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This would be funny if it weren't so racist.

On Sunday night, a Papa John's employee dropped off a delivery to an African-American couple in Sanford, Florida.

He then drove away and accidentally called the couple to whom he had just brought the pizza, slamming them in a voicemail for being bad tippers and also for being... black.

"That's the only requirement for being a n-gger in Sanford," says the voice in the message. "Yeah, they gave me five bucks there. Fine, outstanding African-American gentleman of the community."

The customer went ahead and filmed the voicemail - which includes a racial slur-filled, made-up song - and posted it online. Listen now and take solace: The delivery man has been fired.

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Tragic news yesterday from Orosi, California:

Anthony Alvarez, a 63-year old man, shot his two adult daughters and then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide, all while his three grandchildren were home.

Man shoots daughters Pic

One daughter - Jennifer Kimble, 37, the mother of the young children inside the house - died from multiple gunshot wounds; while Jennifer's sister - Valerie Alvarez, 33 - has been stabilized at the hospital following surgery.

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A gunman went on a shooting spree in central Texas early yesterday morning, authorities now confirm, leaving five people injured and one dead before being killed himself in a shootout with police.

One of the wounded was a Concho County sheriff.

Crime Scene Tape

The unnamed 23-year North Carolina resident was tracked by nine state and local agencies across two counties for nearly two hours, opening fire from his pickup truck and hitting random cars along the way.

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On Friday morning, Amy Beth Cavaretta gave birth to her second child in Boca Raton. What makes this a newsworthy event?

The delivery took place on the sidewalk OUTSIDE the hospital... and it was caught on camera in every shocking, miraculous detail!

Birth Photo

Photographer Emily Robinson was on the scene to snap numerous pictures of the birth, as the midwife came out to meet Amy and ended up in the right place at the very right time.

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Very sad news today out of South Korea:

A 39-year old man jumped to his death on Wednesday from the 11th floor of a building in the city of Busan.

He landed on a five-year old girl who was walking with by with her parents on the street below and ended up killing her, as authorities confirm she died hours later from brain damage.

South Korea Image

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A 15-year-old boy in West Point, Utah, is being held in a juvenile detention center under suspicion that he killed his two siblings, ABC 4 Utah reports.

Last night, the victims’ unidentified mother came home to find her four-year-old son dead and did not know the whereabouts of her other two sons.

Davis County sheriff deputies later discovered the woman’s ten-year-old son dead inside the home as well, apparently "from a knife like wound."

According to Sheriff Todd Richardson, a third, 15-year-old son attempted to flee from the home, only to be captured shortly after midnight by police.

The suspect was found with traces of blood on him, the AP reported.

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A Bronx teacher says a major misunderstand led to her firing - and now she's during for damages as a result.

Petrona Smith, an African-American native of the West Indies and a junior high instructor at PS 211 until March 2012, has been unemployed ever since she gave her Spanish class a color lesson in which she used the word "negro."

Because "negro" is Spanish for "black."

School building

But a student apparently misinterpreted the word as an epithet; reported Smith to her superiors; and Smith was summarily dismissed.

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Three people were rescued after a bridge collapse in Washington State sent cars plunging cars into Skagit River below Thursday night, officials said.

The Washington State Patrol said the extent of the injuries for the three is unclear, but all were evaluated on scene and were taken to area hospitals.

Authorities say they have no reason to believe any others are still in the river, where Interstate 5 crosses the river about an hour north of Seattle.

“I’m thankful there were no fatalities,” said Wash. Governor Jay Inslee in a statement. “Witnesses say a truck hit the bridge and caused it to collapse."

"An investigation has been launched to confirm that."

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Trayvon Martin photos and texts were released by the defense team of George Zimmerman, painting the deceased in a less-than-flattering light.

With that, controversy surrounding the high-profile case has resumed.

Trayvon Martin Photos

Data released from Martin's phone includes texts with a friend regarding fighting, smoking pot and being forced to move out of his mother's house.

Martin, who was killed last year at age 17, spoke of trouble at school. His phone contained photos of a gun and what looks to be a marijuana plant.

A hearing next week will decide if the data can be used at the trial of George Zimmerman, who is charged with fatally shooting the unarmed teen.

Prosecutors want the evidence omitted. Zimmerman, who claims he acted in self-defense and has pleaded not guilty to murder, wants it admitted.

His defense attorney, Mark O'Mara, said:

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Jake Davidson, the L.A. teenager who famously asked Kate Upton to his senior prom, landed a solid consolation prize in Danish supermodel Nina Agdal.

Nina Agdal and Jake Davidson

Agdal was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition's 2012 "Rookie of the Year." She's also the hot, bikini-clad girl on the beach in those Carl's Jr. ads.

And last night, she was Jake's prom date. When Kate Upton, 20, couldn't go due to a conflict, Nina, 21, contacted him asking if she could instead.

How awesome is that?

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