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A Virginia Tech student recently asked Nirvana to record a video shout-out ... and may or may not be under the impression that Kurt Cobain is alive and/or a woman.

Nirvana's former label, Sub Pop, posted the letter they got from the VT student asking them to record this message to university students:

  • VT Letter
  • Kurt Cobain Picture

"What's up, Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LETS [sic] GO HOKIES!"

The student would be happy to link back to Nirvana's Facebook and Twitter accounts, they said, and then added this kicker to further make the case:

"It presents great publicity for them, as well as Virginia Tech loves Nirvana. We'd love to have her in our video." Alongside the Ying Yang Twins, no less.

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The next time you break out your camera for that Kodak moment you feel might inspire the next generation, think twice.

Ved Chirayath is an employee at NASA's Ames Research Center who happens to be a fashion photographer as well. He teamed up with his fellow employees to put together this photo of "Space Vikings".

Space Vikings Photo

Meant to be an inspiration to kids who might see the photo and think they too might want to work for NASA and be a "Space Viking", instead it drew the attention of Charles Grassley, Senator from Iowa.

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Helen and Les Brown, a couple of California sweethearts born on the same day and married 75 years ago, died earlier this month - one day apart.

They were 94.

"It was a real love match, wasn't it?" their oldest son, Les Jr., told the Long Beach Press-Telegram. "They were together every day for 75 years."

Calif. Couple

The young Long Beach lovebirds eloped on September 19, 1937, and were married against their own parents' wishes, according to their sons.

Helen was from a working-class family, while Les was from a wealthier one. Both sides believed the love would never last ... so much for that.

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An unarmed Florida man was reportedly shot by police officers while inside his own car, outside of his own home, after going to grab some cigarettes.

Unarmed Man Shot

Roy Middleton was returning home from work early Saturday morning when he stopped by the car he and his mother share to grab some smokes.

A neighbor who didn't recognize Middleton phoned the local sheriff's office to report a possible burglary, and deputies were dispatched to the scene.

That's noteworthy enough, but what happened next was even more astonishing:

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Photos of a man who allegedly smashed the window of a Huntington Beach bike shop Sunday are going viral as police attempt to ID and arrest the suspect.

As police forced an out-of-control crowd Sunday away from the beach following the U.S. Open of Surfing, violence broke out on the city's Main Street.

That's when some idiots in the crowd tore down a stop sign and used it to ram through the glass storefront window of the Easyrider bike shop ...

  • Huntington Beach Riot Photo
  • Huntington Beach Riot Suspect

Thousands of Facebook users shared the above photos with the hope of identifying the person, depicted yelling with his arms raised in triumph.

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On Friday morning, firefighters in Framingham, Massachusetts responded to calls about a woman vomiting at a Red Roof Inn and arrived to a disturbing scene:

A woman and at least six Maltese dogs, living in a room full of urine and feces.

According to authorities, the unnamed female was in her 60s and had been renting the room for three years. She was transported by the police to MetroWest Medical Center.

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An Oregon woman found that her Equifax credit report contained false information and sued Equifax when she was denied credit by multiple banks.

As a result, she won HUGE in court.

Equifax Sued

Julie Miller said she contacted the company eight times over two years in an attempt to correct false information about her SSN, DOB and credit lines.

At one point, Equifax told her that her account had accidentally been combined with another person's. Miller eventually took Equifax to court in 2011.

Friday, a jury ordered Equifax to pay Miller $18.6 million, one of the largest-ever financial victories for consumer complaints against credit companies.

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John Milkovisch has a different idea of recycling than the average beer drinker.

In the 1970s, the Houston resident decided to put the thousands of cans he had saved in his attic to unusual good use: he cut each one open and began to wallpaper the outside of his residence.

Beer can house

According to Ruben Guevara - the head of restoration and preservation of the Beer Can House in Houston's Memorial Park area - Milkovisch's goal was not to make his home into any kind of attraction:

"He said himself that if there was a house similar to this a block away, he wouldn't take the time to go look at it. He had no idea what was the fascination about what he was doing."

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Amanda Berry showed up at the RoverFest concert in Cleveland on Saturday night, where she was cheered by a huge crowd - and rapper Nelly.

Held captive in the city for a decade, she made her first public appearance a day after Ariel Castro pleaded guilty to kidnapping and rape charges.

Berry walked on stage with her family, wearing sunglasses and dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt. She smiled broadly, but didn't address the crowd.

Nelly called Berry back to the stage after his music set to meet her.

Berry, 27, was held captive along with Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight until their stunning rescue this May, when Charles Ramsey aided their escape.

All of whom vanished between 2002 and 2004.

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Queen Creek (Ariz.) High School's "Redneck Day," an event inspired by TV's Duck Dynasty, drew a number of complaints from students and civil rights activists.

Willie Robertson Photo

Now, the Department of Education is investigating whether the day created "a racially hostile environment," particularly involving a displays of the Confederate flag.

The DOE stated that "the display of the Confederate flag concerns rights protected by the 1st Amendment," which includes the right to freedom of speech.

The investigation, however, "will be limited to whether a racially hostile environment was created due to language and actions not protected by the 1st Amendment.

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