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For Steve Perry, the Journey isn't over just yet.

The 64-year-old rocker revealed in an emotional blog post that he was recently diagnosed with serious skin cancer, but he believes he's going to be fine.

Steve Perry Picture

"Three weeks ago a routine mole was taken off my face and the lab report came back melanoma skin cancer," wrote the legendary Journey frontman.

"I've had two surgeries in two weeks to remove all the cancer cells and I've been told they think they got it all and no other treatments are required."

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Shermain Miles - a woman who has been arrested 396 times and used 83 aliases throughout her life - apologized inside a Cook County courtroom yesterday and accepted a plea deal that will send her to a mental health and substance abuse rehab program.

Shermain Miles Mug Shots

The 51-year old has been locked up since December for crimes she committed while on parole for an armed robbery conviction and listened quietly while a judge told her:

"All of us are reaching out to you and offering you, maybe for the first time in your life, a hand, Okay? But you've got to reach out and grab all of our hands as well."

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With tension around the U.S. at all-time highs, children keep getting in trouble for guns - but are they getting in too much trouble for doing little harm?

Whether they’re plastic, formed by fingers or even half-eaten Pop Tart guns, parents and schools seem to have “zero tolerance” for kids and guns.

The question is whether this backfires and sends the wrong message.

Pop Tart Gun

Elementary educators trying to discourage children's pretend beefs with pretend guns is nothing new, but these days, rules have become stricter than ever.

Some say too strict, despite a recent spate of high-profile violence.

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Suraj Pancholi, the boyfriend of Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, has been arrested on suspicion of abetting her suicide, according to The Times of India.

Pancholi, the son of Bollywood couple Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab, was taken into custody by police in Mumbai, India following Khan's death.

Jiah Khan Photo

Pancholi was not present at the time Khan hanged herself at her Mumbai home last week, officials say, however some believe he had a hand in it.

The late star's mother accused him of abusing Khan after she left a six-page suicide note accusing an unidentified individual of "ruining her life."

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Nicole Kelly was crowned Miss Iowa last night, giving this 23-year old the chance to compete in September at the Miss America Pageant.

Why is this especially noteworthy? Because Kelly was born with only one arm.

Nicole Kelly Image

The Keokuk native won over $10,000 in scholarship money with the win.

She graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2012 with a degree in directing and theater management and says in her official bio that her dream job is to work as a stage manager on Broadway.

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A strange object purported to be a UFO was seen over a landmark Medieval Castle in the Netherlands last month. Take a look at the S-Shaped fin!

UFO in Netherlands

On May 25, Corinne Federer visited the Muiderslot castle, built in 1285.

Federer, a supply chain manager for Adidas in Amsterdam, and an avid photographer, was shooting High Dynamic Range, or HDR, photos of the castle.

When Federer reviewed some of the images she had taken, she was startled to see that in one five-image progression, something unusual appeared.

"I couldn't wait to get home where I could blow it up and see what was really there ... (it) was blurred at 1/250th of a second, so it had to be going superfast."

"It's not in the frame before or after, so it had to be going really, really fast."

No one can say for sure what that is, but experts are confident that the image was not manipulated after the fact: Whatever was there was there.

UFOs: The real thing?


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The Brett Seacat case is now in the hands of a Kansas jury tasked with determining whether he killed his wife Vashti, which officials allege he did.

Brett Seacat Pic

The Kansas sweethearts tied the knot in Belize in 2004, but after seven years of marriage and two young boys together, their relationship imploded.

In 2011, Vashti filed for divorce. She was depressed, says her husband, when she apparently set the house on fire 16 days later before killing herself.

Investigators allege something else: Murder at the hands of Brett.

Jurors in Kingman, Kan., now must decide whose story is true:

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Note to all air travelers: lightsabers are apparently a no-no.

Even if those lightsabers aren't real (I mean, there's no such thing as a real light saber .......... or is there?? There's not.).

Last week, Peter Mayhew, the actor who donned the Chewbacca suit in the Star Wars movies, was stopped by TSA at the Denver airport, and had his cane - which is shaped like a lightsaber - confiscated.

Chewbacca Actor Lightsaber Cane

As most celebrities are wont to do these days, Mayhew took to Twitter, saying "@AmericanAir won't lalow [sic] me through the airport with me cane! Can I get a retweet?"

He later corrected that it was not American Airlines, but TSA that was responsible.

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At WWDC 2013 (Worldwide Development Conference), Apple Senior V.P. Craig Federighi unveiled the tech giant's new version of OS X, OS X Mavericks.


With OS X Mavericks, Apple is moving away from the cat-themed names of the first nine versions of OS X. RIP Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.

Among the most notable features of OS X Mavericks:

  • Finder Tabs. Native to OS X (and not via third party apps) at last.
  • Tagging. Files, folders and documents for better organization.
  • Multiple Displays. Full-screen mode from OS X now supports multiple displays. Using Airplay, users can use an Apple TV powered monitor or TV as a full, secondary display.

There's a lot more to discuss about it too ...

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Valerie Dodds, a.k.a. Val Midwest, is getting revenge on her old high school by playing a game of show and tell (so to speak) right in front of its doors.

She's posing for topless photos on the campus in response to backlash she received regarding her new career - operating a personal adult website.

While her classmates at Lincoln, Neb., Catholic school Pius X contemplated going to college, Valerie Dodds went the entrepreneurial route as Val Midwest.

As news of her venture into the adult world spread, drama followed.

"All of the Pius kids were saying mean things ... that's when I decided to go there and show them that I'm here to stay,” Dodds told ABC affiliate KETV.

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