Tim Lake had a package from Amazon stolen from his house recently, and decided to seek revenge - and the return of his K-Cups - in hilarious fashion.

A security camera at the 29-year-old's Arizona captured an unidentified woman nonchalantly walking into his yard and making off with the box last Friday.

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Thinking of posting a photo of your paycheck on Instagram? Think again.

A New York man, apparently frustrated with the cost of living in the biggest city in the country, posted a photo of his paycheck to photo sharing site. 

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Burglars who stole computers from a non-profit at an office building in Los Angeles returned them with an apology note after they realized who they had pilfered.

Hearing they'd ransacked he San Bernardino County Sexual Assault Services - a group that helps victims of sexual violence - did not sit well with the thieves.

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