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Andrea Sanderlin, the New York "Pot Mom" accused of running a multimillion-dollar enterprise, is free on bail as she awaits trial on federal drug charges.

Pot Mom Andrea Sanderlin

Sanderlin, 45, of Scarsdale, N.Y., was arrested more than a month ago.

Nicknamed "Pot Mom," she was released from jail on a $500,000 bond, pending her father, stepmother and paternal grandmother of her kids signing the bond.

Sanderlin will stay at the NYC apartment of her children's grandparents under electronic monitoring as she awaits trial. She is due in court July 15.

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There's nothing funny about a miserable air travel experience.

Well, actually there is. This traveler's classic complaint letter.

LIAT Photo

Disgruntled passenger Arthur Hicks penned an open letter to LIAT, a Caribbean-based airline, in the British Virgin Islands Beacon following a trip this spring.

It caught the eye of Virgin CEO Richard Branson, who Tweeted, "How to write a complaint letter - read this hilarious note from a frustrated airline passenger."

You've got to read it below, it really is outstanding:

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Canadian real estate developer Adam Anhang was the target of a $3 million plot in which wife Aurea Vazquez Rijos tried to kill him, according to reports.

Vazquez was arrested Sunday by police in Spain after being sought for five years in the alleged murder-for-hire scheme in Puerto Rico, the FBI confirms.


The Puerto Rican suspect was taken into custody as she got a flight from Italy, where she has lived for years and gave birth to another man's twins.

A U.S. grand jury charged Vazquez in 2008 with offering a man $3 million to kill her husband, and she has evaded attempts to bring her in since.

She denied the charges but refused to cooperate with police and fled Puerto Rico for Italy, where she lived in Florence and, more recently, Venice.

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No offense to Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, but The Heat has nothing on the actual heat punishing the southwest for the better part of a week.

Death Valley, Calif., broke the all-time record for June highs Sunday at 129.

You read that correctly. One hundred and effing twenty nine degrees.

Hey, at least it's "cooling off" later this week ...

D.V. Temps

THG NOTE: If you're anywhere near Death Valley ... we question your sanity and any sort of warning we could issue is probably a waste of space anyway.

But the extreme temps have also hit places where people actually live. Las Vegas, Phoenix and parts of Southern California have been pushing 120.

Speaking of hot, that's about how many Kate Upton photos THG has!

Summer. It's not all bad.

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Coca-Cola just introduced a brand new bottle - made entirely of ice.

Sadly, only in Colombia for the time being. But it looks awesome!

Check 'em out in the video below:

Marketed as "eco-friendly" in this ad, the bottles are part of a push by Coke to think seriously about the environment - or at least a PR campaign that suggest it is.

While logistical issues posed by bottles made of ice are manifold, can you imagine how many tons of plastic would be saved each year? Each week?

Sure, there's still high-fructose corn syrup. But zero waste, people!

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WARNING: The following footage is graphic in nature.

In a video posted June 30, we see cops in Hawthorne, California surround a home on a local street.

We also see a man named Leon Rosby taking a cell phone video of the situation, eventually yelling something about a "civil rights violation" that catches the attention of the officers.

Rosby puts his leashed dog in his car... walks up to the officers and places his hands behind his back, in anticipation of an arrest... only for the dog to escape through an open window, barking and showing aggression toward the officers.

When it jumps in their face, the officers open fire, leaving the dog twitching on the ground. It's very disturbing stuff:

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A trio of young Taco Bell patrons from Kentwood, Michigan - Kennidi Rue, Luke Postma and Grant Kruse - just earned some major karma points.

And hopefully free Doritos Locos tacos for a month.

Somehow finding approximately $3,600 in one of the fast food joint's drive-thru to-go bags, they decided to return the cash to the restaurant.

Bell Peeps

"I opened my bag to get my food and it ended up being three bags of money - a lot of money - and then another wad of like a ton of twenties," Rue said.

"We added it up. We were like, 'What do we do with this now?'"

"Of course, initially, you want to keep it, of course. But then you're like, 'What's the right thing to do?' We were saying we'd never feel guilty about bringing it back."

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Dove has released a new viral ad campaign entitled "Camera Shy," a follow-up to the brand's successful and similar "Real Beauty Sketches."

The common theme: Women tend to be uncomfortable about their appearances.

While the tone of the Dove spot, like the previous one, is relatively light, it makes a fairly heavy point when it comes to camera-shyness:

"When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?"

Watch the new Dove ad and react below:

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A Walmart hostage situation at a store location in Oklahoma on June 17 left one toddler traumatized and one man dead via a gunshot by the police.

And it was all caught on surveillance video.

In the following footage, we see 37-year old Sammie Wallace and a two-year old hostage at gunpoint.

We then see the girl's mother pleading with Wallace until authorities arrive and attempt to negotiate with him while he holds a knife to the child's throat.

Reports say Wallace started to count down from 60 and when an officer saw an opening, he approaching the assailant from point-blank range and fired. Watch it all unfold now:

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Planned Parenthood and Connie Britton are teaming up on a new t-shirt asking, in reference to her famous TV character: What would Tami Taylor do?

Connie Britton as Tami Taylor

Available for the month of July, the shirt reading "WWTTD? What Would Tami Taylor Do?" is designed to allow others to show support for Texas women.

The back of the t-shirt boasts the URL standwithtexaswomen (dot) org.

Connie, who currently stars on ABC's Nashville, said in a statement:

"The character Tami on Friday Night Lights is a Texas woman deeply committed to her community and to standing up for what is right for her neighbors and the people she loves."

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