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This is not the sort of prize anyone is hoping to find in his or her cereal box.

Kellogg's announced on its website late last week that it had recalled numerous boxes of Special K Red Berries because they were contaminated with glass fragments.

Berry cereal

The company encourages consumers to check "any packages you may have in your home" and if they match the information below, "do not eat the food."

You may contact Kellogg's in order to be issued a replacement coupon.

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Two women in East Texas have been convicted of kidnapping after a jury agreed they abducted a boy when he was eight months old and help him for eight years.

Krystle Tanner Mug Shot

Gloria Walker faces life in prison, while daughter Krystle Tanner could spend 20 years behind bars, because they grabbed Miguel Morin in 2004, although both women testified the child's mother actually sold the baby to them at the time.

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Amazing news for everyone who has every dreamed of dressing like a postal worker?

The USPS is about to make that fantasy into a reality!


With this organization hemorrhaging money (say goodbye to Saturday mail on August 1), the USPS has actually announced it will soon come out with a clothing line.

It will be titled “Rain Heat & Snow" and it will be designed by the apparel company Wahconah Group, Inc.

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The family of a three-year old girl from east China's Shandong Province can finally breathe easier. The child has been rescued from her relatives' washing machine.

As depicted in the following video, the girl and her mother had been visiting loved ones when the toddler was left unsupervised in the laundry room.

Firefighters were called to the scene and needed multiple hours to cut it open and free the little one, who was unharmed and hopefully learned a valuable life lesson:

Always send your laundry out to be cleaned.

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On Saturday morning, a self-proclaimed "preacher" launched into a tirade aboard a New York City subway car.

Not exactly an unusual occurrence for anyone who takes public transit in The Big Apple.

But what was unusual about the event was when a gay passenger actually stood up and confronted the noise polluter, screaming back at him:

“You teach hate...You are false. You are a false prophet... I’m a gay man and Jesus loves me! Jesus loves me!”

Watch now to see both this man's reaction and that of the onlookers:

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Stunning New York news personality Ashley Morrison was allegedly attacked by her husband, fellow WCBS-TV anchorman Rob Morrison, according to reports.

Rob Morrison has since been portrayed as a hard-drinking, verbally abusive bully with a taste for internet porn with a history of incidents with the NYPD.

Ashley Morrison Photo

Rob was arrested Sunday after a late-night fight with Ashley Morrison in their Connecticut home, was also arrested for assault after a 2009 altercation with her.

The ex-Marine, who served as a foreign correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been cited in half a dozen domestic incident reports from 2003-09.

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In his new biography, music executive Clive Davis goes into detail about how he helped shape the careers of such icons as Whitney Houston and Bruce Springsteen.

But the immediate reaction to "The Soundtrack of My Life" has focused instead on a detail Davis included about his personal life:

He's bisexual.

Clive Davis Book

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North Carolina representatives have introduced a bill that would "clarify" a state law to ban nipple slips and otherwise prohibit the baring of breasts.

Women worried about showing too much of their "private area" should use pasties or even duct tape from now on... or they could be breaking the law.

Basically, do not emulate any Kate Upton photos like this one.

Hottest Kate Upton Photo

The proposed legislation, House Bill 34, would make it a Class H felony to expose "external organs of sex and of excretion, including the nipple."

The law also extends to "any portion of the areola." Good to know.

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A pair of brothers in Kansas won $75,000 in the lottery last week and proceeded to celebrate their newfound wealth in the only logical way possible:

By buying weed and meth and accidentally blowing up their home in Wichita.

Kansas House

According to The Wichita Eagle, one of the unnamed siblings went to the kitchen around 7 p.m. Friday to refuel the butane torches with which he planned to light the brothers' bongs.

But when he emptied these large cans of fluid, butane leaked into the air and "as you might expect," Sgt. Bruce Watts told the newspaper: "Ka-Boom."

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Shares of Walmart stock plummeted late last week after an internal company email was made public, one in which February sales were described as a "total disaster."

Walmart Photo

In a message obtained by Bloomberg News, Jerry Murray - the company's vice president of finance and logistics - wrote to other executives:

"In case you haven't seen a sales report these days, February (month-to-date) sales are a total disaster. The worst start to a month I have seen in my (about) 7 years with the company."

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