On the list of things that will land you in a world of trouble with your would-be wife, forgetting to book the venue for your wedding is pretty high up there.

So you can imagine how Neil McArdle felt when he realized he'd forgotten to reserve St. George’s Hall for his nuptials to Amy Williams until the day of.

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A beloved Danvers, Massachusetts high school math teacher was stabbed to death by a student who dumped her body in the woods, media reports state.

The teenager, whose name was not disclosed because he is a juvenile, faces arraignment today. He is charged with killing math teacher Colleen Ritzer.

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On September 29, Alexian Lien was driving along the highway in Manhattan when he struck a biker who darted in front of his SUV.

After briefly stopping, the 33-year old sped away when a contingent of the victim's friends gathered around on their motorcycles and made Lien fear for the safety of himself, his wife and their two-year old daughter.

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One woman in Boston is very grateful for the kindness of strangers today.

In surveillance footage released by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority from Monday, we see an unnamed 31-year old get up at the Davis Square train station and simply wander off the platform. The incident took place at 8:41 a.m.

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Report card time can be stressful for students and parents alike, but for one proud father and son in the U.K., it was nothing but joyful this time around.

In a video posted Monday, the dad is shocked and elated after learning that his son finally passed his math course, which he had long struggled with.

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