A rash of new "knockout game" incidents, in which teens assault strangers with the goal of knocking them out in one punch, have surfaced in recent weeks.

Community leaders are calling for an end to the violence after teenagers in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia have been caught on camera.

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Virginia state senator and former gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds suffered serious injuries after being stabbed in the head and torso inside his home today.

Deeds, 55, was flown from his home in Bath County and is being treated at UVA Hospital in Charlottesville. The hospital says Deeds is in critical condition.

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Today marks the 150th anniversary of the historic Gettysburg Address by President Abraham Lincoln, one of the most famous speeches of all time.

On the Civil War battlefield in Pennsylvania, Lincoln's speech symbolized his presidency and the sacrifices made by Union and Confederate forces.

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