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Cheerios is refusing the let the bigots win.

The brand found itself at the center of an unexpected controversy last week after an advertisement that featured a mixed race family was hit with racial epithets on YouTube.

But Camille Gibson - vice president of marketing for Cheerios - says the message of the spot fits in with the cereal's Heart Healthy campaign and:

"We felt like we were reflecting an American family."

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Anyone who has been through or seen someone go through cancer treatment knows what a difficult experience it is.

The way the treatment is conceptualized, understood, and dealt with plays a huge part in the patient's recovery.

With children, it can be even harder to explain what cancer is, how it is treated, and why it is happening to them.

That is why this news story out of Brazil so awesome.

Brazilian hospital A.C.Camargo Cancer Center has "rebranded" their cancer treatment as Superformula, teaming up with Warner Bros. to use real superheroes from the DC universe in order to help inspire the patients in their Children's Ward.

Watch the video below to find out more about it:

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An unidentified man pulled out a knife and sliced himself open this morning in Rockefeller Center.

The incident took place around 7:50 during Today's live broadcast, though NBC did not catch it on camera. A few minutes later, Matt Lauer updated viewers on what took place.

Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer Pic

"There was an incident a short time ago," he said. "A man attempted to harm himself with a knife. He did manage to cut himself. He was controlled by our security team out there. However, he did harm himself, and he is being attended to by medical personnel. So, we're keeping the area clear for law enforcement."

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It took a couple weeks, but we finally have a Powerball winner.

Gloria Mackenzie, an 84-year old Florida resident, stepped forward yesterday and claimed the second largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history.

It was announced on May 18 as $570.5 million, though Mackenzie has reportedly chosen a smaller one-time payout of $370.9 million before taxes.

Gloria Mackenzie Image

Mackenzie did not appear at a press conference yesterday, but she did release a statement through Lottery Secretary Cynthia O'Connell. It read:

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Elmo is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Dan Sandler, who dons an Elmo costume on the streets of cities around the country, was arrested yesterday for trying to extort $2 million from The Girl Scouts of America.

Evil Elmo Pic

According to The Associated Press, Sandler is accused of sending harassing emails and voicemails to an organization supervisor in which he threatens to spread rumors of sex abuse within the Girl Scouts until he's properly compensated.

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Devonta Pollard, a freshman forward on the University of Alabama basketball team, was arrested Tuesday and charged with kidnapping a six-year old girl in Mississippi.

Devonta Pic

Pollard's mother, Jesse Mae Brown Pollard, was actually arrested last month as part of this conspiracy, which stems from an April 30 incident in which Jashayla Hopson was taken from her home.

She was found unharmed the following day.

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Faced with a problem that really stinks, the town of Brunete, Spain has come up with an unusual (and awesome!) solution.

Starting in February, 20 volunteers took to the streets and kept an eye out for irresponsible dog owners.

No pooping

Any time an individual would allow its canine to defecate without picking up the waste, the volunteer would engage him or her in small talk... learn the name of the animal... look it up in the local date base and - bam! - they would come up with a home address.

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A series of Happy Prostitute Ads have been pulled by the Brazilian Health Ministry after many criticized the campaign for gloryfying the world's oldest profession.

And it's not hard to see why.

Happy Prostitute Ads

The online posters included such tagline as "I'm happy being a prostitute" and were meant to promote safe sex, along with education of STDs.

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Swiffer is very sorry for one of the most sexist ads in recent memory.

On Monday, the Internet took notice when the company created a marketing campaign for its latest cleaning tool based around Rosie the Riveter.

Yes, the same Rosie the Riveter who has served as an symbol of female independence since World War II.

In the spot (below) Rosie is holding a Swiffer steamer, the message as clear as it is inappropriate according to critics: a woman's place is not actually in the factor, it's in the kitchen.

Swiffer Ad

"It was not our intention to offend any group with the image, and we are working to make changes to where it is used as quickly as possible," the company said in a statement soon after complains poured in.

There's no truth to the rumor, however, that Erick Erickson was actually behind the ad.

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Let this be a lesson to all fast food employees:

Do not lick your chain's most popular product, release the photo online and expect to keep your job.

A few days after a young man was snapped taking his tongue to a pile of taco shells, the chain has let the worker go, explaining exactly what happened in a statement.

Taco shell lick

The photo was for an "internal contest in which company and franchise employees could submit for approval photos of themselves enjoying their first bite of" a new product," reads the statement.

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