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It's time to snuggle up to your pups and perhaps shield their eyes. 

Dog lovers and canine rescue operators gathered together in Baltimore to put to rest the remains of 240 dogs who were found in the home of animal hoarder, Judy Cahill.

Dog Funeral

The dogs were buried in the Baltimore Humane Society's Nicodemus Memorial Park, a nice resting place for the dogs who had such a sad existence in life.

Judy Cahill was charged with neglect after the dogs were found in her home in deplorable conditions. She had been hoarding animals in her home for over 30 years. Due to terms of her conviction, she will not be able to own a pet in Maryland for ten years.

So sad. I think we all need to go watch that amazing puppy again. 

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A college student reached a $4.1 million settlement with the U.S. government after being abandoned in a DEA cell with no food, water or windows for days.

Daniel Chong drank his own urine, hallucinated that agents were trying to poison him with gas through vents, and tried to carve a farewell message in his arm.

It remained unclear how the situation occurred, and no one has been disciplined, said Eugene Iredale, an attorney for Chong. The DOJ is investigating.

"It sounded like it was an accident ... a really, really bad, horrible accident," Chong said, putting it mildly to say the last, after a harrowing ordeal:

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There's something to be said for making sure no one is able to hack into your computer, no matter if you are a high powered attorney or even just the ad copy guy at a newspaper in Wales.

Unfortunately the Pembrokeshire Herald knows this all too well... now. They sent out their paper, well 20,000 copies of their paper, with a rather lewd edit to an Enterprise Rental Car advertisement.

Instead of the usual "we'll pick you up", the ad expounded with "Free pick-up from your home, office, repair shop, and c--cksucking."

How's that for service? 

Of course the newspaper immediately set out apologizing to their readers and have gone so far as to contact the police in the matter.

Good luck Pembrokeshire Herald, I saw the episode of The Simple Life when Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie changed the Sonic sign to "1/2 price anal salty wiener bugers" and I'm pretty sure they didn't even get fired.

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O.J. Simpson won a small victory Wednesday as the State of Nevada granted him parole on some of his 2008 convictions for kidnapping and armed robbery.

The decision doesn't mean O.J. will be leaving prison anytime soon, though.

O.J. Simpson at Parole Hearing

The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners released its decision in favor of Simpson's parole request on Wednesday. It becomes effective October 2.

Commissioners noted Simpson's "positive institutional record" and participation in programs addressing "behavior that led to incarceration."

He was convicted on many charges and still faces at least four more years behind bars based on sentences that were ordered to run consecutively.

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If you have a weak heart, it might be best to sit down before watching this video. I'm perfectly healthy and I'm pretty sure I experienced some palpitations.

Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu is a daredevil. A daredevil with a little bit of a death wish apparently. Despite falling last year during an attempted high wire walk 650 in the air, Wubulikaisimu decided that he wasn't aiming high enough.

So he took to the skies with two hot air balloons, and walked across a 59 foot steel beam strung between the two balloons in an impressive 38 seconds. 

World record or not, dude is a little crazy. 

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In a story that will likely cause all women to second guess each stomach twinge, a British woman this week went to the hospital because she'd been feeling badly.

She thought it was just constipation. Instead, she was roughly eight months pregnant. 

a baby

Amanda Ross had been out shopping with her partner, Paul Dean, when she started experiencing stomach cramps. She'd previously been feeling bloated but wrote it off as being constipated.

As she felt worse, Ross headed to see her doctor. They sent her over to a midwife who determined that she was indeed pregnant. 

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Someone get this woman a bag of ice. STAT!

The New York Daily News confirms that a girl named Jasleen was born at University Hospital in Leipzig on July 26, weighing in at 13.47 pounds and measuring 22.6 inches in length. She is the heaviest child ever born vaginally in Germany.

Damn! And… OUCH!

Doctors say the baby's weight is due to an undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes, but both daughter and mother are doing fine. Jasleen remains in the neonatal care unit, according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

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Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, a hugely popular Spanish radio personality, has been accused of sexual harassment last week by a performer on his nationally syndicated program.

His show has been yanked by Univision as a result.


Alberto "Beto" Cortez, a writer, producer and performer on the popular "Piolin por la Manana" radio program, made the claims against his boss Sotelo.

According to Cortez (via the L.A. Times), Sotelo was "physically, sexually and emotionally harassing" him for a three-year period ending last January.

Beto does not appear to have has filed a lawsuit at this point, but has made several surprising allegations in a letter to the bosses at Univision.

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This seems to be the week of strange animal stories. The other day it was the roaming gang of street cats, and today it is a stray dog gone wrong.

Taking in a stray dog is such a selfless act. Giving an animal a home is usually paid back in spades by the adoring love of the new mutt. 

And then, sometimes, the dog chews your nuts off.

cute dog

An Arkansas man, who for obvious reasons wished to remain nameless when recounting his story, found himself in that exact position.

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Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst who gave a massive number of documents to WikiLeaks, has been convicted of 19 of 21 charges.

Among them are five counts of espionage. He was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, the most serious and controversial charge against him.

After warning that disruptions would not be tolerated, the judge overseeing his military court martial, Col. Denise Lind, rapidly delivered her verdict.

Journalists watching the proceedings from a remote media room had little time to gauge Manning's reaction before the military cut off a live feed.

The charge of aiding the enemy was the most closely watched, as Manning's conviction would have set a precedent with vast new legal implications.

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