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Check out this amazing video of cheetahs chasing a group of impala antelopes ... one of whom escaped via the car of some folks on a safari in South Africa.

The frightened impala had been separated from its herd and was trying desperately to elude two cheetahs in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

To the surprise and shock of tourists parked on the road, the panicked impala escaped by jumping into a car through a window of a Toyota Prado.

Call it a window of opportunity?

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Now this is a matrimonial crime team. A naked woman allegedly distracted a neighbor by swimming in his pool nude - while her husband robbed the place.

  • Skinny Dip Sign
  • Robr

Stephen Amaral, a Tennessee man, allowed his neighbor's wife to skinny dip in his pool, then like all good neighbors, creepily watched for 20 minutes.

Later, he learned that it was just a ploy to rob him. The couple, who live nearby, first approached Amaral together, with the wife asking if she could swim.

When Amaral obliged, the woman sent her husband to get her cigarettes and then asked Amaral if he would be bothered if she swam in the nude.

Not a problem, Amaral said!

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The Whitey Bulger trial is living up to its billing following a heated exchange with witness Kevin Weeks, who testified against his one-time mentor.

Tuesday morning, he said Bulger was once his mentor and like a big brother. By mid-day, he was screaming obscenities at him from the stand.

Before that, though, Weeks detailed how Whitey ran his criminal enterprise, including his hefty bribes to police, state troopers, and federal agents.

Weeks said Bulger's famous quite was “Christmas is for kids and cops" and bragged to Weeks that he had corrupted six FBI agents with his bribes.

Weeks spilled on three murders he watched Bulger commit from 1983-1985 - bodies to which he led investigators when he started cooperating in 2000.

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On Saturday night, Analouisa Valencia will aim to be crowned Miss South Carolina.

If she's successful, she will move on to the Miss America pageant in September, which would make her similar to about 50 other women at that event, with one notable exception:

Valencia is gay.

Analouisa Valencia Image

She is, in fact, the first openly gay contestant to compete at Miss South Carolina and, if she wins, she will become the first openly gay contestant to complete for the title of Miss America.

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Venezuela is the "most likely" asylum choice for former U.S. intelligence contractor and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to reports.


Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who enabled him to expose the USA's secret spying program, said Venezuela is the one of three nations offering to take Snowden.

They are the most likely to guarantee his safety, he said.

Nicaragua and Bolivia would take Snowden, but Venezuela is better poised "to get him safely from Moscow to Latin America and to protect him once he's there."

"They're a bigger country, a stronger country and a richer country with more leverage in international affairs," said Greenwald of Snowden's future home.

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We have a new candidate for Marriage Proposal of the Century.

It doesn't involve Google Glass or the use of a drone... but it does feature Zach Braff, along with multiple cute dogs, a bunny and a lot more.

In the following video, a guy named Matt recruits Braff (by donating to his Kickstarter movie campaign) and also pens an original song for his girlfriend Janice. It's included as the background to various loved ones (and animals) holding up signs, all of which pass along a simple message:

Say Yes.

Watch and be moved now:

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Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez confessed that he fired the shots that killed Odin Lloyd, according to a witness ... citing another witness.


His legal team will have a field day with any "confession" that is three degrees from Hernandez himself, especially if no one (on record) saw him fire the gun.

But police in Miramar, Fla., still believed the tip was good enough to bring to a judge in an effort to get a search warrant connected with the investigation.

To bring you up to speed, prosecutors in the murder case believe Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace were with Hernandez when Lloyd was murdered.

Ortiz and Wallace are currently in custody.

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A harsh 1962 rejection letter said to be from NASA to a University of Connecticut woman interested in becoming an astronaut is going viral this week.

One double-take-filled reading of the text and you'll see why:

NASA Rejection Letter

“Your offer to go on a space mission is commendable and we are very grateful,” NASA public information director O.B. Lloyd Jr. in the four-sentence letter.

However, he added, “This is to advise that we have no existing program concerning women astronauts nor do we contemplate any such plan.”

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Stand up and celebrate, America. Go ahead, you can do it. A new survey proves as much:

American is no longer the fattest country in the world!

According to a new report from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, Mexico has taken over the top spot as the world's fattest developed nation, bumping the U.S. to second.

Long burger

The results are based on percentage of residents 20 years of age and over whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is at least 30.

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Ender's Game opens November 1 (you can check out the Ender's Game trailer here) and nerds the world over are waiting with bated breath.

However, with that excitement comes a bit of moral trepidation for some.

Ender's Game Image

Orson Scott Card, author of the novel the movie is based upon, has been very vocal in his opposition of gay marriage. Extremely vocal. Hard to miss vocal.

Understandably, there has been backlash against this. 

Supporters of gay marriage, including the group Geeks OUT, have called for a boycott of the new film, not unlike the Chick-Fil-A boycott last year.

So what's a nerd to do?

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