing of a popular nude beach.

Located about 25 miles northwest of Madison, the beach has grown into a hot spot for sexual escapades and drug deals in the surrounding woods.

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T.J. Lane - an 18-year old who pleaded guilty last month to killing three students in an Ohio State cafeteria in February 12 - was sentenced to consecutive life terms in prison today.

And he drew attention to himself throughout the hearing by smiling, cursing... and donning a "Killer" T-shirt.

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Talk about EGG-traordinary news!

Residents of a small village in Guizhou, Southwest China were left speechless this week after a chicken laid an egg so enormous that it contained two yolks and another egg.

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Iram Leon, a man with inoperable brain cancer, won a marathon Texas while pushing his daughter in a stroller - because he doesn't want to miss a minute with her.

Leon won’t take the credit for winning, though, saying that technically, his daughter Kiana won, seeing as she was in the stroller he was pushing ahead of him.

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