Roy Kincaid was arrested last Sunday night after police found the 22-year old inside the home of a couple in New Mexico, completely naked and eating cat food off the ground.

Mike Wolfersperger told KRQE News 13 that he and his wife called 911 after Kincaid rang their doorbell and asked to use their phone.

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A video online appears to have captured the laziest U.S. Postal Service delivery driver ever. Or perhaps the laziest human being overall. Hard to say.

Instead of walking down the sidewalk at this home, the USPS driver opts to drive her car across the lawn instead. Take a look at the footage below:

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Local police reportedly investigated a video posted to LiveLeak in which a hiker secretly videotaped another hiker and implied that ... well, see it for yourself.

The footage was shot on Montara Mountain in Pacifica, Calif. It shows a young woman hiking alone. Then the guy does something that will give you the chills:

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We've all heard Siri's voice. Now for the first time, we can see her face! Susan Bennett has been revealed as the woman behind Apple’s digital assistant.

Bennett, a veteran voice actor, said she has stayed silent about her role as Siri’s voice since she first learned about with the software’s launch in 2011.

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Authorities were called to The National Mall today near the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum after onlookers spotted a man on fire.

According to a D.C. Metropolitan Police spokeswoman, joggers and other onlookers saw an unnamed individual engulfed in flames, with many taking off their shirts and attempting to put the man out.

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Hanukkah comes early this year ... except at 550 Hobby Lobby stores, where it doesn't come at all because the owner won't carry any such merchandise.

The national craft chain owned by conservative billionaire Steve Green and modeled after his “Christian values” is in hot water over this apparent policy.

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Miriam Carey, 34, is said to be the woman killed by police after a high-speed chase through Washington, D.C., that led to a lockdown of Capitol Hill.

Carey, who died Thursday, suffered severe post-partum depression following the birth of her daughter last year, the suspect's mother told ABC News.

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