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Not everyone is disturbed about this whole the-NSA-is-spying-on-everything-we-do-and-say thing.

Denny's, for example, took advantage of the Edward Snowden-created scandal by posting a funny Tweet on Tuesday.

And the late George Orwell is smiling down on us about now and laughing over predictions made in his 1948 classic, "1984."

1984 Book Pic

The dystopic novel is based around the concept of "Big Brother" watching us - and its sales have risen dramatically over the past few days.

According to Amazon, sales of the Centennial Edition increased by more than 4,000 percent as of June 10 and it's currently #99 on the Amazon Top 100.

So perhaps this was the government's secret plan all along: prompt Americans to read more iconic literature! Well played, NSA.

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Another day, another controversial ad campaign firing peeps up online.

Move over, happy prostitute ads. Step right up, pregnant teen boys!

Pregnant Boy Ad Photo

The campaign, by Chicago Department of Public Health's Office of Adolescent and School Health, features the tagline, "Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are."

Teen pregnancy in Chicago is 1.5 times higher than the national average.

Fortunately for miscreant boys, they can't get pregnant. Unfortunately, they're getting called out in these ads for being deadbeats and shirking responsibility.

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Denny's would like to thank Edward Snowden.

The whistleblower who revealed massive secrets regarding the NSA and its surveillance program has allowed the fast food chain to send out one of this year's most creative Tweets.

"Denny's knows what you're craving before they do," the restaurant blasted out Tuesday, including with it the photo of an old-time computer.

Denny's Tweet

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Danielle Powell, a former student of Grace University in Omaha, was expelled for being a lesbian last year and ordered to repay scholarship funds.

She is now organizing a petition to help raise the cash.

Danielle Powell Photo

Grace University has refused to transfer credits earned by Danielle Powell during her three-and-a-half-year enrollment until she agrees to pay $6,300.

The amount reflects the tuition of the spring semester of 2011, when administrators first discovered her sexual orientation and removed her from courses.  

The former member of the college’s volleyball team and an on-campus volunteer for the homeless was just one semester shy of graduation.

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For fans of George Takei's hilarious, thought-provoking Facebook page may be disheartened to learn that it's actually ghostwritten. Is nothing sacred?!


Journalist Rick Polito recently revealed that he'd been jokes for Takei's feed at $10 each. It was just a quick aside, but it stunned Takei's fans nonetheless.

Wired got in touch with Takei, who was taken aback at the uproar.

"What is this hoo-ha about my FB posts?" Takei said in response.

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Bob Tur, a famed helicopter pilot-reporter who covered the L.A. riots of the early 1990s and the 1994 O.J. Simpson freeway chase, is becoming a woman.

Tur is in the process of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to make the sex change.

  • Bob Tur Picture
  • Bob Tur Pic

"It's a genetic disorder that happens in utero," says Tur. "You're born with a female or feminized brain ... You think you're a woman, but you're [biologically] a man."

She says she's only been on the hormones for 35 days but is already changing.

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So, imagine you show up for an already-difficult family court hearing, get into an argument with an official and get arrested in front of your crying two-year-old.

Then imagine the arrest happened because you complained that a court marshal brought you into a side room, felt you up and asked you to lift up your shirt.

Several employees and managers of Clark County Family Court in Las Vegas are under investigation after the incident, which was all caught on video.

In it, court marshal Ron Fox inexplicably arrests mom Monica Contreras after she dared to complain to the judge that Fox had touched her inappropriately.

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Stuart Edge, a YouTube do-gooder and part-time prankster, sought out people in need for his latest round of web trickery, and the results are heartwarming.

With $1,000 out of his own savings, he made the days of 10 different homeless people, transforming $1 bills into $100s before their very eyes, and hands.

Take a look at the impressive, and inspiring magic display below:

Edge says he went through a lengthy process to ensure that he wouldn't get hosed, and was actually giving money to people who would use it honorably.

"I wanted to make sure if I was giving money away," said the YouTube illusionist, "That it was actually being given to people who could use the money."

Job well done, Stuart.

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Ariel Castro, the Ohio man charged with keeping three women captive for a decade, has pleaded not guilty to 329 charges of rape, torture and murder.

Silent during his first court appearance since his arrest in May, Castro kept his head down in the courtroom, where attorneys entered a plea for him.

Castro, 52, is accused of kidnapping Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight and imprisoning them, in chains, inside his Cleveland home.

He is also accused of the aggravated murder of a fetus for allegedly forcibly causing an abortion in one of his victims that he is accused of impregnating.

That charge could potentially carry the death penalty.

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A bill that stigmatizes gay people and forbids participating in gay pride activities was passed in Russia by a unanimous 436-0 parliamentary vote.

One member of parliament out of 437 abstained at least.

Gay Pride Protest Russia

Before its passage, more than two dozen protesters were attacked by hundreds of anti-gay activists and then detained by police in the nation's capital.

The new bill will fine individuals organizing gay pride events up to 5,000 rubles ($156) and fine companies (including media) up to a million ($31,000).

Foreign citizens involved can be deported or jailed.

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